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7 – It is highly suggested that you speak to your health care professional about the benefits and risks of this product before ordering and consuming it. As with other all-natural products, some consumers may be predisposed to allergic or otherwise adverse reactions to truffles. Customers are to consume at their own risk. If you’re unsure about consuming truffles, it’s best not to try them.

While more and more articles are being written about the benefits of “micro-dosing” truffles, it is understood that these benefits are only seen when micro-dosing is done responsible. Including those in the academic world, that have done research and clinical studies that show that truffles have many health benefits when used repsonsibly. While Microdose Bros stands firmly behind this emerging research, we can make no official medical claims on our own, nor do we guarantee any of the medical benefits that researchers are discovering through their research on micro-dosing.