We’re pleased to announce that we now accept bitcoin payments, making it easier than ever to purchase our products. Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates without a centralized authority, unlike government-issued currencies.

As a result, using Bitcoin incurs lower transaction fees, and its use is protected against bank manipulations. This digital currency is available to everyone worldwide, regardless of their location.

If you’re new to Bitcoin, the video at provides a good introduction to its workings. To pay for your order with Bitcoin, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a bitcoin wallet by downloading Electrum at https://electrum.org/#download.
  2. Create a wallet on the platform and record your ‘Generation Seed’ for future reference.
  3. After selecting the items, you wish to purchase, proceed to check out and select the “Bitcoin” payment option.
  4. Enter the Microdose Bros bitcoin address, your preferred payment method, and your order number on the payment information screen.
  5. Open your bitcoin wallet and click the “Send Money” button, then enter the Microdose Bros bitcoin address, the amount of bitcoins to be transferred, and the order number.
  6. Click “Send” to complete the transaction, and your order will be processed.

If you don’t own any bitcoins, you can buy them directly from Electrum or from other Bitcoin providers such as bitonic.nl, getcoincafe.com, localbitcoins.com, bitbargain.co.uk, and bitcoinnordic.com.

Using Bitcoin to buy items online is incredibly convenient and secure, and we’re delighted to accept it as a payment option for our products.