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 Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the word, far and wide, on everything microdosing. There are too much benefits to microdosing to meantion here. We wish to share with others the tools that we found helpful in reaching stronger conviction in beating bad habits, brighter through your day, more energy, calm, and peace of mind.

Our Approach

Every person is different. Because we recognize this, we feel that it is more important to guide, than to tell you what to do. If you are open to it, we highly recommend daily meditation to go with your plant medicine. In order to fully benefit the flow that is encouraged by microdosing Psilocybin, you need honest reflection and this can only come from the inside. Meditation helps with this.

Treatment and healing are not linear. To reach your goals you need to set them, and then work towards them from the inside, until you adopt the change into your daily habits. Maybe you’re battling addiction, and have moments of hardship. For those moments of doubt, or when you’re in need of deeper reflection, the Microdose Bros team is there to support you.  

Our Philosophy

To face day to day challenges, personal inner strength is needed. It can be that sometime your focus and strenght dwindles though. We believe that microdosing Psilocybin Truffles can help with having a more positive attitude towards your life. On top of that it can give you that extra bit of energy and security you need to beat and improve habits that you’re not happy with, nor proud of. 

90-day microdose challenge – up your game! 

Feel more energetic, and beat some bad habits or intrusive thoughts with a 90-day microdose challenge. Pick a Protocol that suits you, keep a journal in which you register notes, how you feel, what your doses are, and what your intention is in the morning. Registering your feelings and thoughts is helpful, as it provides you with a baseline of how you started, and throughout your microdosing experience, your notes function as a progressbar for how your mental and physical state are progressing and (hopefully) improving.

The 90-day challenge includes 15 grams of fresh truffles, sent to your house every 30 days for a period of three months, a truffle grinder, support for all your questions, and a notebook + scale to weigh your dosis. 

After a lifetime of chasing the big trip, I had discovered the best trip of all was maybe a teeny tiny one—one so small that you couldn’t really tell the difference between the trip and just another really great day. 


The ability to completely lose oneself in the work at hand, regardless of the work, cannot be understated. Flow state, instantly achievable, no matter what task I threw myself at.”



                                                                                           – Joseph Santiago, 2020

Joseph Santiago

Joseph Santiago

Microdose Bros - Founder

About us

Joseph Santiago started Microdose Bros with a strong passion for Microdosing the planet with Magic Truffles.

Microdose Bros has been growing over the past two years. By sharing the truffles with friends and family, he noticed that the people started to feel more joy and happier.

So, when the covid pandemic hit Europe, he lost his primary source of business and decided to open up an Online Magic Truffles Dispensary and help microdose the planet.

In only two short years, with over tens of thousands of clients all over Europe, we have evolved with a super team of mycologists, cultivators, and a complete digital team.

Microdose Bros offers a variety of magic truffles products to purchase. We offer Tampanesis, Galindoi, Mini Mexicana truffles.

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