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The Ultimate Guide to Microdosing Magic truffles are sometimes put in the same category as psilocybin mushrooms, but they are actually the sclerotia. It’s a compact and hardened mass of fungal mycelium that contains the food reserves for growth. Sclerotia help fungal systems survive extreme environmental conditions. That’s why magic truffles have a thick, dense […]

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Microdosing generally helps in boosting flow, productivity and creativity. However, there are many effective ways to optimize microdosing results and get the best of it. This implies that when you practice microdosing more mindfully, you can bring more transformation and personal growth. A key thing to remember is that microdosing is not a quick fix. […]

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We’re in a psychedelic revolution era, and this comes with different interesting perspectives and studies. The primary focus of research today is examining these substances’ potential effects on mental health. New reports also indicates it’s potential for color blindness. This current psychedelic revolution has so many amazing perspectives and studies. There are many research works […]

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We receive questions from different users every day. Many users ask about the effect and symptoms of microdosing on the female hormone system. This also includes balancing irregular menstrual cycles, menopause, and premenstrual syndrome. There isn’t much research evidence around this topic, but we have gathered information from anecdotal reports. Every month, women in different […]

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