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We’re in a psychedelic revolution era, and this comes with different interesting perspectives and studies. The primary focus of research today is examining these substances’ potential effects on mental health. New reports also indicates it’s potential for color blindness. This current psychedelic revolution has so many amazing perspectives and studies. There are many research works […]

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We receive questions from different users every day. Many users ask about the effect and symptoms of microdosing on the female hormone system. This also includes balancing irregular menstrual cycles, menopause, and premenstrual syndrome. There isn’t much research evidence around this topic, but we have gathered information from anecdotal reports. Every month, women in different […]

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With the progression of the psychedelic revival, the benefits of psychedelic therapy continue to grow in different settings. Research institutions like The Imperial College of London, NYU, and Johns Hopkins, have performed clinical trials to understand psilocybin. In non-clinical settings, people also use psychedelics for different reasons. Among these includes psilocybin and postpartum depression. Today, […]

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