Growing Psilocybin Mushrooms With Grow Kit

Many people are now growing psilocybin mushrooms in their homes these days. They do this to ensure constant and reliable provision all year round. Another thing is that home cultivation also makes it easier to identify the right mushroom, unlike in the wild. Also, it’s a low-cost and exciting hobby for most growers. The information in this guide is based on the eponymous PF Tek by Robert McPherson. This was a method that helped revolutionize growing mushrooms indoors.

The method involves the addition of vermiculate to a grain substrate, unlike using grain alone. With this, the mycelium can grow easily due to the availability of more space. The method is labor-intensive but ideal for beginners because it’s reliable, affordable, and easy. Also, the ingredients and materials for the method are readily available. One of the problems people face is when it comes to getting spore syringes of good quality. The spore syringe usually has the magic mushroom spores you use to plant in the substrate. Getting a good spore syringe is not usually easy.

Many growers have reported issues, including misidentified strains, empty syringes, and contamination. With proper research, you can easily find a reputable seller for your spore syringe. After growing your first mushroom batch, you can fill syringes for subsequent batches.

Choosing a variety

When it comes to growing psilocybin mushrooms indoors, you’ll need to choose a strain and species at some point. For beginners, the most common option you’ll find with most suppliers is the Psilocybe cubensis B+. Even though this strain is not as potent as others, it adapts well to changeable and sub-optimal conditions.

Items You’ll Need

To start growing psilocybin mushrooms, you’ll need a couple of materials. However, you have nothing to worry about because you can purchase the setup. The setup is called the mushroom grow kit, and buying one is more economical.

You’ll need these ingredients: Vermiculite (Medium/fine) – Spore syringe (10 – 12 cc) – Organic brown rice flour – Drinking water. You’ll also need the following equipment: – Mist spray bottle – Perlite – Drill with ¼ inch drill bit – Micropore tape – Heavy-duty tin foil – Clear plastic box (50 to 115L) – Small towel – Large cooking pot – Strainer – Measuring cup – Hammer and small nail – Mixing bowl But that’s not all.

For proper growth, you’ll need to maintain hygiene, and these are the hygiene supplies you need: – Surgical mask (optional) – Sterilized latex gloves (optional) – Glove box or still air (optional) – Air sanitizer – Surface disinfectant – Propane/butane torch lighter – Rubbing alcohol.

What is a Grow Kit?

Grow kits contain all the necessary items to help you grow psilocybin mushrooms successfully. The type of grow kit you buy depends on the mushroom type you want to grow. What you should note is that they differ in content and handling. Despite the differences, the grow kits usually contain a manual, injected mushroom spores and a cultivation tray with a substrate.

Notable Grow Kit Example

Golden Teacher
Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Grow Kits


The Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit is 100% colonized and an all-in-one grows kit with all you need to grow your psilocybin mushroom. You only need to add water and follow the instructions for the shrooms to sprout. The grow kit features a grow bag with two paper clips and air filters. 

Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit contains:

  • 100% vermiculite, perlite, mycelium
  • Grow bag with 2 paper clips and air filters

It’s worth noting that the mushroom grows kit is freshly packed, and you can grow with it immediately after you receive the package. You can also keep this grow kit in your fridge for up to 3 months. 

The effects of the mushrooms in the golden teacher are amazing. It will teach you about different dimensions and a higher atmosphere. This is a place of spirituality and wisdom, thanks to its strong trip experience. Visit the link for more information about the Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit.

Mazatapec Magic Mushroom
Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Growkit 

It only takes a few weeks for the Mazatapec magic mushroom to grow with this grow kit. This mushroom species have been treasured across South and Central America for many years. 

You’ll never go back after trying this potent magic mushroom. Place an order for your Mazatapec Mushroom Grow Kit today to experience a strong visual trip. The effects it gives are a sense of peace before the sudden burst of color comes. 

Mazatapec Mushroom Grow Kit contains:

  • 100% mycelium, vermiculite, and perlite
  • Grow bag with air filters and 2 paper clips

Visit the link for more information about the Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Growkit

Instructions for Growing Psilocybin Mushrooms

As mentioned earlier, this is a cheap and straightforward cultivation method and an ideal option for beginners. For this method, you’ll first need to prepare your substrate with contains brown rice flour, water, and vermiculite. Divide it into sterile glass jars before introducing spores for the mycelium to develop.

It’s worth mentioning that mycelium is a filamentous network that is key for your mushroom growth. Transfer the colonized substrates to a fruiting chamber after 4 to 5 weeks and wait for the mushroom to grow.

The most important thing to always have in mind is maintaining hygiene. That is why we also mentioned the items you’ll need for hygiene. With that said, these are the steps to follow:

Step One: Preparation

Jar Preparation Use the nail and hammer to punch four holes through each lid, which should be spaced evenly at their circumference.

Substrate Preparation Combine ¼ cup of water and 2/3 cup of vermiculite in the mixing bowl. Be sure to use a strainer to drain off excess water. After that, add ¼ cup of brown rice flour to every half-pint jar, and mix with the moist vermiculite.

Fill Jars Ensure that you don’t get the jars tightly and keep the top sterilized by rubbing alcohol. Add a layer of dry vermiculite to the top of the jars. This is to keep the substrate safe from contaminants.

Steam sterilize Screw the lids tightly before you cover the jar with foil. Also, ensure that you secure the edges of the foil, so that condensation and water do not get in through the holes. Place paper towels in a pot with the jars on top so they don’t directly touch the base. At this point, you can add tap water to level the jar sides and bring it to a slow boil to stay upright. Also, place a lid on the pot and allow it to steam for 90 minutes. Remember to add water if the pot dries out.

Allow cooling. The next step is to leave the jars overnight to cool before you advance to the next steps.

Step Two: Inoculation

Sanitize and prepare the syringe. The first thing is to heat the length of the syringe’s needle till it’s red, then leave it to cool. Use alcohol to wipe it off when it’s cool but be careful not to hurt yourself. Pull the plunger and agitate the syringe so that the magic mushroom spores will distribute evenly.

Inject spores Injecting the spores is the next thing to do. You’ll need to remove the foils from the jars before inserting the syringe through the holes. Ensure that the needle touches the side of the jar before injecting ¼ cc of the spore solution. Repeat this process in three holes, then wipe the needle with alcohol. Once you are done, cover each hole using micropore tape, and keep the jar aside. Do not cover with foil at this point. You can repeat this process for other jars, but always remember to sterilize the needle at each point.

Step Three: Colonization

Wait for the mycelium. After the inoculation process, the next thing is to wait for the mycelium. But before then, you’ll need to place the jars in a clean environment first. Also, be sure to avoid high temperate and direct sunlight. After 7 to 14 days, you’ll notice white, fluffy-looking mycelium spreading from the inoculation sites.

Consolidate  If everything goes after four weeks, you’ll need to leave the colonized jars for another six weeks for more colonization. After that, you’ll need another seven days so the mycelium can be firm on its substrate.

Step Four: Prepare the Grow Chamber

Create a fruiting chamber. Drill ¼-inch holes in the storage container, which should be two inches from each other. You’ll also need to drill holes in the interior parts to prevent cracking. Keep the box on four stable objects and ensure that they are arranged to enhance airflow. It’s worth noting that the fruiting chamber is also known as the fruiting shotgun chamber.

Add perlite. Allow the perlite to soak under a cold tap and in a strainer. Spread it over the grow chamber once it has drained. Repeat until you have a layer of perlite up to 5 inches deep.

Step Five: Fruiting

Birth the colonized substrates. Remove the dry layer of vermiculite from the jars and ensure that the substrates do not damage during the process. Turn the jar upside down and tap to release the substrates. The surface you do this on should be disinfected.

Drunk the substrates. You’ll need to rinse the substrates under a cold tap to remove loose vermiculite. While doing this, ensure that you do not damage the substrates. Place tepid water in a large container, place the substrates, and allow for another 24 hours. This is to allow the substrates to rehydrate.

Roll the cakes. Remove the substrates from the water, and place them on a clean and disinfected surface. Add dry vermiculite to fill the mixing bowl and roll the substrates until they are coated with vermiculite.

Transfer to grow chamber. Cut foil for each of the substrates and allow them to sit. However, ensure that they do not contact the perlite. Also, keep them properly spaced in the growing chamber and mist the chamber using a spray bottle. Close the lid afterward.

Optimize and monitor conditions. Maintain the humidity of the chamber by misting it regularly. Also, ensure that you don’t add excess water to the chamber. Also, increase the airflow within the chamber by using a lid to fan it at least six times daily.

Step Six: Harvesting

Watch for fruits. After following all the steps above, the next thing is to look for fruits or mushrooms. They will start to appear as white bumps before they sprout into pins. Wait for 5 to 12 days before you harvest them.

Pick your fruits. You only need to detach the mushroom from the cake to pick the fruits. You don’t have to wait until they fully grow before you remove them. This is because they will lose potency as they grow older.

These are the main steps to follow, but you can find out more from this pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the steps above, here are answers to some frequently asked questions to guide you further:

What should I do if my mushrooms grow against the side of the kit?

Mushrooms like to grow in the direction of light. In some cases, they may grow at the grow kit’s side. You can prevent this by using black tape on the side of the container. It’s advisable to do this before cultivating the mushroom.

What are the ideal growing conditions for magic mushrooms?

The ideal temperature is around 23 to 25 Celsius, especially at night. For lighting, it’s best to place the mushroom such that they are not directly under sunlight. Also, you need to disinfect your hands and the materials you use.

It’s worth noting that excessive light and moisture can affect the mushroom. Therefore, you should be patient and leave nature to do the rest.

Should I keep the grow kit in the refrigerator?

No, you should keep the grow kit in a room between 10-to-18 degrees Celsus, especially if you’re not ready to start.

Do I have to spray the kit with water?

You can use water to spray the sides of the plastic bag, especially when you see the mycelium cake. This also applies when you notice them shrinking or drying out.

Is it necessary to use a heating mat?

Heating mat help to create a greenhouse effect within the grow bag. Even though mushrooms prefer humid environments, a heating mat can cause temperature elevation, which is not good for mushrooms. Therefore, it’s best to discard the heating mat and leave the grow kit set up at room temperature. 

What should I do if my mushroom does not grow after 3 to 4 weeks?

Most grow kits have up to 4 weeks to grow, but there are cases where it takes longer for the mushroom to grow. In such a case, it’s best to be patient because mushrooms are different, and some grow faster. Conditions like light, temperature and air can also affect their growth.

What does it mean when my grow kit is green?

A Green grow kit indicates possible contamination, which can be due to mold exposure. This is mostly due to incorrect use, and some of the common causes are:

  • Placing the grow kit in a dirty area
  • Misting or spraying with dirty water
  • Suffocation
  • High infection pressure in the environment

What does it mean when my grow kit is blue?

Psilocybin and psilocin are the psychoactive substances in magic mushrooms. The blue color develops if the magic mushroom is bruised. This will cause the psychoactive substances to be released to the mushroom’s surface. 

What does it mean when my grow kit is yellow/brown?

This occurs with the grow kit is not stored in a cool and well-ventilated environment. That is why it’s advisable to place them in a refrigerator. Also, ensure that you use clean tools and the environment to grow the mushroom.

Will the grow kit work properly if the mushrooms are few?

This occurs when the top layer is not loosened properly. Puncture the top layer with a form before you soak them in lukewarm water. This will allow the mushrooms to flourish better in the grow kit.


You don’t have to be a professional to grow psilocybin mushrooms. Grow kits make it a lot easier for anyone to grow these mushrooms. You can easily grow your psilocybin mushrooms indoors with the steps we have highlighted above.

We have also answered some frequently asked to guide you further. In addition, you can buy your grow kit on microdose. We also sell magic truffles and ship discreetly in Europe. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Buy magic truffles now and get a discount today!

In addition to these studies, you can also visit our blog to learn more about microdosing.


Growing psilocybin mushrooms can be illegal, and we do not encourage this activity if it’s against the law. This article is for informational and educational purposes, and we don’t advise anyone to break the law. Microdose Bros does not encourage or condone growing hallucinogenic mushrooms in jurisdictions where it is illegal.