11 Incredibly Exciting Facts About Magic Truffles

Magic truffles are mycelium masses that contain psilocybin. It is the sclerotia of the fungi that grow above the ground.

Before 2007, most of the world wouldn’t have given a second thought about magic truffles. Although they were part of the psychedelic substance catalog, it was a product outside the realm of public consciousness.

In the Netherlands, Dutch authorities prohibited using magic mushrooms in October 2007.

When the law was written, the sclerotia were not included because of the belief that the product was weaker.

Once magic truffles became the only legal option, smart shops could offer them as a legal alternative.

If you’re interested in knowing more about magic truffles, here are the 11 Facts about Magic Truffles.

Fact #1: Magic Truffles are About the Same as Magic Mushrooms

Although they are technically different, magic truffles and magic mushrooms come from the same organism.

The first is like the “root ball” of the mushroom. It keeps the fungi alive until the conditions allow them to grow.

Once it starts growing, those mushrooms start popping out of the ground.

The sclerotium can remain dormant for long periods. They’re often spherical or shaped like pellets, ranging from 1mm to 1cm in diameter.

These fruiting bodies occur below the ground to maintain food reserves. The thick, dense shell is rich in nutrients, ensuring enough water to deliver growth mechanisms. The average magic truffle has a moisture content of 10% or less.

Although there are differences in the visual appearance of magic truffles and magic mushrooms, the substance is remarkably similar.

If anything, the sclerotia have more consistency with their psilocybin content than the mushrooms above the ground.

Sometimes you’ll see magic truffles sold as “Philosopher’s Stones.” There is no difference between the two products besides the name.

Fact #2: Magic Truffles Take Longer to Grow

The hard pieces of mycelium that become magic truffles need time to form. Once they take their shape, the product is highly resistant to changing weather conditions.

The magic truffles grow similarly to magic mushrooms. With mycelium, there is often a need for darkness and warm temperatures to generate. It takes up to four weeks to reach the stage where sclerotia can form.

No additional steps are necessary once the substrate is ready. It starts forming the sclerotia, allowing it to grow into large, hard pieces.

The growing period can last for up to four months. Once it is over, the magic truffles won’t grow any larger.

That’s why magic mushrooms are sometimes quite popular. Since their above-ground growth is often dependent on the conditions, the fruiting bodies can reach spectacular heights in some circumstances.

Fact #3: Animals Hunt for Magic Truffles

Humans might enjoy the benefits of magic truffles, especially when used for Microdosing. Several animal species also hunt for sclerotia in the ground.

Goats and most livestock love finding magic truffles in pastures and fields. Reindeer are attracted to this product in the same ways cats love catnip.

If animals consume too many magic truffles, they can experience an upset stomach and higher agitation levels. Most symptoms, even with an excessive amount, start dissipating in 12 hours or less.

In 2006, NPR broadcast a show about a cocker spaniel named Lady. Her owner said the dog loved to spend lots of time by their backyard pond.

When she checked on what was happening, Lady would be there with glassy eyes, acting withdrawn and disorientated.

Then, Lady opened her mouth to show she’d grabbed a toad.

The Bufo alvarius (Colorado River) toad’s skin contains the same tryptamines found in magic truffles. It happens so often that researcher Ronald Siegel proposed in 1989 that drug intoxication is the primary method and motivation behind organism choices.

Facts About Magic Truffles

Fact #4: Magic Truffles Have Evolving Legality

There is no question that magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands. It’s a product taxed and regulated like virtually everything else that gets sold today.

The Netherlands was the only place where magic truffles had legality for a long time. Over the past decade, several countries have changed their stance on psilocybin.

Even the United States is in that conversation. The State of Oregon recently permitted psilocybin in therapeutic settings.

When visiting your preferred smart shop online or in person, you can have your magic truffles shipped throughout Europe. That means you can get the same effect with this product as magic mushrooms without facing the same legal concerns.

Fact #5 of 11 Facts about Magic Truffles: Magic Truffles Are Very Safe

Magic truffles offer one of the safest experiences today compared to recreational drugs.

Only 0.2% of every 10,000 people who took a psilocybin hallucinogen reported the need to visit an emergency room for treatment. The survey encompassed participants from 50 countries.

People who took cocaine, LSD, or MDMA had treatment rates five times higher than those using the compound found in magic truffles.

Even alcohol-related hospital visits were five times higher compared to psilocybin.

The people who had the most trouble with magic truffles or magic mushrooms combined psilocybin with alcohol or were in an unfamiliar setting.

Those concerns don’t apply to people who use Microdosing best practices with their psilocybin use.

Fact #6: Magic Truffles Contain Psilocin

When people talk about the benefits of magic truffles, they typically discuss how psilocybin helps the body.

What doesn’t get as much attention is the psilocin found in this product. It’s like the cousin that no one thinks about until they’re in the same room.

The primary difference is that psilocin has a half-life of three hours or less. It also has no significant effect on an individual’s dopamine receptors. It is suitable for Microdosing because it won’t affect the noradrenergic system at those low levels.

The noradrenergic system forms the neurotransmitters that impact readiness, arousal, and alertness.

Fact #7: Magic Truffles Have a Unique Taste

Earthy is the best way to describe what it is like to chew a magic truffle. There’s a slight familiarity to it, like drinking a cup of raisin tea. Some people love it, while others do whatever they can to disguise it.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate the unwanted taste is to submerge the magic truffles in lemon juice. The best option is to squeeze it from a fresh lemon.

Fresh lime juice is a suitable alternative if you don’t have one.

You can opt for bottled lemon or lime juice, but it doesn’t always create the same outcome as the real thing.

Allow the juice to soak into the magic truffle material for about 15 minutes. You can take your microdose as a shot after that to experience the benefits of psilocybin.

Fact #8: Magic Truffles Can Induce a Positive Mindset

Researchers offered psilocybin to over 50 adults. They found that more than half of the people experienced a measurable personality change, with more openness as the primary attitude alteration.

For people with a cancer diagnosis or those with more pessimism toward life, magic truffles provide an option to change your mindset.

Microdosing is a fantastic way to explore these benefits. Since the amount isn’t enough to produce a hallucinogenic effect, you can explore positive mood shifts to their full extent.

Fact #9: Magic Truffles Promote Brain Cell Growth

When new brain cells, or neurons, start growing, they follow a process called “neurogenesis.” If you use magic truffles regularly, the psilocybin in the product can boost what happens.

When scientists injected this compound into the brains of mice, the physical reaction was an increase of new brain cells.

People who take magic truffles for Microdosing or a more traditional experience also have the psilocybin bind to their brain receptors. This process stimulates new growth while reinforcing short-term memory.

The hippocampus continues to create new brain cells regardless of time or age.

Although some cells are always in a dying stage, they get replaced by new ones the brain forms. This process helps the mind maintain control over its central functions.

That’s why Microdosing can be a potent tool for your overall well-being. Since it promotes growth, the processes for thinking, mood stability, and more are easier to maintain.

Fact #10: Magic Truffles Can Find Addictions

Psilocybin is not considered an addictive substance. It isn’t even listed as a compound that causes compulsive use.

Although higher doses create intense experiences, those mental and physical challenges disappear with Microdosing.

When you purchase your preferred magic truffle variety at Microdose Bros or a smart shop you prefer, you’ll have what you need to fight the cravings of other addictions. Psilocybin is quite helpful for smoking and alcoholism.

The issue faced with magic truffles is the speed at which the human body builds tolerance. If you take a microdose four days in a row, it becomes exceptionally hard to experience any effects on the last day.

Fact #11: Magic Truffles Can Grow in Almost Any Habitat

The magic truffle is a unique product because it can grow almost anywhere. Although the mycelium prefers specific conditions to create maximum production levels, you can find all-natural versions in prairies, gardens, yards, and forests.

Archaeologists working in the Sahara have found evidence that human populations have been using magic truffles and mushrooms for over 7,000 years.

Extensive use of psilocybin is found in the Aztec and Mayan cultures, especially in what is now Guatemala and Mexico.

In Central America, magic truffles and mushrooms were widely used for religious purposes. Their name meant “Flesh of the Gods” in the Aztec language.

How Risky Are Magic Truffles Compared to Traditional Drugs?

Magic truffles have a low toxicity rate. The cases of fatalities at the highest doses are exceptionally rare, even when considering the overblown media coverage of the issues that do happen.

The set and setting are essential when considering a high dose of magic truffles. If you’re picking up a high-quality product from Microdose Bros for Microdosing purposes, you have almost nothing to worry about from psilocybin.

Studies show that people who use magic truffles and similar products have lower rates of mental health disorders.

That’s why knowing all the fact is crucial to your enjoyment of magic truffles. You can enjoy creative outcomes without adverse side effects when you get the dosage right.

Evaluating the 11 Facts about Magic Truffles: Should I Be Taking Psilocybin Truffles?

It would be best if you were best to determine this by reading these 11 Facts about Magic Truffles. If you experience high anxiety levels or deal with depression-like symptoms, magic truffles could be a helpful addition to your treatment plan.

The benefits that psilocybin truffles can deliver continue to offer discoveries that can help people live their best lives.
Although more research is needed to understand what they can provide, magic truffles deliver a promising medium on multiple fronts. Those benefits can include more energy and higher creativity levels through Microdosing.

Are you interested in using magic truffles?

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Facts About Magic Truffles

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