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Galindoi – Buy Two Get One Free

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Natural Psilocybin

Mushrocks is a mysterious type of sclerotia forming magic mushrooms. The proper scientific name for these is Psilocybe Galindoi. This species gets its name from Mr. Carlos Galindo Arias.

The main active compound in truffles is psilocybin. The reported benefits when microdosing on the Galindoi truffle are increased mood, less social anxiety, higher levels of creativity, more energy, emotional openness, relief from menstrual pain, and heightened spiritual awareness.

Must store truffles in the refrigerator:

It’s best to keep your truffles moisture-free. We recommend putting them in Tupperware with a kitchen paper towel to keep them dry and fresh. It’s essential to keep it in the refrigerator.

Once you have open, the truffles keep them in Tupperware in the refrigerator. These should be consumed within 30 days.

If your truffles are unopened in a vacuum-sealed, you can leave them in the refrigerator for the next three months.


Order 3X Galindoi Magic Truffles: Buy 2 get 1 for free. Buy your Magic Truffles at Microdose Bros.


Fresh sclerotia – Galindoi Truffles • 3 x 15 grams – 30 day supply per package (depending on how you microdose) • Grown in the Netherlands • Vacuumed Sealed packaging

Magic Truffles Storage and Preservation

Magic Truffles should always be stored in the refrigerator (2 to 4 degrees Celsius) in sealed packaging. By adhering to this storage instruction, you will ensure that the Truffles are preserved until the best before date. After opening the package, your Magic Truffles will stay fresh for up to 30 days before losing potency.

The Effects of Magic Truffles

It is important to note that the active compounds in Magic Truffles (psilocin and psilocybin) are easily absorbed into the human body. They are also capable of producing psychoactive effects. The effects of Magic Truffles are typically experienced after 30 minutes (sometimes less). Here are some of the effects that Magic Truffles will produce:
  • Giggly and stoned feelings: In lower doses, you will still be able to communicate effectively and remain aware of your environment. However, in higher doses, the Truffles will skew your reality and cause hallucinations.
  • Shortly after taking Magic Truffles, you may experience effects such as sweaty palms, sighing, cold shivers, and a feeling of unrest and nausea; however, after this, you will begin to feel euphoria and happiness.
  • Visions and deep connections to fellow Truffle users are possible effects.
The effects of Magic Truffles usually stabilize after 1 hour. Overall, the effects usually last from 3 to 5 hours. Of course, this depends on your consumption. After this, the effects will fade within 1 to 2 hours. Bear in mind that the fading usually happens in waves. It is wise to plan your trip on days that you are completely free and have no other business to relate to. Your trip will be completely dependent on your state of mind and experiences leading up to your trip. For example, an extremely hectic week can cause you to have a somewhat anxious, stressful trip. Nonetheless, the trip will help you to close the week with fresh insights and renewed energy. We recommend that you only take Magic Truffles if you are feeling mentally stable and relaxed. Do not take Magic Truffles in areas that you are not familiar with or places that are quiet. It is also best to consume Magic Truffles with people you know and trust.

Dosage of Magic Truffles

Mushrocks galindoi truffles can be mild to strong. If you are a newcomer to magic truffles consumption, it is best, to begin with, lower doses. Microdose: 0.3 – 2 grams per person Mild Trip: 5-7 grams per person Strong Trip: 10 grams per person Overwhelming Trip: 15 grams per person

Use of Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles should be eaten raw. Take them on an empty stomach to maximize the effects. Do not take caffeinated drinks prior to your trip. Ensure that you chew the Magic Truffles well. This will ensure that your body efficiently absorbs the psychoactive compounds. Doing this will also help to prevent nausea. If you dislike the taste of Magic Truffles, you can eat them along with some nuts, tea, or even soup. This will hide the flavor and make it more palatable for you. Do not boil your Galindoi Truffles because this affects their potency.


Never combine Magic Truffles with other drugs and/or alcohol. Never use Magic Truffles along with medication and MAO inhibitors. Never use Magic Truffles while depressed or while having sensitivity to psychosis. Never use Magic Truffles while pregnant or breastfeeding. Never use Magic Truffles below the age of 18 years old.

Magic Truffles Trivia

A truffle is a product that is living. As a result of this, air and possibly carbon dioxide may be trapped inside the package. This will result in the sclerotia’s continued growth, and you may notice white “hairs” on the outside of the truffles. This is completely natural.  It is the mycelium and actually shows that the truffles are healthy. It is edible and does not have an impact on the trip.  Tax included—shipping calculated at checkout.
Warning: Do not combine Magic truffles with alcohol, (illicit) drugs, or prescription drugs (especially not with MAO inhibitors). Do not use magic truffles when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. When in doubt, speak with your trusted physician or get in touch with an organization providing alcohol and drug information.

18 reviews for Galindoi – Buy Two Get One Free

  1. Johanne

    I think this product’s ingredients are excellent, however, one needs to be able to tolerate the possible side effects. One take Galindoi is to increase blood flow, but the most significant side effects to be aware of are itching, flushing in the face and hot spots in other parts of the extremities. Unfortunately, you cannot seem to have a positive effect without the negative. And there is a recommended limit to how much one can use.

  2. Eriksen

    The amazing product comes with psychoactive effects. I am impressed. Thanks to Bros store.

  3. Bertram

    That was my first experience. Before that, I was confused about the product. The whole information was suspicious to me. After reading the content, I got some ideas and then bought the product. I feel very happy due to the customer service. Galindoi is a mysterious type of magic mushroom. I love the way the product work.

  4. Schmidt

    I get depressed and moody very easily and taking a microdose in a day helps me nip any sadness in the bud. I do get really bad flushing from it which is why I recommend building up to a higher dose. This stuff is amazing and I have purchased it 3 times to help me manage my depression.

  5. Sarah

    It works not instantly. After 30 minutes, you can realise the difference. Something like Giggly and stoned feelings. Right now, I can feel that moment. It helps me to recover my sadness.

  6. Schmidt

    I think there are many confusing customers like me. I can suggest them a formula.
    Read the online product descriptions & the reviews as a guide. I have always enjoyed the flush & feel better for it afterward. If apprehensive about experiencing them, it is recommended to start gradually & not on an empty stomach but with a small amount of food beforehand, such as applesauce, to blunt the effect; then build up your tolerance.

  7. Andreas E. Kruse

    Nice customer service and their behaviour. Fast delivery with a premium quality product. Love to order the product again the next time.

  8. Helena S. Overgaard

    I have MS and use Galindoi for its nerve growth factor. I stopped taking it for a while as I didn’t think it was doing anything but noticed that it had helped my cognitive function (clearer thinking, more focused, and memory), so l started taking it again.

  9. Alexander

    I’ve done much damage to my skin by sunbathing, drinking, smoking… I take many vitamins for skin regeneration. Niacin accelerates the flow and absorption of my vitamins to the sublayers of my tissues. My skin is regenerating, and I think it has much to do with the Niacin. I love the flush & I enjoy doing 30 minutes of cardio for a nice detox sweat. It takes 30 minutes if I take the capsule in a whole or if I open the capsule & shake it in water, it kicks in instantly. I like this brand & I love how it’s acting as a part of the process of rebuilding my skin.

  10. Lasse

    Amazing product by following the food safety rules. What are the benefits of this product?
    Maybe you are here to know the benefits of the truffles. Okay let’s share my experiences.
    The benefits when microdosing on the Galindoi truffle are increased mood, less social anxiety, higher levels of creativity, more energy, emotional openness, relief from menstrual pain, and heightened spiritual awareness.

  11. Petersen

    The first few month’s dreams were extremely plentiful and colorful, I believe, because the brain neurons were firing so strong. Within these few months, I had overcome my PTSD by dreaming thru the traumatic event. My profession was Forester/Firefighter for 43 yrs. I also found myself laughing more often and more easily. The product helps me to recover myself.
    Thanks to Microdose Bros.

  12. Daniel

    I was very sceptical of the truffles, to begin with. A health practitioner suggested this brand specifically because they were organic and a local BC company. I know truffles have a bad name for being toxic and filled with pesticides because of their growing conditions. Love the product Galindoi to make life easy and smooth.

  13. Kristensen

    I read about Galindoi a long time ago and finally decided to try these a few months ago. It has been a complete game-changer for me! I noticed the effects from day 1. Complete mental clarity, without any sort of seediness or negative side effects.
    I have since repurchased and plan on taking these for the rest of my life! I even bought some for my parents. I have been taking them for around 3 months now and haven’t noticed any tolerance or decrease in effect. A++++

  14. Johnsen

    I recently woke up from a 7month comma three and half months ago and had a hard time recalling names and people I knew. I played everything off just to remove the awkwardness. I had to accept the world around me that I sort of forgotten off…Old memories started to return, and prior knowledge of my life up to my coma. Thanks to Galindoi.

  15. Amanda

    Helps relieve arthritis

    It helps you adapt to heat and cold better.

    CAn alleviate depression improve mood

    Better sleep at night.

    Take w double the amount of vitamin C and can prevent histamine response—no more allergies.

  16. Christensen

    Sometimes our sorrows wrap us up. That time you need these Galindoi Truffles to start communicating effectively. This product from Real truffles is good and will achieve the results you might be looking for, but don’t let anyone fool you that there’s anything wrong with consuming the mycelium instead of the fruiting bodies (which Real truffles does).

  17. Lassen

    Thanks to Bros. I bought the product for my mother due to her gloominess. After taking the truffles microdose, I was waiting to see the side effect of the truffles. It was amazing. After 25 or 30 minutes, my mother starts laughing at a silly matter. Also, she starts remembering funny past. It was surprising to me.

  18. Hermansen

    Thanks to Bros store for delivering this premium quality product. Your body can easily absorb the active compounds of the magic truffles. Ensure you have preserved the truffles in the best place, like moisture-free, until they become outdated.

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