Virginia State Senate passes a bill to create an advisory board for psilocybin, the psychedelic drug in mushrooms. Psilocybin is a psychoactive drug that leaves psychedelic effects on the brain.

However, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University now consider the drug to have more effects. Their study, together with studies from different institutions, all show that psilocybin has impacts on the brain. These studies also show that the substance can treat the symptoms of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Senate Bill 932 passed the Virginia State Senate on Tuesday, the 7th of February, 2023. This bill pushes for establishing a psilocybin advisory board consisting of 12 members to be appointed by Governor Glenn Youngkin.


The bill highlights that the board will oversee the development of a long-term plan to establish therapeutic access to psilocybin services and study and monitor federal regulations, policies, and laws regarding psilocybin.

Ryan Staab, a Virginia Beach mushroom farmer, easily understands the impacts of psychedelics. He is a fungal enthusiast who highlights the results of his decade study on the medicinal effects of this substance.

In the storefront on Cleveland Street, the Capstone Mushroom owner offers all the different types of mushrooms for cooking and medicinal purpose. However, you won’t find psilocybin in this store.

Stab highlights his focus on the mushrooms he already has, of which he’s not sure whether he will someday sell psilocybin if it gets legalized eventually. However, he is hopeful that the substances will become widely accepted and correctly handled by many.

He also highlights the need to ensure that it’s in the hands of responsible people for the public’s best interest. Therefore, there’s a need to regulate the substance.

The bill for the advisory board now heads to the Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates for a vote. Before this, the House initially voted down the bill that could permit doctors to prescribe psilocybin for different mental health conditions.