Tantra Transcendence & Microdosing Integration Retreat

Join Joseph Santiago, Founder of Microdose Bros, and Swami Antar Khaird for an Unforgettable 10-Day Journey Tantra Transcendence & Microdosing Integration Retreat.

📅 Dates: March 18 – 27, 2024

Embrace a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern exploration as we bring together the transformative practices of Tantra Transcendence and Microdosing. Led by Joseph Santiago and Swami Antar Khaird, this 10-day retreat in the spiritual haven of Rishikesh promises a holistic experience for self-realization, healing, and personal growth.

Retreat Highlights:

Tantra Transcendence (March 18 – 27, 2024) – A 10-Day Journey:

  • Philosophy & Awareness Practices: Dive deep into the profound teachings of Tantra, exploring its metaphoric nature and its transformative impact on daily life.
  • Tantric Rituals & Practices: Experience emotion release, healing, and energizing practices, fostering a loving power within.
  • Meditation & Self-Realization: Break free from the grip of the mind, release stored emotions, and immerse yourself in the sacred presence of ‘Now.’

Microdosing & Mindful Living (March 18 – 27, 2024):

  • Mind-Body Connection: Explore the synergy between microdosing and the mind-body connection within yoga and meditation.
  • Creativity & Spiritual Exploration: Tap into your creative potential and embark on a spiritual journey through microdosing insights.
  • Personal Growth & Healing: Engage in discussions on the therapeutic aspects of microdosing for enhanced well-being.

Your Guides:

Swami Antar Khaird:

  • A revered spiritual guide, Swami Antar Khaird offers profound insights into the intersections of ancient teachings and contemporary exploration.

Joseph Santiago, Founder of MicrodoseBros:

  • Visionary behind Microdose Bros, Joseph brings expertise on microdosing, weaving together science, spirituality, and personal growth.

Retreat Details:

Location: Rishis International, Rishikesh, India Accommodation: Comfortable rooms with various options available (Single Deluxe, Zen Deluxe, Zorba Deluxe, Eco Stone Cottage). Meals: Vegetarian Sattvic cuisine prepared with Ayurvedic ingredients. Program: Daily Yoga, Meditation, Tantric Rituals, Philosophy Sessions, Ayurvedic Bites, and Evening Celebrations.

Booking Information:


  • Airport transport from Dehradun Jolly Airport or Rishikesh city.
  • 9 nights comfortable accommodation.
  • Tantra, Yoga, and Meditation classes.
  • 3 delicious vegetarian Sattvic meals daily.
  • Private tours: Visit to Rishikesh city, temple visit, and nature walk.
  • Daily evening celebrations including traditional Indian rituals and ceremonies.

Optional Extras:

  • Ayurvedic massage sessions, consultation, Pranic healing, Reiki sessions.
  • Additional private tours such as jungle safari.

Not Included:

  • Flights.
  • Individual shuttle services not part of the program.

Good to Know:

Group Size: Limited to 10 persons for personalized attention. Dress Code: Loose, comfortable clothing; bring a shawl for meditation. What to Bring: Sunscreen, insect repellent, torch, travel adapter. Extension Options: Spend additional days at the resort before or after the retreat.

Booking Conditions:

  • Payment: 25% deposit required to reserve your room. The remaining 75% can be paid before arrival or in cash on-site.
  • Cancellation: Deposit refunded if canceled more than 4 weeks before the scheduled retreat.

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Note: All activities conducted in compliance with local laws and cultural sensitivities. Participants encouraged to approach with an open mind and commitment to respectful exploration.