Even though all genders can be affected by mental health conditions, previous research shows that women are disproportionately affected by mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and somatic complaints. These are disorders that affect people across different parts of the world today. For many years now, people mostly rely on pharmaceutical drugs and traditional therapy to manage these conditions. However, these options are beginning to fail. The good news is that recent studies show that psychedelic therapy is rapidly succeeding.

With the psychedelic therapy renaissance booms, there are many benefits to enjoy from psychedelic substances today. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the major women’s mental health issues that psychedelic substances like ibogaine, ketamine, ayahuasca, MDMD, and psilocybin can treat.


Statistics on depression highlight that women have twice as much depression as men. The main contributing factor to this is hormonal changes, in addition to other disorders. Depressive symptoms in women are mostly coming during the puerperium and pregnancy periods, compared to other life stages.

One of the common conditions that women face is postpartum depression, and this is reported in 10% of mothers. Reports also show that up to 30% of women suffer from dysthymia or minor depression. The symptoms usually last between two weeks and three months.

Ketamine, psilocybin, and many other psychedelic substances are currently studied as options for treating depressive symptoms. For example, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine identified psilocybin as an effective supportive therapy for major depression. Another study showed that ketamine is effective for treatment-resistant depression.

Eating Disorders

Reports show that more than 30 million Americans deal with Anorexia nervosa, which is a mental illness. This condition mostly manifests as an eating disorder, and its features include distortion of body image, fear of gaining weight, and low body weight. People who have this mental condition usually take extra measures to control their eating habits and weight, and the measures they take are usually dangerous.

One interesting fact many people don’t know is that anorexia has claimed more lives than other mental illnesses. This is because it’s a physically debilitating disease, and there are currently no effective treatment options for the condition. There are also different psychedelic studies showing the potential of these substances for treating anorexia and other eating disorders.


This is a complex mental health condition that expresses itself with four main symptoms. This includes negative mood changes, avoidance, changes in reactivity and arousal, and symptoms that cause the patient to relive past experiences. It is a condition that mostly occurs after intense trauma, sexual violence, natural disaster, and a range of life-threatening events.

The condition affects 12% of women and only 6% of men, and if left untreated, it can lead to more severe and threatening symptoms. Results from MAPS studies show that MDMA-assisted therapy is vital for managing people with PTSD. This is due to its ability to manage the emotional and psychological damages caused by wars, sexual assault, and other traumatic events. Studies conducted had a 60% success rate, which is promising.


Men have a higher tendency to abuse substances like alcohol and drugs than women. However, women are more likely to have emergencies or overdose cases with tragic results following the use of these substances.

The differences between women and men suffering from any form of addiction are further influenced by sociological and biological differences. Associated stigma is also another factor to consider, as women are generally less likely to seek medical help for their problems associated with addiction.

For many years now, psychedelic substances like psilocybin, LSD, peyote, and ibogaine have been used in the treatment of patients with symptoms of addiction. A study shows that these substances provide relief of these symptoms for up to 6 months, unlike conventional medications that are currently being applied.


These are some of the health benefits that psychedelic therapy provides women. While additional research is required to fully explore the potential of these substances, anecdotal reports highlight that they are effective in handling the conditions we have highlighted above.

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