Guide to Help you Optimize your Microdosing Results

Microdosing generally helps in boosting flow, productivity, and creativity. However, there are many effective ways to optimize microdosing results and get the best of it. This implies that when you practice microdosing more mindfully, you can bring more transformation and personal growth.

A key thing to remember is that microdosing is not a quick fix. Even though it has the potential to shed light on our behavior and thought patterns, you’re still in full control.

This article will take you through different mindfulness approaches that will help you optimize your microdosing results. You’ll be able to easily navigate your way in microdosing. It’s likely that you already know some of the concepts that we’ll highlight below. However, for any concept you find appealing, it’s advisable to dive deeper into understanding how to apply it.

Microdosing Increases Awareness

Microdosing points out different things to different people, and it’s important to pay attention to what it points at. This implies that microdosing helps increase awareness, allowing you to focus on your mind. This also includes focusing on other aspects like thoughts about the past and future and many other worries.

When you can acknowledge these thoughts, you’ll be able to transcend them. With this, you’ll be able to experience different potentials, including your true nature. This will also make it easier for you to choose, irrespective of what people say. It’d be a lot easier for you to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Tips for Using an Increased State of Awareness

The first thing to note is that increased awareness is not directly a solution or benefit. You need more than just awareness to change the patterns in your relationship, work, and life. Realizing that your work or relationship doesn’t fit can be challenging. Also changing these insights into actions is also a challenging thing to do.

Here are some useful tips to help you:

Setting Intentions and Gaining Insights

On the day you microdose, it’s advisable to start by formulating questions and your intention for the day. Examples of questions you should ask yourself include: what do you want to be aware of? What do you want to pay more attention to that day? What are the behaviors you’ll like to change? For thought and behavior patterns, it’s advisable to write them out immediately after you notice them.

Setting your intention begins with recognizing why you want to explore microdosing as an option. Here’s a plan you should consider when setting your intention:

  • Start by finding the time and a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. This allows you to connect with love, creation, and other possibilities.
  • Determine your needs and try not to limit yourself or make yourself small because there are many possibilities.
  • Do they align with universal intention? Ensure that your intentions are clear and that they serve a greater whole.
  • Positively formulate your intentions and try to avoid using the word not.
  • Also, add gratitude to your intention. This implies believing in your intention and being grateful for it.
  • Write down your intention, and believe it’s real
  • The nice thing about intention is that they are not bound to an outcome.

The bottom line is to always maintain a positive tone always. Consider your intention as the weapon you use in hunting. With this, you can easily gain more insights.

Use your Energy Wisely

To optimize your microdosing result, you also need to be conscious about how you use your time and energy. Making yourself happy or unhappy usually involves a great level of energy. Therefore, the best thing is to focus your energy on the things that make you happy.

Letting go of Judgement

Most of the time, we experience reality from our past thoughts, opinions, and judgments. This causes us to see things as we are rather than what they are. Our judgment will always reveal more about ourselves than what we judge.

The more we tend to attach so much to things we think we know, the more likely we miss out on them. Also, you can gain more energy when you let go of these judgments. Therefore, whenever you judge, ask whether it’s founded on truth.

Being in the Present Moment

This is easier said than done, and it often requires some effort. However, with practice, you can become used to it. There are many times when we are faced with unpleasant situations, and it’s best to accept the situation. Refusing to accept the situation only lengthens the suffering without changing anything.

With an increased awareness of the situation and staying more in the present without getting carried away, we can easily accept it and let go. You don’t need to always try to understand or overanalyze everything happening. Staying in the present implies surrendering; with this, you can easily redirect your mental energy.

Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously

If you want to feel light, you should laugh more, even at yourself. Focusing on yourself for too long only gets exhausting in the long run, and with time, you become blind and deaf to other parts of your life. Eventually, you’ll stop to see the miracles that surround you.

Let go of Control

You don’t always have to control your breathing, blood circulation, and nervous system. Also, you don’t control waking up and sleeping. All of these are automatic processes that are not influenced by your decisions. You simply let it be, and they stay under control. This also applies to many life processes.

Creating or Reacting

Are you easily emotionally triggered, or do you always find yourself reacting to different situations? You might start to wonder why certain things happen to you and how you can avoid these things. In many cases, all it takes is for you to try something different. For example, you can create the life you want rather than reacting.

Also, determining the circumstances you want to be in is also a great way to create your life. This implies deciding where you want to be when you want to be there, and with whom you want to be. With that, you can easily stay in control.


This common tool helps with personal development, which is why we are also mentioning it. Meditation is scientifically proven to be good for everyone. We can easily increase feelings of happiness and peace when in a meditative state.


All the tips mentioned above are effective tools that will allow you to optimize your microdosing results. With these tips, microdosing will eventually become a tool for mindfulness that you can use.

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