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Microdosing Magic Truffles: The Ultimate Guide to Microdosing Magic truffles are sometimes put in the same category as psilocybin mushrooms, but they are actually the sclerotia. It’s a compact and hardened mass of fungal mycelium that contains the food reserves for growth. Sclerotia help fungal systems survive extreme environmental conditions. That’s why magic truffles have […]

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There are different studies to understand psychedelics and how they work fully. In this article, I’ll take you through a recent study that challenges the general knowledge about the neuroscience of psychedelics.  Neurotransmitter pathways are mostly known for their contributions to drug-induced hallucinogenic experiences. For example, the most implicated drugs are LSD and psilocybin, according […]

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One thing that scares people from psychedelics and other similar substances is the possibility of a bad trip. From a broader perspective, psychedelic substances truly have the potential to give different experiences. This includes emotional, cognitive, and physical experiences.  Psychedelic substances are everywhere, and there’s nothing wrong in saying “NO, thank you.” However, a bad […]

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