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Magic Truffles

You have nothing to worry about if you’re thinking of buying magic truffles from our shop. We are a leading smartshop in the Netherlands and have been around for many years. We also have a team of experts who are well-versed in selling different types of strains of psychedelics. Buy magic truffles now.

Magic Truffles for Beginners

For first-time magic truffle trips, the general advice is to start small. Therefore, it’s best to begin with truffles that are not so strong. If you are considering tripping on magic truffles for the first time, you must be selective with your chosen strain. Here are some of the options to consider:

Tampanensis Magic Truffles

This strain is smooth and soft and a nice option for beginners. It is popularly known as the Philosopher’s Stone and is a soft and spiritually meditative strain. With this strain, you can perfectly engage in solo trips that will help you to dig inside your soul.

Mexicana Magic Truffles

Another nice option for beginners is the Mexicana magic truffles. If it’s your first time tripping, and you are in a bigger crowd, we advise starting with the Mexicana magic truffles. It’s important to note that you won’t get too many visual changes with this. However, it offers giggling and warm vibes, which is impressive. If you want your first trip to be a solo trip, consider the next option below.

Atlantis Magic Truffles

The Atlantis Magic Truffle is the perfect option for a first-timer who wants to enjoy the psychedelic truffle trip. The Atlantic magic truffles are the best option for potency, which is why they are mostly recommended for beginners.

A trip with these magic truffles gives you everything you want. The Atlantis Magic truffle includes loads of laughter, a great trippy vibe, and some visuals. When a newbie comes to our shop in the Netherlands asking for truffles, these magic truffles are our recommendation and our favorite truffle for beginners.

Medium Strength Magic Truffles

If it’s not your first time, you might want to try something stronger, and that’s the medium strength magic truffles, by using moderate psilocybin levels. Here are some of the medium-strength magic truffles to consider:

MushRocks Magic Truffles

The MushRocks Magic Truffles strain is a classic medium-strength magic truffle with a great level of psilocybin and offers amazing visuals and sound. You can find all you are looking for with this magic truffle. The Mushrocks is a great magic truffle option for people who need clarification about what option to get.

Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles

Another fantastic option for anyone looking for a medium-strength magic truffle is the Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles. They are sold in 15g packs, and these magic truffles are used mostly in gatherings like partying festivals or other social settings.

Pink Paradise Magic Truffles

The Pink Paradise Magic Truffles option also offers a mid-strength truffle trip, giving users a sense of love, unity, and peace. It’s a great option that allows you to reconnect during your psychedelic trips.

Strongest Magic Truffles

For people who have a more reasonable experience with psilocybin magic truffles, a more intense magic truffle is the ideal option to go with.

Here are some of the magic truffles to consider for this purpose:

Dragon’s Dynamite Magic Truffles

Dragon’s Dynamite is a best-selling option, especially if you want to have the great psilocybin experience it gives. It is one of the strongest magic truffles available and comes in 15. With this, you can easily choose your perfect dose and have the desired experience.

Hawaiian Magic Truffles

The High Hawaiians are the strongest option on our list and are widely known for their high levels of psilocybin and psilocin. What’s more, it also comes in bigger packs. Most of our magic truffles are 15 grams, and the High Hawaiians are 22 grams.

The High Hawaiians are our number-one seller and are a legendary strain. That is why they are now the most powerful truffles available. It’s worth noting that this is not a great option for beginners, as they are super potent.

Microdosing Magic Truffles

If you are thinking of microdosing, we recommend using McMicrodose as the best magic truffle to consider. It’s worth noting that magic truffles are better than magic mushrooms because of their dosing accuracy.

Order Psilocybin Magic Truffles

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