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Psilocybin therapy offers many benefits that can help transform the work environment and culture, even in successful companies. Most successful companies today understand the importance of the wellbeing of their employees and staff. There are different wellness initiatives, team-building exercises, and incentive programs that these companies use today. However, there are also groundbreaking methods that […]

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Psilocybin and phantom pain are research areas gaining wide interest among scientists. Many believe that psilocybin could be a potential treatment option for the condition in the nearest future. This article will take you through everything you should know about psilocybin and phantom pain. Phantom limb pain is a debilitating condition that nobody would like […]

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Genetic testing could be the first step toward preventing the negative effects of uninformed or improper psychedelic use. Today in the US, psychedelic is close to gaining wide acceptance for application in treating different medical conditions. With that, there’s a need for measures to evaluate the advantages patients will receive, as well as the possible […]

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