There are different types of psychedelics, but among these types, magic mushrooms offer the widest variety when it comes to how it is taken. You can either munch them, brew tea, and sip them, or make them into a lemon to enjoy the psychedelic experience it offers. Another option is to make blue honey with magic mushrooms, which is ideal for people who like sweet things.

Magic mushrooms are amazing, but they can be gross when taken raw. Today, people improve their taste in many ways, and some of the common options include mixing it with food and lemon tek. Most of the methods people use are technical, and not everyone can go through the process. If you’re looking to make your magic mushroom takes great, and with only a little effort, consider making the mushroom honey.

What is Blue Honey?

Blue honey is a type of honey that is infused with psilocybin. This is a sweet and delicious option for taking the psychedelic. It’s easy to make and offers the exact type of experience you like. Also, mushroom honey is a great way to ingest magic mushrooms without worrying bout the unpleasant taste. In addition, honey lasts long, and this implies that your mushroom honey will not get bad quickly. Therefore, in addition to the great taste, they also make it easier for you to store your mushrooms.

Why Do Magic Mushrooms Turn Blue?

Oxidation of psilocybin causes magic mushrooms to turn blue. However, research shows that after a series of processes, what actually occurs is a cascade reaction. There are six different molecules that combine to form the mysterious blue tinge, which is contrary to the old belief that it’s caused by one molecule.

It is generally believed that this happens to scare predators away. According to research, these compounds are toxic to insects that are likely to prey on magic mushrooms. However, this is just speculation.

Are Blue Magic Mushrooms Stronger?

Blue honey is more of a misnomer, and the honey only turns blue after oxidation of the mushroom. This tends to happen with all strains of magic mushrooms after they are cut, and it’s important to prevent this from happening as much as possible. This is because oxidation degrades the psilocybin, and this will alter the strength of your honey by making it weaker.

Benefits of Blue Honey

Here are the benefits of blue honey:

  • The first benefit is that it offers a great and delicious taste.
  • Blue honey is easy to dose, and you only need to know how many teaspoons you need
  • It is a great preservative for your mushrooms.
  • You don’t need any cooking to prepare blue honey.
  • It’s easier to control potency with blue honey. To do this, you only need to manage the mushroom ratio.

How to Make Magic Mushroom Honey

The big question is, how can you prepare mushroom honey? As mentioned earlier, the process is really easy. Here is a stepwise process to guide you on how you can prepare mushroom honey:

Equipment Needed

You don’t need much equipment to make mushroom honey, and what’s more, is that they are easily accessible. The equipment you need includes the following:

  • Sharp Knife: You need this to cut the mushroom into smaller pieces to get the most out of the potency of the mushroom.
  • Airtight Glass Jar: This is what will hold the final mixture
  • Coffee Grinder: This is an optional equipment as it serves the same purpose as the knife. However, the coffee grinder makes it easier to determine the honey to surface area ratio.

Ingredients Needed

From the name, you can easily tell that the two main ingredients are magic mushroom and honey.

  • Runny Honey: Use runny honey for convenience, and it will make it easier for you to mix the honey with the mushroom.
  • Dried Magic Mushrooms: Ensure that the mushroom you use is properly dried to ensure that it doesn’t degrade and ferment.

Steps to Follow

With everything above, here are the steps to follow to make your mushroom honey:

  • Grind or slice the mushrooms as smoothly as possible.
  • Place the sliced or powdered mushrooms and honey in your jar. This should be in a layered form, and it should be in an alternating pattern. The potency of the mixture depends on the number of mushrooms you add. Avoid heating up the honey because this can break down the psilocybin.
  • Seal the jar, and leave it in a dry, dark, and cool place for 1 to 4 months. This is to allow the psilocybin to infuse the honey.
  • Enjoy the mushroom honey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about magic mushroom honey:

Can Agave Replace Honey?

For vegans, agave syrup is a great alternative to honey, as they give the same results. You can follow the steps above using agave and get the same result.

How Strong is Blue Honey?

The strength of the blue honey depends on your preference. In general, the strength depends on the strain of mushrooms you use. The size of the mushroom you add is also a significant factor that influences the strength of the honey.

How Much Blue Honey Should You Eat?

The best thing is to start small and gradually increase the amount you take. You can start with a single teaspoon and gradually increase the quantity. This applies to both beginners and seasoned psychonauts. A key thing to have in mind is that the strength of each teaspoon is the same.

How to Take Mushroom Honey?

The best way to take mushroom honey is by itself. You can also take it with food, but it’s important to note that food can absorb mushrooms if it is taken together with food, which will not allow you to enjoy the effects of the mushroom.

How to Store Blue Honey?

The process of storing blue honey is the same as storing normal honey. You only need to place it in a cool, dry place and ensure that you use properly dried mushrooms. With that, you can be sure that the mushroom honey will last for as long as you want it to.


If you like to explore with magic mushrooms, this is a great option to consider, and you can rest assured that you will like it. The interesting thing is that it’s easy to make the mushroom honey, and in addition to its great taste, it’s also a great way to preserve your magic mushrooms. Visit Microdose Bros online blog to learn more about magic mushrooms and magic truffles.

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