Cordyceps are functional mushrooms that continue to grow in popularity for their numerous health benefits. There is growing evidence showing that they can be applied as supplements for lung health. Cordyceps have different bioactive compounds that offer health benefits and provide support to the lungs.

The mushrooms can open airways to allow easy and free breathing. They also show potential for managing other respiratory issues, including shortness of breath. Despite these amazing health benefits, it’s important that you consult a health professional about the supplement before trying it for respiratory health. However, in this article, we’ll provide all the information you need about Cordyceps. Continue reading to find out more.

Everything About Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps are powerful functional mushrooms with a long, rich history in South America. Today, there are more than 400 different Cordyceps species in the world today, especially in the US, Brazil, and Japan. In traditional practice, these mushrooms are used to enhance healthy sexual function and support energy levels, as well as liver, lung, kidney, and bronchial health.

Researchers continue to research on all the Cordyceps species to fully understand their benefits and ascertain how these benefits can be applied to enhance human health. The major limitation of ongoing research is that these mushrooms are not abundant in the wild. This is because they only thrive under specific environmental conditions.

All the species of Cordyceps grow naturally in the wild, but this is mostly on specific insects. However, you can cultivate Cordyceps in your home using grow kits from Microdose Bros.

Cordyceps Sinensis

This is the most popular Cordyceps species and is also known as Opiocordyceps sinensis. This mushroom mostly grows on the caterpillars of the Hepialus moth. The mushroom mostly grows in alpine areas of the Himalayan Plateau, the Tibet, and China regions.

Cordyceps Sinensis is not usually found abundantly in nature, and because of that, there are many products claiming to be made from fungi. When buying your supplements, it’s important to beware of these replica products.

Another thing to note is that the commercial cultivation of Cordyceps sinensis is not easy. Most of the efforts done to achieve this only yielded mycelium grown in liquid culture. However, studies show that these liquid cultures equally produce many health benefits.

Cordyceps Militaris

This is a different species but relative to the Cordyceps sinensis species. Extract of this species contains all the bioactive compounds in the sinensis species. Cordyceps militaris is also known as the Caterpillar Killer or Scarlet Club Fungus, and it can grow on different types of insects. The mushroom occurs in abundance in Asia and North America.

The most important compounds found in the two types of Cordyceps are adenosine and beta-glucans. In addition, Cordyceps militaris contains cordycepin, which s also a special compound. Also, research shows that there are more health-supporting compounds in the militaris species.

Another interesting thing about the militaris species is that it can be commercially cultivated to produce the fruiting body, which is widely used for lung health.

Respiratory Health of Increasing Concern

Because of the effects of toxins and other environmental influences, people constantly experience different respiratory health conditions. There are people who suffer from a range of seasonal challenges, most of which are triggered by animal shedding, drugs, plants, chemicals, food, and other particles in the air.

These seasonal challenges are simply a result of overreactions in the immune system. This trigger different reactions in the body to fight against what is considered to be harmful to the body. In the actual sense, it isn’t harmful. Ultimately, the effects of the reactions can spread to other parts of the body, like the lymph nodes and skin.

The way the body reacts to these seasonal irritants varies on an individual basis and time of the year. With supplements designed to enhance lung health, you can easily adapt to these seasonal changes.

Benefits of Cordyceps Supplements for Lung Health

Cordyceps mushrooms offer different helpful benefits, and research work has found a link between Cordyceps and improved lung health. This shows that Cordyceps has the potential to improve respiratory function and support lung health. The shrooms also make a great supplement for smokers because of the potential to provide lung support for people trying to quit smoking.

The activation of mast cells occurs during seasonal challenges, and this triggers the release of histamine and other cells that can cause havoc in our body. Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin (TLSP) is found to contribute to the activation and development of these mast cells. Studies show that Cordyceps can suppress the activation of TLSP, thereby maintaining the body’s homeostasis.

There are also studies that show the potential for these mushrooms to help in relaxing the bronchial walls and enhancing the efficacy of oxygen utilization. These are the benefits explored in improving lung function.

Cordyceps Mushrooms as an Immunomodulator

One of the main things Cordyceps mushrooms are known for is their ability to support the immune system. They are generally regarded as biomolecular immunomodulators because they can make the body to adapt to immune threats. In addition, these mushrooms also support inflammatory response, which is vital for enhancing respiratory health.

Like with other medicinal mushrooms, Cordyceps are effective immune supporters, and adaptogens, which help in providing protection against immune threats. A key thing to ensure when choosing a cordyceps supplement is that it’s a 100% mushroom supplement. This is to ensure that you get the desirable effects the supplement provides.

Cordyceps Mushrooms Can Improve Respiratory Capacity

There are many studies that suggest the potential of Cordyceps to enhance athletic performance. This is believed to be possible through its ability to support lung function. Basically, these mushrooms are perfect for people with different respiratory issues as well as people looking to enhance their lung capacity and overall respiratory health.

Even though there’s a need for deeper research to further support these claims, currently available data shows that mushrooms can support healthy respiratory function and calm agitated bronchial tubes.

Who Should Stay Away from Cordyceps Mushrooms and Why?

There aren’t many reports supporting the contraindications of cordyceps. However, currently, available data shows that the mushrooms aren’t great for pregnant and lactating women and people with auto-immune conditions like bleeding disorders and multiple sclerosis.

The mushrooms should be used with caution when taking with immunosuppressant and anti-platelet medications because they interact with the mushroom. Like with other mushroom supplements, always consult with a health care provider before taking cordyceps supplements.

Choose Quality Supplements for Lung Health

Learning and understanding how functional mushrooms can enhance our health and well-being is the first step towards making informed decisions about your diet and choosing the best supplement to improve your lung health. Today, the major proponent of these amazing functional fungi is Traditional Chinese Medicine, and scientific reports have helped to show the benefits of these supplements.

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