Fresh Sclerotia

Fresh Sclerotia or magic truffles are natural fungi that have mind enhancing and psychedelic effects. Unlike Mushrooms, Truffles grow underground. They do not surface and are basically clots of mycelium and spores. Mycelium is what makes up the woven structure of fungi.

Truffles are used recreatively and as treatment of a variety of mental health problems. The effect of Magic Truffles, or fresh Sclerotia, is often compared to anti-depressant types of prescribed drugs.
By taking (very) small amounts of the psychedelic enhancers, a subtle change can instigate large change.

Note: Any type of Psychedelics should always be taken with care. If you are already using prescribed or unprescribed drugs or medicines, we urge you to talk to your physician first.


Galindoi Truffles

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