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Microdosing Scale

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Here are the features of this scale:

  • High precision: This scale is made with a high-precision sensor system. This allows providing accurate results instantly from 0.05g to 500g.
  • Easy to clean: this makes it perfect for measuring your Microdose truffles.
  • Multi-functions: The PCS function of this scale allows you to count small items. It als has a TARA function and “M” function. You can also set the switch time of this unit to 60”, 120” or 180”.
  • Comes with 2 Trays: The item comes with two trays that can either be used as a scale tray or a cover.
  • Option to use 6 different units: this scale allows you to choose from 6 different measurement units. These include g, oz, ozt, dwt, gn and ct. The item is also made with a backlit LCD screen for you to see measurements clearly.
  • Compact: this digital scale is small and only takes up a little space on your desk. It is also easy to transport this unit from place to place.


Why You Need a Microdosing Digital Scale

Microdosing has become highly popular in recent times. This is largely due to the fact that taking microdoses of psychedelics such as magic truffles can result in improved thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. A 2018 study revealed that microdosing psychedelics can indeed enhance cognitive function.

While it is clear that micro-dosing can be beneficial, you will not be able to enjoy consistency with your micro-dosing without a scale. In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a microdosing scale.

What is Microdosing?

Simply put, microdosing refers to ingesting small amounts of psychedelics. Psychedelics imitate the effects of serotonin on your brain. It results in an increase in dopamine in the brain.

Microdosing does not cause a shift in your mood. It also does not impact your disposition or mentality. The effects of microdosing are highly subtle but are able to make a major positive impact on your life.

Some of the benefits of microdosing include heightened creativity, increased energy levels, improved focus and concentration, better interpersonal skills, a higher sensitivity, or awareness to spiritual things, and improved sensory ability.

Benefits of Having a Digital Scale for Microdosing

Microdosing can be added to your weekly routine with much ease when you have a scale. In terms of frequency, the author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide recommends that you take a Microdose every three days.

The top benefit of having a digital Microdose scale is that you will be able to monitor your intake of psychedelics. A digital scale is often way better than an analog scale because it gives a more accurate measurement.

The number of psilocybin mushrooms that each person needs to enjoy benefits varies from person to person. 1 gram of fresh magic truffles is made up of 0.75 to 1.75 mg of psilocybin.

Each person will have to do the work of determining the small dosage that is best suited for him or her. The popular recommendation is for you to choose a day you have off from work or college and try a certain amount. After trying the Microdose, observe yourself and take note of any noticeable effects. Some individuals are able to get all the benefits at 0.5 g of magic truffles while some people need 2 grams.

A digital scale is extremely critical to the process of determining and maintaining the dosage that you should take.

Final Words

Here at Microdose Bros, we have digital scales for microdosing that can help you to optimize your micro-dosing and enjoy the power of magic truffles. Instead of guessing and estimating how much psilocybin you will be consuming in each session, know for sure with our incredible selection of digital microdosing scales.

13 reviews for Microdosing Scale

  1. Saskia D

    These scales are very well designed and very accurate.

    I bought the 500g/0.01g version with the 100g calibration weight. What you get in the box: trays of different sizes, AAA batteries, the 100g calibration weight and the scales themselves. When not in use, the two trays neatly fit over the measuring platform and the whole device, meaning it is protected from bumps and scratches in a kitchen drawer, for example.

    They are very easy to use; just turn on and place something on the measuring surface. The screen updates several times per second, so there’s no delay while the reading settles down. The units are selectable: grams and ounces; Troy ounces/Pennyweight for precious metals; and Grains for specialist uses such as weighing gunpowder.

    It measures the 100g calibration weight at exactly 100.00g as expected, and also a 10g calibration weight from another set of scales at exactly 10.00g. Moving the weight to the corners of the measuring plate, there is a variation of 0.04g which is only 0.004% of the total reading. Extremely good for non-scientific scales at such a good price!

    Another useful feature is its counting ability. You calibrate it by putting a known quantity of items onto the plate, then it will count any number of them (up to the maximum weight). You can see in my photo that I calibrated it with 25 lentils, then added five more; it shows 30 on the display. You could use this to measure bags of coins, nuts and bolts, etc. Or lentils 🙂

    To use this function:
    * place the tray (or other container) onto the scales and zero them by pressing T (“tare”).
    * put 25 (or 50, 75 or 100) items onto the tray. The scales will show their weight.
    * Press and hold the PCS (“pieces”) button until it shows 25. To change to 50, 75 or 100, press the M key.
    * Press PCS again. The display shows the number of items on the scales.
    * Add more items and the scales will count them.

    I use these for weighing small quantities of ingredients in cooking and beer brewing. They are really easy to use and far more accurate than I need.

  2. Sander

    Great product

  3. Alves

    AMAZING little scale with many options of weights…!

  4. Xiaoming Chia

    I am very impressed with the precision and accuracy of this scale. It measures objects up to 502.00 grams (slightly above the stated limit) in 0.01-gram intervals, with a margin of error of about 0.1% ± 0.03 grams. It does a great job for everyday uses, such as measuring the mass of smaller objects.

  5. wasreset

    best content

  6. Felipe

    I thought these ‘pocket scales’ were designed for more back alley or passenger seats of vehicles for things you could get in trouble for, but I was extremely mistaken. These scales are more than capable of weighing various kitchen items and accessories such as oregano, Italian herbs, parsley flakes, or even baking soda.

  7. Cunha

    The product was exactly as expected. Great little scale for measuring items in small quantities.

  8. Ye Shao

    This scale is much smaller than I expected, but that is my mistake for not reading the description thoroughly. That aside, it is perfect for what I bought it for, which is weighing skeins of yarn before and after projects to get an accurate idea of how much yarn I use.
    It comes with a hard plastic cover to protect the weighing plate during storage and a cover for the whole scale that can also be used to contain loose items to be weighed.

  9. Nicolas

    Luckily, the creators of these scales have thought of everything. The surface can also be used as a miniature whiteboard. So you can keep track of how many ounces of oregano you have weighed with a simple dry erase marker.

  10. Tain Ch’in

    This can be used to send weight mail, food portions, jewellery, etc., and has a weight option appropriate for what you use.

    It is a nice size, large enough but not over large, and easy to keep clean.

  11. Castro

    The nice size scale works well. A good purchase.
    I checked the accuracy with weights, and it was spot on. Shipping was quick.
    Thanks to the Bros store for collecting this nice quality premium product.

  12. Chan Yuan

    Did the nickel test. Worked the first few times. The pictures with two different nickels (lucky to get them at 5g) never got them to equal out at 10g with just two. I like measurements to be accurate, and the weight is worse off using the trays.

    Second update on replacement. Worked well! The nickel test was accurate, used the trays, used paper, and used nothing. Thanks for the speedy replacement. I was a little weary of even getting a second and going with a pricy one, but this gets the job done, and I’m happy with my purchase so far.

  13. Ye Shao

    Scale is extremely accurate and easy to use. Listen, if it lasts a year or two, you are way ahead of the game. Don’t waste your money on a more expensive scale. I have a 600 dollar scale at work, and I had the same results as this scale. So save your money. I was not paid, nor did I receive any compensation for this review!

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