NYC can be overwhelming, downright magical, and exhilarating. If you’re thinking of tripping in this city, you should know how to trip in America’s most psychedelic city.

There are so many secrets in the city, ranging from some of the most amazing clubs and bars to many hidden recreational centers. When you visit New York City, you’ll agree there’s no place that beats the wonders it holds.

Tripping in the city is also a great option to consider for many reasons. Among these reasons include the possible legalization of psychedelics in 2023 based on new bill. But before you start tripping in NYC, there are a couple of things that you should understand. Continue reading to find out more about the basics of tripping in NYC.

Get a Trip Sitter

One of the first things you should consider before tripping in New York City is to get a trip sitter. You need someone to be with you to ensure you don’t end up befriending a rat or evening diving into a subway track. It’s worth noting that the trip sitter should be someone you can trust to stay with you and watch over you. Also, the trip sitter should be someone that stays sober.

Know your Mental Health History

In addition to getting a trip sitter, another vital thing to ensure is that you know your mental history, and this also includes that of your family. If you have any mental condition, you’ll need to act accordingly. This can sometimes include avoiding psychedelics, using psychedelics under the supervision of a therapist, or an integration therapist to assist you after using the substance.

It’s worth mentioning that even though alternative medicines have healing potential, they can also trigger difficult mental states, especially when taken in an improper set and setting. Psychedelics can save a life by offering health benefits like treating depression and reducing suicidal tendencies, and they also have a few risks. Some of these substances can bring out conditions that are not yet diagnosed. For example, MDMA has the potential to cause suicidal ideation.

Taking psychedelics under professional supervision for any ailment offers life-changing benefits. For example, taking ketamine for treatment-resistant depression and PTSD, understanding supervision provides significant health improvements.

Find a Beautiful Place

The setting is also an important thing to consider if you want to have a positive trip. New York is crowded, but there are still many nature escapes in the city, like the High Line, Greenwood Cemetery, the Westside Highway, and Central Park. There is a range of places that you can consider for your trip.

In addition to natural parks, you can also consider some trippy spots in the city. Places like the sex and cannabis club NSFW, the trippy Brooklyn dance space House of Yes, and ZeroSpace are places you can also consider for your trip. The general recommendation is to consider environments that are created around sex, art, and music positivity for your trip.

Buy an At-Home Testing Kit

New York City is great, implying you have a higher chance of getting great drug substances. However, there are also many scams you need to be wary of. With that said, it’s important that you always test your drugs to ensure that you are getting the quality you pay for and not a product that will land you in a psych ward. Always test your drug before you use them. There are MDMA testing kits and LSD testing kits available, and you should consider getting one of these kits.

Avoid Bars, Crowds, and the MTA

New York is generally a safe place to be in. However, it’s still very easy to end up alone at a Coney Island or subway, or even scarier by getting smashed in a crowded subway, especially after tripping. A key thing to remember is that psychedelics don’t cause true hallucinations that can cause a person to genuinely believe things that are not as they were. Therefore, it is usually believed that these substances can cause a person to become less aware of dangers.

Also, testing your drugs and getting a sitter is a good way to help you avoid crowded areas, fratty bars, and areas with many police officers. Basically, the trip sitter will help you avoid anything that will cause you to get lost or give you anxiety. That is why the general advice is to trip in a place you feel more comfortable.


Still confused about where to trip or how to trip in NYC? Another place you should consider trying is one of the museums in the city. Regardless of the type of psychedelic substance you trip on, the most important thing is to ensure that you apply proper precautions for your safety. Consider all the tips we have highlighted above if you want to trip in NYC without hassle.

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