Bad Psychedelic Trips

One of the common caveats against the use of psychedelics today is the potential for a bad trip. In some cases, this is usually the warning given to first-timers or a reminder for experienced users. It’s also used to scare people and create fear about using psychedelics and experiences.

Even though psychedelic trips are challenging and scary, there are many factors that influence the experience you get. This also includes how they are able to interpret the trip that they get. Today, there are different experts that report that these experiences are a gateway to the therapeutic benefits of the substance.

This thinking pattern is vital; it allows people to learn from bad trips without fear. But what is a bad trip? Most people don’t know what a bad trip feels like unless they experience one. Therefore, it’s a lot better to know before time so that you can effectively navigate the experience.

What is a Bad Trip?

The bad trip has a highly subjective definition, and people have different opinions about them. For some, it consists of familiar objects that can take forms, while others describe it as feelings of paranoia and panic.

The question of what a bad trip is is tricky because of individual variation. David Quintern works with a legal psychedelic-assisted company in the Netherlands and highlights that a bad trip is more of an individual thing.

David Quintern also highlights that people usually get stuck in different thought loops during their psychedelic experiences. These loops can take different forms and can be influenced by certain contexts. Also, bad trips can result from an inability to get out of these thought loops. It can result in ego death or loss of self.

In general, a trip can be seen as a period of intoxication that arises from a hallucinogenic drug. Examples of some of these substances include psilocybin and LSD. People call it a trip because of how it changes perceptions and makes people feel like they are somewhere strange.

Sometimes, a trip can be pleasant, and sometimes it can be really unpleasant. The unpleasant experience arises from hallucinogenic intoxication, and it’s also called a bad trip. Hallucinations, thoughts, and unpleasant sensations can all occur during a trip. When this occurs, it doesn’t always mean you have a bad trip. The experience you get from using psychedelics can also be interesting in many cases.

Does Everyone Get Bad Trips?

At the early stage of experimenting with different psychedelic drugs, people usually experience a honeymoon period. This can be misleading because they think all trips are good.

Some users also nurture the idea that bad trips are only a myth created to discourage people from enjoying psychedelic trips. There are also people with the idea that taking psychedelics with a guide is a great way to avoid bad trips.

These different beliefs are becoming increasing, and they provide a sense of security that is false. It’s worth noting that there’s no 100% method of avoiding bad trips. With more psychedelic intake, your chance of a negative experience increases.

Are Some Drugs Exempted from Bad Trips?

Some people believe that bad trips only occur with drugs like PCP or acid. These people also believe they can have bad trips when using substances like psilocybin and ecstasy. To them, these are safe drugs, and there’s no need to worry about having a bad trip.

However, it’s important to note that there’s nothing like a safe drug. All hallucinogenic or psychedelic drugs have the potential to trigger a bad trip. This includes substances like psilocybin, ecstasy, cocaine, and marijuana. Also, the trips can occur to anyone, including people who always have a good time with the substances.

Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Trip

Predicting how a psychedelic or hallucinogenic substance will affect you is possible. This is because trips have different symptoms, but these symptoms can vary. The symptoms can be mild or intense, and they include frightening hallucinations, delusions, and overwhelming thoughts. All these symptoms can lead to severe accidents. Today, statistics reveal that many accidents are a result of being under the influence of a hallucinogen.

Even though the experience is generally individualized, there are some aspects that are similar, and this includes the following:

Time Dilation

This is the experience during which time stands still, which can make one think the unpleasant part of the trip is unending. People also report a loss of time perception during this experience. The main cause of the time distortion is still not known. However, there are reports indicating that it may be due to altered consciousness or the neurochemical impact of the substance.

Negative Reinterpretations and Paranoia

A bad trip can alter your thinking patterns, and you’ll start to think you can’t trust the people around you. Basically, the neural interpretation of relationships or life becomes negative. This can be an upsetting experience, even for people around the person experiencing it.

Most of the time, people experiencing bad trips usually get the feeling of being worthless. This is also characterized by the feeling that someone close to them wants to harm them. These feelings can be really consuming and cause panic in the person experiencing them.


People tripping also experience hallucinations, and this usually takes the form of visual distortions. Examples include illusions and geometric or colored formations. In some cases, visual distortions can be very vivid, leading to paranoia.

Mood Swings

Tripping can cause a dramatic change in mood, and this is usually characterized by a feeling of despair and sadness. Sometimes, anxiety may also develop, resulting in panic. People that take hallucinogens are likely to experience mood changes, especially those with a history of mental illness.

How Long Does a Bad Trip Last?

The length of a psychedelic trip depends on the substance you take. Drugs like synthetic DMT are known to give short trips of only 15 minutes. The duration for substances like LSD can last for up to 12 hours. Usually, the intense aspect of the trip mostly starts about one to three hours after taking the substance. Also, this extreme part of the trip reduces with time, but the effects continue for up to 12 hours.

How to Stop a Bad Trip?

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For both beginners and experienced, the trip stopper can help to minimize a bad trip. Within 20 – 30 minutes, the trip will become less intense, and just knowing that you can stop the trip, you can enjoy more in your experience.

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The other thing is there are different research showing that the set and setting play a very key role in the experience you get. Set and setting are used in describing the environment where you trip and your state of mind.

With that said, here are a few things that can help you stop a bad trip:

  • Stay with people you trust
  • Don’t take psychedelic substances if something is bothering you
  • Avoid places or people that can upset you
  • Stay away from over-stimulating environments like public places

If you have a bad trip, another option for you is to seek medical help. You can walk into a clinic for proper attention. Do not attempt self-medication because this can put you at more risk.

Why A Bad Trip Can Be Valuable?

There’s so much about bad trips on the internet today, and you might be scared about it already. However, it’s important to note that they can be valuable for many reasons. Roland Griffiths, in a study, explains that bad trips can be cathartic. Therefore, they can bring out negative emotions and repressed emotions. This is why psychedelic drugs are applied for many mental health issues.

Sometimes, a bad trip will help you tap into personal and psychological issues, especially during the bad trip experience. These experiences include the following:

  • Addictions and negative habits
  • Your deepest worries, anxieties, and fears
  • Past abuse and trauma
  • Essential themes like freedom, meaningless, isolation, and death
  • Mistakes that didn’t have a positive impact on yourself
  • Self-criticism, feelings of worthlessness, negative self-image, and low self-esteem

It’s not usually easy to deal with these issues, especially during a psychedelic experience. However, because these are crucial issues, people often discover new perspectives after confronting them. Eventually, the bad trip becomes meaningful, and they start to see improvement in their mental health.

What a Bad Experience Can Teach Us

There’s some value in every bad experience, even the scariest and worst. Initially, it can be really hard to deal with, but people get to process the information differently. Bad trips can help to train the brain to handle different life uncomfortable situations.

We learn different lessons from negative experiences, including lessons about the power of psychedelics and the need to respect them. Psychedelic therapy allows people to control their experience, which is done in a safe environment.

Some people don’t use the word bad trip because of its potential value. A negative psychedelic experience that allows one to have a highly spiritual and meaningful experience shouldn’t be called bad. Rather, it’s best to refer to them as difficult or challenging experiences. Every life challenge has the potential to offer great meaning and value, and this also applies to challenging psychedelic experiences.

A Word from Microdose Bros

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