Dry Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles

Magic mushrooms and magic truffles offer numerous potential benefits when taken in a Microdosing format.

People from the Netherlands, Europe, and globally use them for creativity enhancement, greater focus, and general productivity.

Since magic mushrooms and magic truffles are natural products, they eventually expire if left unused.

You can extend the lifespan of these items significantly when you know how to preserve your purchase or harvest.

Magic mushrooms can be up to 92% water. When you have magic truffles, their moisture content is typically between 5% to 15%. If you can complete the preservation process, your investment can last longer!

Steps to Follow When Drying Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles

Both magic mushrooms and magic truffles lose some of their active substances during the harvesting process. When the products receive exposure to hot temperatures or excessive light, it hastens that result.

The issue with drying magic mushrooms and magic truffles involves oxidation. If you can keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place, they’ll last longer.

Magic truffles perform well in the refrigerator when kept in their original packaging.

A vacuum-sealed bag is an excellent second choice when you don’t have the original packaging. That option also works well for magic mushrooms.

Before starting the drying process, many magic mushroom varieties require “pre-drying” to preserve the psilocybin content.

The pre-drying process starts by laying each magic mushroom on a clean tray before a fan. After turning on the air, you must keep the environment at 30°C (86°F) to have the moisture leave the product within a few hours.

You’ll know that the pre-drying process is complete once the magic mushrooms take on a rubbery appearance and texture.

It only takes a few days to complete the drying process for magic truffles and pre-dried magic mushrooms. Here are the general steps to follow.

  1. Take the magic mushrooms or magic truffles out of their original packaging.
  2. Lay the product on a sheet of clean newsprint or absorbent paper, leaving space between each piece so that there isn’t anything touching. This step facilitates the airflow through the magic mushrooms and magic truffles.
  3. Bigger magic truffles need to get broken into smaller pieces to help the drying process.
  4. Try running a box fan to prevent stale air from delaying the process if you don’t have one.
  5. Place silica gel packets on the paper to absorb the moisture from the magic mushrooms and truffles.
  6. Allow this process to continue for 48 to 72 hours. If you have larger items to dry, it might take up to seven days to reach the next processing stage.

You’ll know that the magic truffles are dry because they become hard. You cannot break them by hand because they become like small stones.

Magic mushrooms are dry when they lose most of their flexibility and feel slightly brittle to the touch.

Can I Dry Magic Truffles Out to Grind Them?

The issue with magic mushrooms and magic truffles is the taste. It would be a stretch to call it a delicacy, and most people don’t grow accustomed to the experience.

Chewing magic truffles is a fantastic way to release its psilocybin. Grinding them into a powder is the next best option if you don’t like how they taste.

You’ll need a high-quality grinder to process the hard “stones” that magic truffles become after drying. Some people say that they feel the effects of psilocybin faster when Microdosing with powder.

The grinding process is the same as any other product, such as coffee beans or herbs.

  • Open the lid to the grinder.
  • Place your magic truffles inside.
  • Turn on the machine.
  • Continue processing the magic truffles until no large chunks remain.
  • Remove the powder from the container.

The benefits of using magic mushrooms and magic truffles as powder include less nausea, faster digestive processing, and less physical resistance to psilocybin.

You’ll notice that fresh magic truffles lose weight during the drying process. The size reduction can be as high as 70%, depending on the moisture content.

When calculating the dried product dose, wait until you have turned it into powder. You’ll get a more accurate result than weighing the magic truffles fresh or dry.

How to Get the Correct Microdose from Dried Magic Truffles

When people microdose magic mushrooms or magic truffles, they take a fraction of the regular product.

That amount is often 1/20th the dose someone would take to achieve a full psychedelic experience.

Your dosage ratios change when the magic mushrooms or truffles go through the drying process. A total dose of psilocybin is approximately 0.2mg per two pounds of body weight.

If you weigh 150 pounds or 68 kilograms, your microdose would be 0.7 mg.

Some people need to take a 1/10th dose to achieve the creativity or focus they want from this process. That would create a microdose of 1.4 mg.

That means you’d need to create powder dosing based on that ratio.

When you turn magic mushrooms into powder, the drying process creates substantial inequities in the psilocybin distribution.

The concentration varies in different parts of the mushroom. You’d want to keep the tops and stems separate from each other. That means you grind each one separately to create more consistency.

Even then, the only way to accurately measure the concentration of each microdose is through laboratory analysis.

Magic truffles have much more consistency because they are the “root” of the mushroom. With fewer psilocybin concentration variations, you’ll see better long-term results.

Can I Put Magic Truffle Powder into Capsules?

When you have a capsule machine to use at home, you can pre-make your microdoses with the powder to create a fast and effective way to tap into your creative energy.

You’ll need a few additional supplies available to complete the encapsulation process for the powder from magic mushrooms and magic truffles.

  • Empty Capsules. The best products come from plant-based, non-GMO sources that dissolve quickly and are easy to digest.
  • Shallow Dishes. A transparent baking dish is often used with magic truffle powder.
  • Glass Jars. A Mason jar works well for storing your capsules once created. Anything with an airtight seal is appropriate.

You want to work on creating the capsules within the shallow dish to prevent powder loss. The last thing you want is to lose some of your investment because it fell on the floor!

When you select a capsule machine, be sure to match the sizes. Some units only make one style. You’d need to purchase capsules that work with that equipment.

Capsule sizes work in the reverse of how you’d think they would be. If you choose a 000 product, you’ve got the largest one possible.

Most people can use a Size 5 capsule for Microdosing magic mushrooms or magic truffles. If you prefer to encapsulate without grinding, a Size 4 or Size 3 might be more appropriate.

How Do I Fill the Pill Capsules with My Microdose?

Filling capsules with magic mushroom or truffle powder can be time-consuming. The good news is that you make several of them at once with the right equipment, such as a capsule machine.

Each capsule machine has different instructions. Please refer to the product’s manual for specific guidelines.

These steps review the general processes you’ll follow when creating capsule-based microdoses for your health and wellness goals.

  1. Select a capsule machine based on the size you want to create.
  2. Place the machine’s base on its stand. It also comes with a top where you’ll load half the capsules.
  3. Load the longer bottom part of each capsule into the base. Unless directed otherwise, only place one unit in each opening.
  4. Pour the magic truffle powder over the holes in the machine’s base.
  5. Spread the filler into each bottom with a plastic card to even out the distribution.
  6. If the equipment comes with a tamper, compact the powder by pressing it gently downward.
  7. Repeat the filling process (optional). Load the capsule tops into the machine. The items should remain secure when flipped upside-down.
  8. Line up the capsule machine’s top and bottom, so they match.
  9. Press down on the top until it stops compressing. At this stage, you’ve created your Microdosing capsules.

It helps to be careful when removing the top of the capsule machine. The finished product can still get pulled apart.

If you have stuck capsules, it helps to poke them from the equipment lightly.

Once you’ve finished these steps, you’ll have a microdose that you can swallow like a multivitamin. It’s a fast and effective way to start your day.

Tips to Follow When Using a Capsule Machine

Do you want to turn the magic mushrooms or magic truffles into a powder that stores in capsules? If so, the following tips can make completing the filling process easier.

It isn’t easy to see the capsules once inserted into the machine’s holes. Place them into each insert point carefully. If you can’t see inside, a small flashlight can help you detect the ones that already have the bottoms loaded.

The taste of magic mushrooms and magic truffles isn’t always pleasant. This mechanism also tells your body what to expect when Microdosing. If your experience with capsules doesn’t have the same potency, consider dusting the outside with a fine layer of powder.

You can add a slight dusting of the psilocybin powder to the glass storage jar if that is easier.

Vegetarian capsules are the best to use. If you want to save a little money, beef-based products are slightly cheaper and have a similar result.

How to Store Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles

You spent all that time drying the magic mushrooms and magic truffles. If you leave the products in a humid environment, they’ll partially rehydrate.

When that happens, there is a risk of potency loss.

That’s why you need to store your products in an airtight container. Even if you’re waiting to start the drying process, a glass jar or vacuum-sealed container is helpful if the original packaging got breached.

How Long Do Dried Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles Last?

The four killers of psilocybin potency are oxygen, moisture, light, and heat.

If you can limit those exposures, you can have the dried magic mushrooms and magic truffles last for quite some time.

Your fresh products have significantly less time, and the desired compound stays viable. If you keep magic mushrooms in a refrigerator following all storage protocols, they’ll last approximately ten days.

That’s why investing in magic truffles makes more sense for those who prefer Microdosing.

You can keep Mini Mexicana fresh for up to 30 days when placing them in a container with a paper towel to keep them dry. If you keep them in a vacuum-sealed bag, they can stay good for up to three months without concern.

The same timeframes work for Galindoi magic truffles.

When you complete the drying process for magic truffles, the powder or capsules can stay usable for up to three years. To preserve this quality, you must keep them in a cool and dry environment away from light and oxygen.

When you’re ready to explore the benefits of Microdosing with magic mushrooms or magic truffles, Microdose Bros. has the products you need for a successful experience. You can stock up on fresh products, get an accurate scale, and explore other potential items to try.

Since magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands, we can ship them throughout Europe. It is up to you to determine local regulations before placing an order. You can also Buy Magic Truffles from our shop.

Microdosing is changing many lives for the better each day. When you know how to dry magic mushrooms and truffles appropriately, you can stock up and join this supportive community!

To get more information, here is a complete Microdosing guide.

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