In the realm of psychedelic therapy, the simple act of donning a blindfold holds profound therapeutic potential. Let’s explore how the practice of wearing a blindfold during psychedelic therapy sessions serves several purposes and is based on various theoretical frameworks:

Purpose and Theoretical Frameworks:

  • Reducing External Stimuli: By wearing a blindfold, individuals are shielded from visual distractions in their environment. This reduction in external stimuli can help them focus inwardly and enhance their introspective experience. It minimizes the potential for anxiety or discomfort that may arise from visual stimuli during the psychedelic experience.
  • Enhancing Introspection: Removing visual input facilitates a deeper exploration of one’s inner thoughts, emotions, and experiences. With fewer distractions, individuals find it easier to navigate their internal landscape and confront unresolved issues or emotions.
  • Promoting Surrender and Trust: Wearing a blindfold contributes to a sense of surrender and trust in the therapeutic process. By relinquishing control over their visual surroundings, individuals feel more open to the experience and willing to trust the guidance of the therapist or facilitator.
  • Amplifying Visual Imagery: In some cases, wearing a blindfold can lead to the amplification of visual imagery experienced during the psychedelic state. With their eyes closed and visual input blocked, individuals may enter a state of heightened imagination and experience vivid internal visuals, which are integral to the therapeutic journey.
  • Safety and Comfort: Wearing a blindfold contributes to the overall safety and comfort of the individual during the psychedelic experience. It helps create a controlled environment that minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries that could occur if individuals were to move around while under the influence of the psychedelic substance.

Enhancing the Experience with Music:

Music plays a significant role in shaping the psychedelic experience, complementing the effects of the blindfold by further guiding the journey inward. Two albums stand out as exceptional companions to psychedelic therapy sessions:

  1. East Forest – “Music for Mushrooms: A Soundtrack for the Psychedelic Practitioner” Listen to the album here. Released in 2019, this album by East Forest is specifically crafted to accompany psychedelic experiences. With its ethereal tones and immersive soundscape, it creates a conducive environment for deep introspection and inner exploration.
  2. Jon Hopkins – “Music For Psychedelic Therapy” Listen to the album here. Released in 2021, Jon Hopkins’ album is designed to enhance the therapeutic effects of psychedelic experiences. With its hypnotic rhythms and evocative melodies, it guides listeners on a transformative journey within.


Blindfolds and carefully curated music intertwine to create a potent catalyst for healing and transformation in psychedelic therapy. As the field continues to evolve, integrating these elements with personalized therapeutic approaches promises to unlock new dimensions of healing and growth. However, it’s crucial to approach psychedelic therapy with caution and respect, ensuring that each individual’s unique needs and experiences are honored along the journey.

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