Benefits of Psilocybin Explained

Psilocybin benefits go beyond getting high or experiencing an alternate reality. People can take small magic truffles or magic mushrooms. Several potential health and wellness benefits can appear in their lives when they do.

The legal status of this compound is a patchwork of various rules and laws. Despite this, it isn’t any different than where marijuana stood about a decade ago.

Many governments are looking at how magic truffles or magic mushrooms could improve a person’s well-being.

This process includes professional therapy sessions. Legal Microdosing opportunities are growing to maximize what this compound can provide.

Why Choose Psilocybin Benefits Over Other Psychedelics?

Microdosing isn’t exclusive to this compound. This technique is usable with other psychedelic drugs to achieve similar results when taken correctly.

Psychedelics are also called “hallucinogens.” It is a class of substances that can change your cognitive processes.

That means people experiences changes to their perception or mood when taking these items at their full dose.

This compound has an advantage over other psychedelics. It is about 100 times less potent than LSD.

It is rare to have adverse reactions to it when Microdosing. To get more information, here is a complete Microdosing guide.

Psilocybin Benefits: What Does the Scientific Research Say?

Many people put magic truffles and magic mushrooms into the same product category. Although they come from the same organism, they’re two entirely different items.

Both contain enough of this compound to make it usable for Microdosing. Two fantastic magic truffle options to consider trying are Mini Mexicana and Galindoi.

The current status of research in this area is repressed. It has not received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

With most research funding in the U.S., that fact holds back our knowledge about this compound.

Recent initiatives in the U.S. join a growing international community that embraces psilocybin’s benefits.

The potential indications for this compound show that it can help several conditions. People use it to quit smoking, treat depression-like symptoms, or manage addiction cravings.

It can also help with cluster headaches and cancer-related symptoms.

Since it is still a Schedule I drug, the official standing for most governments is that the compound has no accepted medical use.

Researchers are still looking at the potential psilocybin benefits despite that classification.

List of Potential Health and Wellness Benefits to Consider

The most researched benefits currently relate to how this compound can treat depression. Several studies look at the potential health benefits because of a growing focus on magic truffles and magic mushrooms.

Here is a current list of the active research efforts that look at this compound. These efforts look at how it could benefit us all one day through Microdosing.

1. Psilocybin Benefits for Depression

The FDA hasn’t offered approval for this compound as of 2021. The organization has fast-tracked the compound as a potential depression treatment.

This outcome is due to the work of the Usona Institute.

Depression is a common and sometimes severe medical illness. It negatively affects how people think, feel, and act.

Phase III trial is currently in the planning stages. It will look at how this compound can treat people with depression or depression-like symptoms.

It only takes one dose to achieve benefits when treating people for depression or anxiety symptoms.

This result can last for up to 4.5 years in some people.

2. Psilocybin Benefits for Addiction

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that it can help people to stop smoking. The information developed from this work saw that the compound could treat several substance abuse issues.

People struggling with substance addiction could benefit from psilocybin’s benefits through Microdosing.

Another open-label study found that people with alcohol dependence drank less when using this compound.

3. Psilocybin Benefits for Psychological Distress

People experience higher stress levels when they receive a medical diagnosis that could threaten their lives.

People face end-of-life decisions or have advanced-stage cancer to treat. This compound can help them feel better.

A 2016 study from Johns Hopkins found that it only took one dose to improve a person’s quality of life.

The compound worked to decrease their anxiety and depression-like symptoms.

4. Psilocybin Benefits for Convergent and Divergent Thinking

Many people take tiny doses of magic truffles or magic mushrooms to tap into the creative centers of their minds.

Creativity comes from the right hemisphere in people who are inexperienced with a specific activity.

Once an individual practices a skill or technique, the creative centers switch to the left hemisphere.

Scientists in the Netherlands discovered that this compound doesn’t help with fluid intelligence.

Fluid intelligence involves rational thinking. It is where the brain’s problem-solving skills start to develop from their experiences and education.

It’s what helps everyone turn abstract thoughts into reality.

Psilocybin does improve convergent and divergent thinking. This first ability lets people focus on an abstract concept to find a single, simplified solution. The second skill involves mental flexibility and daydreaming.

Both thinking processes are necessary for creative thinking. This compound supports both of them with its benefits.

The research found that psilocybin at any dose binds to the parts of the brand that create serotonin.

In return, people experience more reflection and imagination while the compound is active in the body.

It also enhances introspection. This term refers to an observation of a person’s emotional processes.

5. Psilocybin Benefits for Individual Experimentation

Society’s rules hold people back from pursuing specific hopes and dreams. Many of these expectations are unwritten guidelines we follow because of how comfortable we are around other people.

Kids make friends quickly. They grow and learn to accept others readily! It’s when we get older that this skill starts to disappear.

Scientists have found that this compound can help people return to this state. Microdosing or full dosing can increase individual openness. This trait leads everyone toward trying new things.

What Are the Best Ways to Take Psilocybin?

The benefits of psilocybin everyone wants to enjoy through Microdosing can be obtained through several different methods.

Consuming magic truffles or magic mushrooms can cause nausea for some people. If you experience that problem, it might help to try a different Microdosing method.

Here are some of the most popular ways people take small psilocybin doses to obtain this compound’s benefits.

Chew and Swallow the Ingredient

Whether you choose magic truffles or magic mushrooms, you can get the psilocybin by chewing your small doses. The compound mixes with your saliva to enter the bloodstream quickly.

That makes it start working within a couple of hours for most people.

If you don’t like the flavor of magic truffles, a grinder can turn the dose into powder to make it easier to swallow.

You can also mash the product to turn it into a paste.

Brew Some Magic Truffle Tea

Cooking psilocybin can reduce its effectiveness. If you want to brew tea, boil the water without the product.

It helps to keep the water simmering after it boils. You don’t want it to return to the hot temperature.

Add the magic truffle powder or small pieces of your preferred product to the liquid. It takes about 15 minutes for the tea to be ready.

Make Psilocybin Capsules at Home

If you have the equipment and products to make capsules at home, this option is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of Microdosing.

During your protocol schedule, you can take a capsule with a simple glass of water.

This option is the best method to use if the flavor of the magic truffles or magic mushrooms is too off-putting.

Use the Lemon Tek Method

Some people feel that psilocybin benefits from Microdosing take too long to start. If you add citric acid to the mix, you can intensify the results.

The Lemon Tek method can be rapid. It might be helpful to cut your dosing in half before trying this consumption method.

The easiest way to try Lemon Tek is to put your magic truffles or mushrooms into lemon juice.

You can drink it from a standard shot glass.

It helps to let the lemon juice settle into the magic truffles a little before taking everything as a shot. Add water to the glass if the fruit flavor is too intense.

Do you prefer something other than lemons? You can use this method with other fruits from the same family.

Limes tend to work the best as an alternative. Tangerines and oranges are also usable.

Grapefruit is another option for some people.

Since this fruit increases medication bioavailability, it can cause unwanted physical symptoms outside your Microdosing.

Medication bioavailability means that your body uses more of a specific medication than intended by your doctor.

Take Psilocybin with Cranberries

If you prefer something sweeter with your magic truffles or magic mushrooms, you could try taking it with cranberries. Although the citric acid levels in this fruit are much lower, they are still acceptable.

There’s an extra benefit to this method. If you consume this fruit regularly, it can reduce the personal risks of a urinary tract infection.

This method follows the same shot glass structure. After filling it with crushed fruit (not juice), add the magic truffles or magic mushrooms.

If it is too tart, you can fill it with water before drinking the concoction.

How Often Should I Microdose to Get the Psilocybin Benefits?

How often a person uses magic truffles or magic mushrooms to obtain psilocybin’s benefits depends on their intentions. Most people follow a schedule with them taking their product about two or three times per week.

It is often advisable to try it outside of work hours until you know how it makes you feel in small dosages.

Some people prefer to take magic truffles on a regular schedule. They might choose three days on and four off for a weekly routine.

It is also possible to do four days on and three days off.

Do you like to take your magic truffles on consecutive days? It might be better to continue that routine for about 4-6 weeks.

Once you reach that limit, it helps to take 2-4 weeks off to ensure tolerance levels won’t develop.

When the human body develops a tolerance for psilocybin, it requires more to reach the same effect. That means the impact of Microdosing gets diminished.

The typical dose is about 5% of a “normal” one. Some people might go up to 10%, but starting at the lowest levels is advisable.

You can always take a higher dose the next time if the first one doesn’t provide the intended outcome.

Once you finish a 2-4 week resting period, you can confidently start another Microdosing cycle.

Where Is Psilocybin Legal to Take for Microdosing and More?

Oregon has become the first state in the United States to decriminalize psilocybin. The state has to authorize it for therapeutic use. Despite this law, it is still considered illegal under federal statutes.

Since it was decriminalized, an individual won’t be charged with certain crimes for having or using it.

Denver decriminalized this compound in 2019. Later that year, Oakland did the same thing, followed by Santa Cruz, Washington D.C., and communities in Massachusetts.

A handful of places currently allow legal use.

The Bahamas,

  • Brazil,
  • Jamaica,
  • Nepal,
  • The Netherlands and Samoa.

Some countries allow magic truffles or magic mushrooms to be grown for human consumption. Greece and the British Virgin Islands fit into that category.

There is promising scientific research into psilocybin’s benefits. The FDA doesn’t have a realistic timeline for approving the compound for general use because of its status.

Some experts stress that proceeding cautiously is essential when using the full dosage. That’s why Microdosing is a better choice.

Taking a fractional dose can avoid the potential unwanted effects of high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat.

In return, you can receive the potential health and wellness benefits that magic truffles and mushrooms offer.

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