How Psychedelics Magic Truffles & Mushrooms can Provide Benefits?

By Joseph Santiago



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Depression, stress, anxiety, OCD also known as obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mental health issues can be disabling conditions that can envelop those they’re affecting and completely take over their lives.

Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people suffer from depression, and sadly, a large percentage of those most deeply affected feel as if they have no other option but to take their own lives.

There are treatment options in the form of lifestyle changes, therapy, and prescription antidepressant medications. Yet, recent research has pointed out that psychedelics such as magic mushrooms and LSD could potentially lift people’s moods and serve as viable treatment options for depression.

Researchers from Yale found that individuals that took psychedelics such as LSD or magic mushrooms were more likely to experience what is known as ‘transformative experiences,’ which were so profound that, once they came down from experience, they had radically changed outlooks on life.


Could Psychedelics Help Beat Depression?


A recently published Yale study found that individuals who recently used psychedelic drugs and compounds such as Psilocybin have reported sustained improvements in their mental health and overall moods, even after the high had worn off, and they came down.

Psychedelics have been found to improve mental health and boost feelings of social connectedness, thereby helping to bring people closer together and improve their moods in the process.

In the field study, experts visited arts and music festivals across the United States and the United Kingdom, whereby they asked those in attendance who were not under the influence of psychedelics, how they were feeling, recent social experiences, and their substance use (if any).

Experts surveyed these individuals and were able to characterize what they called the ‘afterglow’ of psychedelic experiences. They found that those that recently used psychedelics such as Psilocybin from magic mushrooms, or LSD, were more likely to have positive mind-altering transformative experiences that were so profound that they gave them an entirely new outlook on life.

In turn, these transformative experiences were found to help people better connect and socialize with each other, not to mention that they also helped improve their mental health and put them in much better moods.

Researchers found that the most pronounced effects were experienced by users who had consumed psychedelics in the last 24 hours.


Why Other Vices Don’t Help


When people find themselves suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or just feeling low, they often self-medicate with vices such as alcohol or recreational drugs such as cocaine or opioids. These vices, however, don’t have the same effects as psychedelics.

In the study, those surveyed who had not used psychedelics and instead used alcohol or other drugs did NOT experience the exact positive mood change as those who used psychedelics.

When you consider the fact that alcohol causes feelings of depression and promotes the production of stress hormones such as cortisol, that is hardly surprising.


So, Are Psychedelics The Key To Good Mental Health?


It is very much early days yet, and there is still a great deal we don’t know about psychedelics such as magic mushrooms and LSD. Nevertheless, initial findings are looking very promising, indeed, when it comes to using them to treat mental health disorders.

Psychedelic drugs such as LSD and magic mushrooms are currently illegal in most places. Experts are still optimistic that that could change imminently, especially as more and more positive findings are discovered.

In the Netherlands, for example, where Psychedelics are legalized, mental health issues are on the decline, and that surely cannot be a coincidence.  Copyright ©



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