Can You Mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms?

People usually mix shrooms and cannabis, but the outcome is not something you’ll normally expect. This article will take you through the key things about cannabis and magic mushrooms. You’ll learn how to mix them and whether you should mix them.

Mixing drugs tends to be an amazing experience, especially when the drug substances produce novel effects. However, this can also be overwhelming and, in many cases, give dangerous outcomes. That is why we have taken the time to go through the key things you should know about combining.

The Relationship Between Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms

Most people believe magic mushrooms and cannabis go hand in hand. In fact, most psychonauts like to combine cannabis with different psychedelic drugs. However, the fact that people try all these combinations doesn’t mean that it’s completely a good idea. Even though both substances are natural, it doesn’t make them a perfect pair. Another thing to have in mind is that people react differently to drugs. Cannabis gives some people a chilling sensation; for others, it triggers paranoia or anxiety.

Mushrooms are hallucinogens, while cannabis is not easy to classify. Sometimes, they act like stimulants and other times. They are depressants. To fully understand the implications of the combination of both substances, we’ll go through their differences and similarities, which include the following:

Method of Consumption

The method of consumption is a major factor that differentiates the two drug substances. Most people prefer to eat dried mushrooms, while cannabis is mostly smoked or vaporized.

Here are the common ways of consuming magic mushrooms:

–          Lemon Tek

–          Blue honey

–          Capsules

–          Tea

–          Added to food

–          Fresh or dried

The common ways of consuming cannabis include the following:

–          Smoking

–          Vaping

–          Dabbing

–          Edibles

–          Sublingual

With that said, the consumption methods for both substances are completely different. Even though eating cannabis as edible is possible, it’s not usually an option, especially when combining it with shrooms. Eating cannabis converts the THC to hydroxy THC, which is even stronger and last longer. Even though this can be great, its effects can be overwhelming.

Asides from that, cannabis is mostly taken by inhalation of vapor or smoke, but mushrooms cannot be smoked. Mushrooms cannot be smoked because high temperatures degrade their active alkaloids.


The effects of both drugs are also different. Mushrooms are psychedelic substances with profound effects, both internally and externally. The external effects include color shifts, and the appearance of patterns, while the internal effects include gaining more insight into the world. Cannabis also offers a range of different effects from those of mushrooms.

The effects of mushrooms include the following:

–          Anxiety

–          Hallucinations

–          Profound alteration of internal and external reality

–          Euphoria

–          A feeling of insight or connection

It’s worth noting that cannabis is not psychedelic, and the effects it produces include the following:

–          Anxiety and paranoia

–          Relaxation

–          Subtle change in reality

–          Slight euphoria

With these effects, it’s clear that both substances are not the same in terms of their characteristics and effects they give.

Mechanism of Action

The interaction between these substances and the body is also different, and here’s how they differ:

Mechanism of Action of Psilocybin

After ingestion, psilocybin is converted to psilocin in the body, and this is a serotonergic substance that acts on serotonin receptors. It binds to the 5-HT2A receptors, thereby causing the release of serotonin in the brain. Reports show that psilocybin works by suppressing the default mode network. This mechanism is thought to be effective in the management of different mental health conditions.

Mechanism of Action of Cannabis

The mechanism of action of cannabis is via interaction with the endocannabinoid system of the body. This system runs through the entire body, including the brain and the nervous system. THC binds to the ECS CB1 receptor by mimicking anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid. On the other hand, CBD inhibits FAAH, the fatty acid enzyme responsible for the breakdown of anandamide. CBD also blocks the CB1 receptors, which negates the effects of THC, especially anxiety and paranoia.

Risks of Mixing Weed and Magic Mushrooms

As mentioned earlier, there are different risks associated with combining cannabis and magic mushrooms together. The main risks are that the combination can become overwhelming. Also, cannabis can potentially increase shrooms’ effects, but this can also trigger anxiety and paranoia.

The interesting thing about the combination is that both substances don’t have a strong physical effect, and there is no risk of any adverse physical reaction. Another thing to note is that the combination may trigger profound anxiety effects, which can have distressing physical symptoms. In rare and extreme cases, the combination can cause shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and a panic attack.

How to Mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms

With everything said above, let us quickly consider how to enjoy the combination. The best way is to consider it a normal shroom trip, but together cannabis. That way, you can take your normal shroom dose and continue with a small amount of weed.

Here are some tips to always have in mind:

–          Choose a strain that is high in CBD and low in THC levels.

–          Get a trip sitter to watch you.

–          Consider a method of consumption that is easy.

–          Have water close by.

–          Remember to get some fresh air to change everything.

Is It Better to Smoke Weed Before or After a Magic Mushroom Trip?

This is an area that is highly debated among many, and it completely depends on personal preference. Some generally like to take cannabis at the beginning because it makes it more comfortable. There are also people that like to hit their peak to get the best of the psychedelic experience before introducing smoke into the picture.

For novices, the thing is to start smoking only after the peak psilocybin experience. Taking weed at the beginning will only increase the likelihood of a bad experience. On the other hand, if you take shroom first, you have a better chance at controlling the whole experience.


Combining mushrooms and cannabis is great, but doing this successfully depends on different factors. The first thing is to recognize the fact that you’re comfortable taking both drugs in isolation. Also, it’s important that you choose the right cannabis strain. Ideally, this should be a strain with gentle effects.

Another thing to ensure is that you’re relaxed property. Set and setting are always important factors when taking cannabis and psilocybin. Finally, always listen to what the shroom tells you. If it tells you not to smoke, don’t ignore the advice.

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