William hadley

Excellent service!! Speedy delivery couple with great communication!!

Celina Simmons

It’s a great and friendly customer service. Very nice with fast replies and good communication!:)

Victoria Letkiman

Great customer service 👍🏻👍🏻

Tim Oed

Great customer support and lots of Quality products to chose from👍🏻


Great customer support !

Tasos Charalambous

Great service, very responsive company. Very good product, exactly what I expected. Highly recommended

Gianpiero Cacace

Great product, excellent customer care.

Jay Cub

Excellent service, high quality products

Ikey Greene

I really appreciate the Microdose Bros. team and all the educational information on their site. This is not a shop that sells anything to make money… Clearly, they believe and care about the healing abilities of their high-quality products. I’m grateful for the information and products.


Great truffles. Always again. Thank you very much!


Easy to navigate. Great communication and service by supplier and regular updates. I look forward to shopping here again and trying new products 🙂

Keegan Rush

Microdose Bros is the BEST in the business. Joseph is incredibly hospitable and well informed. Thank you for the friendly chat and all your help.


2nd time and again totally satisfied…

Michael Pachl

Highly recommend! Very helpful and friendly staff. Joseph answered all of our questions regarding the product and gave us great tips. Me and my friends had an excellent experience thanks to Microdose Bros.

Golden Gorilla

Super nice people and very efficient company. Highly recommended

Andy Bernard

Ive used Microbros a few times now and had no issue with delivery and my shipment making it through, easy transaction and discreet packaging and good quality products! 😎👍

Anup Benawra

I highly recommend MicrodoseBros. 5 stars for customer service. Joseph answered all my questions promptly. Also after placing an order I was sent guides and information on microdosing. I cannot wait to try their product.

Martin Obuškevič
5 strars are only option, great experience during our holiday in Netherlands. Also the guy was super friendly and gave us lot of useful tips. Definitely worth to visit.
Roland Delderfield

High quality products and friendly owner.
He helped me personally making the right choice and that is worth 5 stars for me!

Baira Batsukh

This is a great place for your supplements and microdoses. Great products, great buying experience and top shelf customer care.

Mark Wigginton

I’ve ordered from them twice. Amazing customer service. Packaging was above and beyond expected. Products are great priced and even better quality. Hands down the most trusted vendor on the internet. I’ll only go to them from now on.

Robyn Alecia

These are fantastic products at an even better quality. I received excellent communication and tons of knowledge on products I knew, along with recommendations of products that might be of interest. I highly recommended Microdose Bros for your superfood needs!

Ion Ivu

🔥I recomand to everybody MB!!🔥
🔥 Fast delivery 🔥
Amaaaaaazing quality & a good range of products available and even a guide (if you are a first timer)!!!
To be honest…..I’m verry sattisfied with what they provide!!!! You can feel an improvement !!!!!

Andrew coverda

Have been using the Lion’s Mane and microdose pack for about 3 months now and honestly couldn’t be happier with the results. The products are top quality, the price is very affordable and the quality of service has been superb. Couldn’t recommend it enough to e everyone, keep up the great work!

Adam Williams

Microdose Bros has a great product! Taking a small amount each day is nice, very healing and relaxing. Looking forward to my next batch! Very cool that they offer many different experiences ✅

Rudi Claassen

Taking a micro-dose every 3 days helps me with a better focus, creativity, and walk through the day with a big smile! Microdose Bros is the right place to order your micro-dose online, perfect online buying experience, delivery service, and customer care in case of any questions using your micro-dose. And also a great place to buy your other superfoods, go and check it out yourself.

Isis van den berg

I am very satisfied with microdosebros!
It is a great webshop, with beautiful products.
I can recommend everyone to shop at microdosebros!


Quality at its finest, also big plus points for product description, but when in need for personal advice, i can recommend this company, and her service! Overall enjoying the always up to date sales.


Joanna Spychalska

After 5 weeks of using then, I can see big difference . I am sleeping better, I feel more peaceful. When I am doing meditationI can focus much more and I feel more connected . I am also more connected to nature and different people. I understand much more. I love all microdose bros products. Thank you so much.

Arya Dementor

Awesome! Not only you get a great product, that helps with focus, energy and creativity levels, but the customer service is amazing and you always have someone to talk to about your experience! Joseph is a great guy who wants to help people and spread awareness about the healing powers of microdosing.

Daniella Lopez

Microdosing Has changed my life for the better, next to adaptogens, cold avowers and dips, yoga – movement and a plant based life, i am getting closer to the best version of me every day. And that is exciting and rewarding. Microdosing has also helped me focus on my projects and build my businesses further! 😉

Christian haag

Great product for calming/expanding body and mind! And the customer service is amazing and personal. Joseph is a inspiring person that does a lot of good for his fellow human beings. Hope this product and business can spread to all the parts of the world. Humanity is in need of a shift in consciousness and herbs and plants might be our way to turn inwards and change.

Jessica Lampe

Great personalized customer service and detailed assistance regarding uses and benefits. Lions mane especially helped my Home office motivation a lot during the pandemic!

Christie Morgan

Earth’s gifts to connect you to your Self and Love….provided through genuine care and personal service via WhatsApp.

Joanne Torr

Excellent customer service so helpful and informative and amazing quality products, extremely impressed.

Magdalena maj

I absolutely love the products. I started microdosing truffles few months ago as a part of self journey. My anxiety was completely gone, my meditations becomes deeper and I can go more within myself. I can highly recommend to do it. It’s safe and completely natural and you can benefit so much form it.

Valta Klints

I would definitely recommend this seller to anyone interested in microdosing! If you are in doubt or have questions, you can feel free to contact the owner and he will give you extensive information and advice on how to use this product.

Louisa Champion

Great product!! Amazing personal service and delivery was ok consider I’m in UK and Covid at present, I feel clearer in my head mind & soul! I’ve been microdosing now for nearly two months and I am amazed at its effects definitely be doing this regularly it’s the way forward dealing with this crazy world!!

Sonja Berglind Hauksdóttir

I’m really satisfied and happy with the customer service I got from MB, it’s both very professional and friendly at the same time, they actually give time to answer all the questions I needed to ask and that was really helpful ❤️

Eugene McDermott

Quality products and the customer service is a good as it gets. You’re made to feel more like a friend than a customer.. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Kasper van der Meulen

Great quality and customer service!

Ray douglas

I’ve been using mircodose bros a good few months now, really easy to deal with and never any hassle with the orders arrive here on time,I use the superfoods and the truffles I find my mood is a lot better and I’m able to deal with stressful situations a lot better than before, I’m so glad I found mircodose bros with such a wonderful service in a world that needs this type of service at the min, I think Everyone should mircodose and see for themselves 🙏🏻🍄

Enola logrado

Amazing products. I bought Lion’s Mane, Ashwaganda, Chaga, Turkey Tail, all the products are really good quality, and make me feel better!

Gacha hub

Amazing customer service, friendly and informative, quick with responses, high quality products and packaging. Microdosing was the best choice I’ve made, I am happiest with my mental improvement, huge changes when I have to deal with challenging situations, I am more calmer, enhanced creativity. Plant medicine + meditation is the best combination to kick start your day. Thank you Microdose bros

John Darling

I’ve been using some of the products from Microdose bros for the past 3 months and I feel amazing. I would highly recommend them as I believe they create a fantastic feeling of well-being. Personally I find the best time to take them is when you find some time to relax, i.e when you get home from work and you have time to relax. Joseph is fantastic to deal with and is very helpful also with any of my enquires

Linda K

Microdose Bros has amazing products. I highly recommend them.
For example Microdosing changed a lot for me, I’m using it now around 5 Months.
Less anxiety, more creative and seeing the whole one, on the spiritual level.
Joseph is very nice and so helpful with questions.

Paul Wade

Great, good quality products at a reasonable price. Joe is always about to answer any query, the customer service is good. Only been dosing for a week, no huge differences yet but I’ve noticed my sleep pattern has improved. I’m excited to see where the world of microdosing goes and where it takes me in the next few months.

Bianca Lokway

I am so grateful for this amazing company. Cannot recommend it more, the philosophy and products are really high quality and resonate so much which me. There is so much care and good intention behind this. If you want to start your microdosing journey, this is a safe space to be.


Microdosing and using Reishi for almost a month now and i feel a lot of difference. The mind is more quiet, feeling playful, energetic and my body wants to move and do things. The first few times my body felt a little itchy and unpleasant. It made me start dancing and moving my energy. Magic! Products and service are great! Highly recommend!

Zoe Nikles

Great product, great customer service, fast delivery. 10/10 would recommend.

Official Blackseasmile

Really good company!

Daniel Haas

Tried out microdosing truffles for the first time and really like it. I am a musician and artist and I already feel some increases in focus and creativity. Microdose Bros offer high quality products, fast delivery and excellent Customer Support.

John Bergin

Excellent service and products. Easy to order and good advice by WhatsApp from Joe. My Doctor was very pleased to hear I was using these products.

james lawrence

Fast and friendly service. Great customer service with knowledge staff. High recommend the lions mane powder. Highest quality I’ve found. Great for mental development and well-being. 10/10


Excellent customer service and even better products. First time in my life i found my flow state, about 3weeks in. Definitely recommend and encourage to get into discussion with them when You have questions. 🙏🙂

Kinga Furmanska

After few months of using those amazing products I can notice big improvement in my anxiety. I feel more relaxed and focused. Joe is an amazing person who’s always up for help, and answering every question. Big thank you Joe, you’re doing a great job!

Levi Schoone

Fast service by a top guy!

Dennis Yvel

Great service and quick delivery’s!

Sara Pintus

I am a new client at MicrodoseBros. They have great products and wonderful customer service. I highly recommend this to all friends and family. You can see this business truly cares.

Nicola Zimmermann

Awesome Service
I had discrete, fast and very personal contact with those lovely people!
Highly recommended 😌

Magic Minds Podcast

I highly recommend Microdose bros. They are Super helpful with delivery and sharing their knowledge and information. Iv ordered several products which I’m super excited to try. No doubt they will be awesome so I will come back to leave an other review. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Chance McGee

The ordering online was pretty easy. I had a small issue with delivery but it turned out to be something small and not related to the seller. I was able to talk to someone through the WhatsApp link on their website and they seemed very friendly.


Recently started microdosing. It took a while to find the right dose, but it has been a very interesting process. From tired and relaxed to energetic and creative. Nice experience. Very clear webshop and fast delivery. Fan. 😉

Aisling Conroy

Good products and prices, fast delivery and very helpful staff!

Jihane Ruts

Super fast delivery and top quality !! I was excited to start with micro dosing, but thanks to the good explanation from customer service, I started with peace of mind and I really enjoyed it. Normally I always suffer from a winter dip, but luckily I skipped it this year. Really recommended !!

Flo phelan

Fast delivery and love the lionsmane in my morning coffee, great start to the day👌

Mojo Waters

Smooth. Just flawless operation. Money sent on Wednesday, Monday it was there. How much time saved comparing to growing your own…great!

Sean McGeough

Great customer service, very friendly and helpful. They have chatted me through a lot tips. Definitely a loyal customer now

Jade Hunter

So quick on postage, knowledge and customer service! Quick and friendly replies on any queries absolutely fab business! This is great for things health and mental health, fantastic

Patricia Esquete

Very good organic superfoods. Quick delivery. This company stands out for an excellent customer service

Harm Jans Edens

Always superb and swift reply’s trough WhatsApp answering all your questions. Fast P&P and excellent products. Joseph is a person you need in your life!

Anita Cass

Super helpful and excellent customer service. Really fast delivery. Tks guys

Katy Bourne

Brilliant customer service support. Always on hand with great advice. Great products with reliable quality.

liesbet jorissen

Good customer service! Very helpful and quick with answers. This way you can start microdosing without hesitation. Fast delivery and quality products!

Kyle Bolus
Amazing company and great customer support. The products are class and high quality !
victor sebola

I got my package today. Thanks MB Superfoods for speedy and discrete delivery. Much love…

Bart Gijsbertse

Service excellent, came in the late hours to deliver the order. Highly recommended!

Mauricio Bustamante

Extremely professional, in addition to the highest quality products. Thank you for delicious and nutritious super-goodies.

Edwin Del Bosque

I’ve ordered multiple times different strains from MB and have had great experiences. Joe provides a great customer service, is friendly and reliable. Very well packaged and with instructions on best ways to consume. I’ve seen an improvement in my overall mood and anxiety levels. Highly recommend.

Luke Morgan

Amazing customer experience! My order got lost by postNL so I emailed MB and they sent me two packs in the post which was delivered the next day, impressed! Also, impressed with the product, I’m seeing the benefits

Olga Stitt

Amazing customer service from start to finish, my package took 1 week to arrive, any contact made to MD someone got back stright away, all questions answered very helpful and great peace of mind knowing you have help 24/7, i started using their products and find all of them Amazing for my health and my mental health. Thank you MD.

Fran Bridle

5*+ Customer service. Very responsive and helpful to messages, thoughtful and considerate advice given. Thank you for being so helpful.

Andrea brunella

It takes few days to get it but the person in charge is very helpful to explain you everything about shipment and product itself. Recommended

Sean Lewis

Good service, late evening delivery and friendly staff.

Hein Kaaks

Already ordered 3 times with Microdose Bros. Loving the great quality products! Also, Joseph is a great person and the customer service is amazing.

Denis O Sullivan

These are great! reasonable price and super fast delivery. I had loads of questions about what I ordered and all were answered in great detail. I 100% recommend Microdose bros to anyone wanting to learn about mushrooms and microdosing.

Jonathan James

Great Customer service answered all my questions with kindness and gave me an amazing customer experience.

Leslie Correa

Very friendly staff and they give me tips about safe use of their products. I will definitely order again. The products give me more focus & make me feel peaceful. It’s great for my mental health. The package is cool & functional.

Hombre 33

Super Store, Super Quality and Great Service💯😃

Chiara Croce Coaching

Great customer service, great product, nice people!

Brian Dalton

Very good service and helpful with advice afterwards.

Mary Archbold

These guys are incredibly prompt and knowledgeable, customer service too notch , go ahead and get in touch , you won’t regret it, from a very satisfied Irish customer!💫✨👌👌

Olga stitt

I cannot thank MD Bros for helping me on my journey, i have changed in so many ways, microdosing is the way forward for anyone suffering with mental health these little 🍄 have helped me to see life in different ways and helped many of my friends.. MD Bros are so helpful they get back to you straight away with any queries.. thank you thank you thank you..

Roman Kandinskii

Great web shop where a wide variety of products can be found, even the Stamets stack combo.
Amazingly kind and helpful people. I have made an online order and there was a mistake in the package composition at first. But the guys send the remainder over, which I am exceptionally grateful for.
The quality is very good as well.

Stojan Delic

5.0 review speaks for itself. Costumer service and approach is another level and should serve as great example how to do work more meaningful and effective. Don’t believe I have ever met anyone more costumer friendly. Looking forward to ordering again.

James Murray

I have being using Microdose Bros for nearly a year now. The products and service are superb and always arrive promptly to the UK. Great communication and generosity throughout. They will always be my go-to for natural supplements.

Adriana Angel Gutierrez

I live in Colombia South América, very far away from microdose bros shop and I do all my shopping with them. They have excellent and good variety of products. They also have good guidance and great disposition to help. I definitely recommend them👏🏻

Žilvinas Matulaitis

Very friendly staff. Even helped me at night when nobody were working and gave me those nice truffles with very big discount. Definitely would buy more here.

The Man In The Hat

Fantastic people and incredible service level, above and beyond all expectation. Amid all the daily global craziness, to provide such an experience makes the world a better place

Maxime Hudon

Awesome service. Answered very quickly on WhatsApp for any question. Their website is there very helpful.

Jorge Brillembourg

I have been shopping with this site for some time, their product is excellent, and the customer service is Amazing. Always helpful and attentive. I recommend them 100%.

Razvan Cotoc

First time when i tried Galindoi truffles, actually it was my first time when i tried any kind of truffle with psilocybin. The seller was very nice and helped me with all the info i needed. I ate quite a lot and had a full trip, it was awesome. Next time i think i m gonna try microdosing and see how it feels 5/5 👌

Philipp T. Hinz

Really amazing support, from helping me how to keep them fresh to referring to additional resources!

Amy Campbell

Easy website to navigate. Email updates and quick delivery. Thank you.

Thymen Trip

Super goede service en top producten

Malle Uvejrsbarn

Great costumer service and fast delivery. The merchandise works as it’s supposed to – it lifted me out of a bad funk – and it even comes with a useful free guide to microdosing.

SRP Fitness and Health

Amazing loved their instant replies and help via messages!! amazing fast and reliable.


Excellent service. Everything as expected.
This guy clearly knows his stuff, and is passionate about it.

Emily Lyne

Absolutely amazing customer experience, so personable and really knowledgable. 10/10

Jason Bentley (Swampy)

Very friendly owner, who was pleasant to chat with. Helped me through the process of purchasing since I am abroad. Will be buying from again.

Ciara Flynn
High quality natural supplements, excellent customer service and quick delivery. Highly recommended company.
Catherine O Connell
Amazing customer service, always someone on the other end of the phone. Delivery is great and discreet. Love the product, will continue to use microdose bro as I trust and believe in their products. Feeling the great affects after only microdosing for a few weeks 🤗
Aaron Collier
Had a great experience with this company, bought the Mini Mexacana and the Tampanensis and really enjoyed them both. Customer service for MicrodoseBros is really great they helped me when certain paument methods werent working and ensured my order made it to me, highly recommend these guys.
Narges Yoga Your Way
The package was delayed but they added 2 more products to make up for it and the contact was swift and very kind and personal. I also love the amount of info they provide on their website!
Lucy Lou
Very friendly knowledgeable staff, who were able to answer my questions!
Flá Spk
Since I started to microdose my life changed for the better. I always order from Microdose bros. They are nice, always there for any doubts and the products are good. I definitely recommend to all of you. Let’s heal, understand align with our better selfes.
Jen Healy

The Best service I’ve found excellent customer service and quality of products are excellent have had no issues always delivers on time 🙌

Jay Bevan
Super professional, speedy and attentive company. Made me feel valued and looked after. Thank you
Renato Rivera
Great service! Very easy to comunícate with them. They provide great insights as well
Gary Fitzgerald

Absolutely great products, so happy I found this website, quick delivery.
Microdosing has changed my life for the better

Morgan Cavanagh

Great products, excellent customer service and a genuine business ethos – trustworthy and reliable. Can’t recommend it enough!

Helga maurer

Highly recommend! Good quality and a wonderful customerservice with fast answering and Communication.
I will stay by Microdose bros, totally satisfied with their service

Martin Novák
Awesome experience for me and my 3 best friends. As a beginners, we chose the mexicana truffles and it was great decision, we laughed a lot and have nice visuals. Thank you microdose bros for this experience, recommendation for everyone.
Kuba Kravčík
Amazing expirience, great staff, everything was excellent. One of the best night in my live, thanks to Microdose Bros. I recomended to everyone.
Chris & datrie
Above and beyond. Quality like the heavens, service like the first class of an Emirates plane. Joe the owner is the man. Absolute comedian that makes your face hurt from laughing. Even gave us a full tour around Utrecht. 12/10