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Have you ever thought about growing magic mushrooms at home?

You don’t need any special skills to grow the Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushroom strain from the comfort of your home. All you need is to buy magic mushroom grow kits. These ready-to-grow kits offer different strengths and strains to choose from, so check all the grow kit options below.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need any mycology skills or knowledge before you can grow magic mushrooms. You only need to use premade magic mushroom growing kit.

Microdose Bros smartshop team has years of experience selling high-quality magic mushroom growing kits. You can buy your magic mushroom grow kits and deliver them directly to your doorstep.

Magic Mushroom Mycelium

With Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushroom grow kits, you only need to add water and watch your magic mushroom grow within a few weeks. The grow kits we send contain everything you need to grow magic mushrooms. The content of the grow kit includes:

  • Magic mushrooms grow box with activated Psilocybe Cubensis mycelium
  • Paper clips make it easier to open and close the grow bag to allow air in
  • Growbag to serve as the growing chamber

How a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Works

The psilocybin mushroom grow kit contains inoculated substrate with live magic mushroom mycelium. With that, you only need to soak the grow kit in water to activate the mycelium so they can start producing psychedelic shroom fruiting bodies.

This implies that the mushroom will start growing from the mycelium. The interesting thing is that fungi only require little maintenance for growth, unlike other natural things that grow.

How to Use a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Follow the simple steps below to use the magic mushroom grow kit:

  • Wash your hands
  • Remove the lid of the grow kit
  • Fill the grow kit with water at room temperature
  • Place the lit of the grow kit back on
  • Allow soaking for up to 45 minutes
  • Remove the lid again
  • Drain the excess water out of the grow kit
  • Place the grow kit in a grow bag
  • Add water inside the bag, but ensure it is outside the grow kit
  • Use 2 paper clips to close the bag after folding the top
  • Place the grow bag with the grow kit in it at room temperature. Ensure that the kit is not placed under direct sunlight and is not near any heat source
  • When you notice small mushrooms showing up, start to open the bag each day for a minute so that fresh air can get in. You might also need to spray some water on the walls of the bag each day.
  • Harvest the mushroom whenever you see them opening-up
  • To harvest the magic mushrooms, you only need to turn them gently while ensuring that you don’t pull them out. The mushrooms should be very easy to remove

Different Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Strains

There are different strains of psilocybin mushrooms available, but the most common is the Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushroom strain.

Here are the magic mushroom grow kits that you can find on Microdose Bros smartshop to buy:

Golden Teacher Grow Kit

This is the most popular magic mushroom strain. The Golden Teacher has all the qualities you need. This includes good yields, fast-growing, high psilocybin levels, and it offers a really nice magic mushroom trip. This is the option that most experienced tripping enthusiasts opt for.

Mazatapec Grow Kit

The Mazatapec Grow Kit offers the most visual magic mushroom strains. Visuals are mostly seen when tripping on the Mazatapec magic mushrooms. It’s also worth noting that this option does not leave so many effects on mental state compared to other strains available. This is why it’s the best option for visual trip seekers.

McKennaii Grow Kit

This is also a relatively new and unique Psilocybe cubensis substrain. It is also one of the strongest options available. The McKennaii grow Kit was named after Terrence McKenna, and it’s worth noting that this option offers the highest psilocin and psilocybin concentration, enough to kick you out of the universe.

B Plus Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The B plus grow kit is a popular strain that is widely known for the large mushrooms it produces. It is also a cubensis strain and an ideal option for anyone looking to enjoy a spiritual connection with the universe, as well as experience colorful visuals. B plus magic mushroom is a great option for you if you’re seeking an intense trip.

Thai Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Most people consider the Thai Magic Mushroom Paddo Grow Kit as the best party mushroom. It is a fast-growing strain known for its social, relaxed, and colorful trip. Thai shrooms are recognized for their ability to cause people to enjoy a great time when on the shroom. It is also a perfect strain for beginners looking to enjoy a mild trip experience.

Colombian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The mushrooms of the Colombina Magic Mushroom Grow Kit offer highly concentrated effects that are characterized by an intense trip experience. Even though you won’t get immediate strong visuals with this mushroom, you can be sure that its effects will slowly influence you. The strain will let you enjoy a beautiful experience, and it’s a great option for beginners.

Cambodian Magic Mushroom Paddo Grow Kit

With the Cambodian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit, you can enjoy an energetic and spiritual trip characterized by a long duration of action and intensity. This is also a cubensis variety that is perfect for people who don’t have much experience in growing mushrooms.

Hawaiian Copelandia Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Here’s an all-in-one grow kit that contains everything you need to grow the Hawaiian Copelandia Cyanescens mushrooms on your own. All you need to do is to follow the instructions it comes with, and you are all good to go.

Mexican Grow Kit

The last option to consider is The Mexican Grow Kit, which is the mildest option available. It’s a great option for beginners and people who are preparing for their first psychedelic trip.

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