The Microdose Bros calculator helps you find the ideal Magic Mushroom Dosage for your desired trip intensity level. 

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With the Microdose Bros Magic Mushroom & Magic Truffles calculator, you can determine the ideal magic mushroom or magic truffle dosage according to your weight. 

Supported are Copelandia Hawaiian mushrooms, Psilocybe cubensis, and magic truffles. Complete the steps below to determine how much truffles or mushrooms you need.

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Note: The Microdose Bros calculator is designed to help you calculate the average dosage.

Sensitivity to psilocybin is different for everyone, and it’s advisable to always start with a lower dose if you are a beginner. Please do not take the calculated values as definitive advice, as they are estimates.

More About Dosing Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles

For a beginner, dosing magic mushrooms and magic truffles can be a daunting task, but this is simplified with the Microdose Bros dosage calculator.

You only need to dial in a few options, and we will help you with the right dose for the desired effect.

From microdosing to a moderate and substantial amount, dosing is a science, but we’ve got you covered with the calculator.

We are also here to provide everything you need to get the best psychedelic experience from magic truffles.

Importance of Dosing Correctly

Getting the right dose is one of the most important things when tripping.

A wrong dose can trigger an unpleasant experience, or a bad trip, which is not what you want to experience.

In addition, you will need more to give you the type of experience you want.

A key thing to remember is to start with slow and low doses.

This is vital for new users and first-timers. The reaction to magic truffles is generally different for everyone, but using the right dosage is the first step towards laying the right foundation.

How to Dose More Precisely

There are many steps to ensure you take a more precise dose.

Most of the recommendations you’ll find online are to average the potency by combining different batches.

This aims to get a consistent level of potency for much easier dosing.

How to Use the Magic Mushroom Calculator

With the tips mentioned earlier, you can easily determine the exact dose you need with our magic mushroom calculator.

The only thing required is to enter little data, and we’ll help you determine the quantity you should take to enjoy the best experience.

Here are further details to help you understand how it works:

✅ Body Weight

For some people, this might be more of a personal question.

However, your body weight is a key factor that will help us determine the number of mushrooms or truffles you should take.

For clinical trials, the most used doses lie within 20 to 30mg of psilocybin for an individual weight 70kg.

This is usually the benchmark used, with other doses accounting for below and above 70kg.

It’s worth noting that the weight of the psilocybin extract is lower than that of the dried magic mushrooms.

With that, you can be sure your overall dose will not be as low as 20mg.

When you input your weight into the calculator, the calculator will help you find the exact amount of truffles you need to consume.

A key thing to note is that your body weight should be in kilograms.

By entering your weight, you have completed step one of the process.

✅ Magic Mushrooms or Magic Truffles

Even though the two contain psilocybin, it’s important to note that they note that the two are not completely the same.

They share many differences, and this is practically from the ground up.

Truffles grow beneath the ground, while mushrooms grow above the ground.

When collected and dried, the differences between the two become visible.

In general, mushrooms retain more moisture than truffles, but our calculator is designed to consider this when providing the required dosage.

Therefore, whether you’re using truffles, Copelandia Hawaiian, or Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, you can be sure that the calculator will calculate the exact dose. 

You only need to choose what you’re using.

✅ Dry or Fresh Mushrooms and Truffles

Dried or fresh mushroom also has an impact on the dosage you take.

Mushrooms and truffles are available in both forms, but our calculator is designed to cater to these factors.

In terms of dosage, the calculator divides the weight of the fresh mushroom by 10 and performs the calculation based on the weight of the dried counterpart.

The process is also applied for truffles, but the weight is divided by a little less than 2, which is then used to calculate the dosage.

With our calculator, you can get the exact dose for dried and fresh varieties.

✅ Desired Intensity of the Trip

After completing the steps above, the next thing is to select the type of trip you want to enjoy.

This ranges from a micro to a high-dose trip, and the calculator will help you know the dose to give you the desired experience.

Therefore, whether you want a microdose, low dose, normal dose, or high dose, you only need to select the option the calculator provides.

What About Shrooms Tolerance

Building tolerance toward truffles and mushrooms is possible.

For instance, if you take a particular dose too frequently, you’ll realize that it’s no longer as potent as it was when you first started on that dose.

This is why there’s much emphasis on taking a shrooms tolerance break. This is two weeks break between dosing, allowing the body to reset and prepare for the next dosing period.

Even though tolerance is an issue, it’s important to note that the calculator does not account for tolerance.

It is designed to function with the assumption that all users don’t have tolerance.

Therefore, when using the calculator, it’s important to ensure that you always take the 2 weeks tolerance break.

Alternatively, you can also increase your subsequent doses to avoid tolerance build-up.

Decide Your Dose Now

With everything above, the only thing left is for you to get started with the dosage calculator.

Once you have the right dose, the only thing left is to create the set and setting for your trip and enjoy the tripping experience.

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