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Microdosing generally helps in boosting flow, productivity and creativity. However, there are many effective ways to optimize microdosing results and get the best of it. This implies that when you practice microdosing more mindfully, you can bring more transformation and personal growth. A key thing to remember is that microdosing is not a quick fix. […]

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Kanna Extract Disclaimer: Kanna extract is a legal substance, but some extracts require a prescription in some countries. This ultimate guide is created to facilitate safety for people who decide to use Kanna and not medical advice.  Overview Sceletium tortuosum Sceletium tortuosum is a South African psychoactive plant. It has different names, including kauwgoed, kougoed, gunna, […]

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Psychedelics are not only for therapeutic trips and raves. Open-minded athletes are now tapping into the benefits that the substance offers. These athletes are now combining Microdosing and movement to break ground in the gym. Whenever people think of psychedelics, increased focus, energy, and different motion are the last things to come to mind. However, […]

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