Magic Truffles for Depression

Many studies delve deeper into the use of psilocybin to treat depression. These studies also further seek to show what happens in the brain.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a house where everyone does different things without collaborating? It’s pretty much going to be miserable living in such a house. New findings suggest that this is the best way to represent the mind of a depressed individual. The different parts of their minds work isolated from each other.

The active ingredient in magic truffles is psilocybin, and many studies show its effectiveness in treating depression. Even though the substances have been around for a while, scientists have only recently started studying brain scans.

Going back to that house above. Imagine that one of the housemates makes a soup with magic truffles in it. Everyone will become happier. The interesting thing is that it remains that way even when the truffle’s effect is gone. Basically, living in the house becomes more interesting than it used to be.

According to studies of brain scans, this is how psilocybin helps people with depression. Basically, some parts of the brain find it difficult to interact. These parts tend to stay in their neural patterns, but psilocybin enhances their interactions with other brain parts.

Another interesting thing about the findings is that psilocybin works via a different mechanism than antidepressants. This is promising for people with depression, especially those who are treatment-resistant. Also, psilocybin works faster, and other antidepressants have long-lasting effects.

Effectiveness of Psilocybin in the Study

Participants of the study were administered psilocybin over a period of three weeks as part of their therapy. The findings, as compared to other antidepressants, were promising.

  • Antidepressants: Depression only stopped by 37% after a six-week period of treatment with antidepressants. Also, the improvement in their depressive symptoms is not expected to continue when they stop treatment.
  • Psilocybin:  With psilocybin administered for three weeks and with two psilocybin experiences, the level of depression was reduced by 64%. This score was steady over a period of six months, which is better than with antidepressants.

As mentioned earlier, the mechanism of action for both substances differs. Antidepressants generally target serotonin receptors, while psilocybin targets key parts of the brain. This causes the brain to find new ways to do things, so it doesn’t feel depressed anymore.

Are Magic Truffles Better Than Antidepressants?

Even though these findings are promising, it does not completely imply that magic truffles are better than antidepressants. This is because of individual differences, and what works for one may not work for the other.

In psychedelic communities, the general opinion is that psilocybin is better than antidepressants. The only reason for this idea is that truffles are natural while antidepressants are synthetic. This is what is generally referred to as the appeal of nature fallacy. People with this type of fallacy tend to believe that unnatural is bad and only natural is good, which is not good.

Remember that you might be a victim of unwanted side effects if you don’t pick the right mushroom. Some mushrooms are so poisonous that they can cause someone to die almost immediately. An example of this is the deadly nightshades.

With that said, it’s important to rely on science, especially when making a personal decision regarding the treatment we use. Even while self-medicating, it’s generally advisable to be careful and make the right decisions.

Final Words

In general, managing depression may sometimes require old-fashioned communication and psychedelic like psilocybin. Also, even though truffles are effective, it’s still advisable to avoid self-medication as psychedelics also have a few dangers. In general, taking psychedelics is a big decision that requires careful consideration.

There are still many studies to fully explore the effectiveness of these substances on mental health conditions. We have reviewed most of the currently available studies on our blog. A common thing with each of these studies is that they all give promising results showing that psilocybin is effective in depression and other mental health conditions.  

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