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There are many research works that have been done to establish the effect of personality traits on psychedelic experiences. This helps to provide an understanding of whether these experiences can alter our behaviors and characters. Basically, personality influences how we interact with the world, our feelings, our relationships, and our thoughts. The big question is, […]

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Psychedelic integration therapy is designed to assist people in integrating the emotions, new perspectives, and insights gotten from their psychedelic experience and to foster a positive change in their emotional, behavioral, and mental patterns. For a while now, the interest in the therapeutic and medicinal potential of psychedelic substances has been on a steady increase. […]

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The Role of a Trip Sitter:  Supporting and Guiding Psychedelic Journeys A trip sitter accompanies and assists individuals during their psychedelic experiences. They play a vital role in creating a safe and comfortable environment for the person undergoing the journey. The trip sitter’s primary responsibility is to ensure the well-being and emotional support of the […]

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