Psilocybin Spores: An Overview

Psilocybin spores are considered legal but germinating them is not legal in many places.

Psilocybin mushroom spores lie in a gray area of the laws of most countries. This means that you can legally buy the spores in these countries. However, germinating the spores remain illegal in most of these countries.

This article will take you through everything you should know about psilocybin mushroom spores, where you can buy them, and what to know about how legal they are. Continue reading to find out more.

Is It Legal to Buy Psilocybin Spores?

It’s surprising to find out that buying psilocybin spores is completely legal in many countries. This is because these spores don’t contain psilocybin or any active hallucinogenic compounds. Therefore, they can be legally sold and bought in 47 US states and many other countries. This is another loophole in the law that penalizes the sale, transport, and possession of psilocybin but not psilocybin mushroom spores.

It’s worth noting that not all states in the US have this loophole in their laws. For example, in California, the law bans the sale, gifting, and transport of spores with the intent to germinate. However, research institutions can acquire and possess viable spores for research purposes.

In Idaho and Georgia, the law outrightly bans possessing, transporting, and selling psilocybin spores. For other places in the United States, buying psilocybin spores has its inherent risks. With that said, it’s important to understand that buying spores should be for educational or research purposes, especially in areas where growing them is illegal.

While buying spores is limited to educational or research purposes, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to be a scientist before you can buy spores. Anyone can buy psilocybin spores with the intent to identify, research, study, and do many other non-germination purposes.

When Did Magic Mushroom Spores Become Illegal?

As mentioned earlier, germinating spores remains illegal in many regions. This is because the fruiting mushrooms and mycelium but contain psilocybin, which remains illegal in many laws. Once the spore starts to germinate into mycelium, you can be charged with possession or cultivation of a controlled substance.

In 2020, many US cities started decriminalizing the non-commercial cultivation of magic mushrooms. This includes Detroit, Seattle, and many other places. With that said, it’s important to check your region’s laws before cultivating psilocybin mushrooms. Another thing worth noting is that even though some regions have decriminalized the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms at local levels, they remain illegal at federal levels.

The law on psilocybin generally varies in different parts of the world. For example, getting caught with psilocybin mushrooms or their spores in Indonesia is an offense punishable by the death penalty. In places like Samoa, the British Virgin Islands, Brazil, and Jamaica, it’s legal to possess mushrooms and cultivate the spores.

Buying Spore Prints Vs. Spore Syringes

Spores are mostly sold in two preparations: spore prints and spore syringes. Spore prints are like stamps, and they are mostly stamped on paper. This is done by laying a fresh mushroom cap overnight. On the other hand, spore syringes, as the name suggests, are filled with water and spores.

Spore Prints

Spore prints are like fingerprints, and they are produced by laying the mushroom caps downwards on paper. This allows the cap to deposit its colored spores on the paper. It’s worth noting that spore prints are like the human eye’s iris, mostly bluish-black. This is because of the arrangement of the gills below the cap.

Spore Syringes

These are oral syringes with a simple solution of psilocybin spores in water, as mentioned earlier. In many cases, they comprise spores stored in a growth medium, or liquid cultures, which aim to mimic the mycelial phases of fungal growth. The nutrients that are included are malted grain extract and glucose.

It’s worth noting that these spore syringes can last up to 30 days and may extend to two years in many cases. Spores in syringes don’t last as long as spore prints, but they are generally more manageable, especially when measuring a volume for study. Maximizing the life of spores within the syringe is done by refrigerating them. However, avoiding freezing is important, as this can cause contamination.

Why Use Spore Syringe?

Spore syringes are important because they are the best and simplest way to ensure cleanliness in a mushroom growth. This is the best method if you’re using a flow hood. However, it’s worth noting that there are also other inoculation methods, like liquid cultures. Spore syringes make it easier to directly add them into the substrate with very little contamination. A spore syringe is also the best method for beginners because it’s reliable and simple.

How to Use a Spore Syringe

As mentioned earlier, using spore syringes is very easy, especially if you’re patient. These syringes contain a large number of spores in them, and as such, you don’t need more than 3ml per square liter of the substrate. A drop or two is all you need.

If you’re using substrate jars for inoculation, you have nothing to worry about because these jars have punched holes in them and are sealed with tape. You only need to pierce the tape covering the holes using the syringe and spray the spore solution on the substrate. The amount you add depends on the size of the jar.

After adding the spores into the jar, you’ll need to add the microporous tape over the pierced strips become placing the jar in a dark and warm location. You’ll start to see the mycelium grow as patches on the places you dropped the spore-containing solution in a few weeks. After a few weeks, the patches will start to grow to cover the whole jar. You don’t have to do anything until the jar is fully colonized. Also, keep a close eye on and monitor the growth to avoid contamination.

Tips for Storing Spore Syringe

Psilocybin spores can last up to 12 months if they are properly stored. However, like every other living thing, they can die if subjected to inadequate conditions. Here’s what you should know:

Do Spores Need to be Refrigerated?

Yes, it’s important to keep the spores refrigerated, and this should be done between 2 and 8 degrees. Psilocybin spores should also be stored in darkness, but that’s not a problem if you refrigerate them.

Can Spores Be Frozen?

While it’s important to keep spores refrigerated, freezing only destroys them. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the spore doesn’t freeze.

Do Spore Syringes Go Bad?

Spore syringes can go bad if they are not properly stored. In addition, spores die naturally, but you can extend their life with proper storage.

Can you Reuse a Spore Syringe?

You can always reuse spore syringes, but you need to sterilize them properly and ensure it’s not damaged. With proper sterilization, you can use the syringes as often as possible. Sterilization is easy, and you can do this by cooking the syringe in a pressure cooker or by filling the syringe with sterilized water. For the needle, you only need a flame to sterilize them.

Types of Spore Strains

There are more than 150 psilocybin-containing mushroom species. Strains are generally mushroom types with distinct growth patterns and physical traits. Mushroom strains are also cloned these days, and this does not prevent genetic mutations in these strains. Most of the strains today come from the Psilocybe cubensis species, which is a popular psilocybin mushroom variety.

Here are some of the common spore strains available today:

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Spores

This is a strain of the Psilocybe cubensis species, and it first appeared during the 1980s. Its actual origin remains unknown, which makes it more magical. If you’re looking for a psilocybin mushroom specie that will take you to a better world, the Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Species is for you.

The content of this strain includes 100% mycelium, vermiculite, and perlite in a 5ml contain. You can directly use the Culture Ampoule to inoculate the substrate with the magic mushroom cultures.

McKenaii Magic Mushroom Spores

The is also a strain of Psilocybe cubensis species. As the name suggests, the McKenaii Magic Mushroom Spores were named after the American teacher, researcher, godfather, and writer Terence McKenna. The strain is one of the strongest and stronger than some notable strains, including the Hawaiian strain, which is difficult to cultivate.

The content of this strain includes 100% mycelium, vermiculite, and perlite in a 5ml contain. You can directly use the Culture Ampoule to inoculate the substrate with the magic mushroom cultures.

Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Spores

This strain was discovered close to Mazatapec in Mexico, hence the name. It has grown to become one of the most popular strains today, and this is mostly because it’s easy to grow. The Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Spore strains are also very spiritual and visual. Another interesting thing is that the strain is easy to grow.

The content of this strain includes 100% mycelium, vermiculite, and perlite in a 5ml contain. You can directly use the Culture Ampoule to inoculate the substrate with the magic mushroom cultures.

Short Guide for Using Psilocybin Spores

Here’s a brief guide on how to use psilocybin spores:

Step 1

Thoroughly wash your hands and clean the exterior part of the Culture Ampoule using a clean, wet cloth. It’s generally advisable to use a sterile alcohol swab to remove bacteria contamination.

Step 2

Ensure that the syringe is enclosed in the packaging and avoid contamination by opening it in a clean environment.

Step 3

Loosen the cap of the Culture Ampoule a bit. This is to allow you to fill the syringe easily without vacuum problems.

Step 4

Stick the needle through the rubber seal and fill up the syringe

Step 5

You can also use the syringe to inoculate the strains on a substrate. Allow the culture to grow at room temperature. After a few days, you’ll start to see the visible mycelium.

Where to Buy Psilocybin Spores Online

Buying psilocybin spores online is tricky. You’ll start to wonder how your spores will get to you and many other points of concern. Another concern is that buying products that are not regulated makes it even more difficult. Even though spores are not illegal, some vendors procure them via illegal means. All these make shopping on the internet a lot more difficult.

Are you wondering how you can play safe? Here are some tips to help you:

Use Verified Sites for Psilocybin Spores

The hardest part of buying psilocybin spores online is that it’s not always easy to tell if you’re buying from a reliable source or not. It’s advisable to always check for websites that have marks of legitimacy. These marks include contact pages, FAQs, reviews, recognizable payment platforms, and about pages. Also, the level of knowledge of the trader when it comes to different laws can help you determine their legitimacy. With that said, it’s best to look for websites that sell products mainly for identification, educational, and research purposes.

Read Reviews

Reviews can also help you determine whether the online website is a legitimate source or not. It’s important to check if the website uploads reviews from other consumers. By going through these reviews, you can easily determine the vendor’s legitimacy and quality.


Psilocybin spores are the reproductive cells of psilocybin mushrooms and don’t contain psilocybin or any other psychoactive compounds. The lack of psychoactive compounds makes them legal to obtain in different parts of the US and the world. However, buying can only be done for identification, research, and educational purpose. You can’t buy them for cultivation purposes.

Before you buy, it’s important to have some basic information. This includes the type of strain you’re buying, the vendor, and the purpose you are buying the strain for. We have provided all the key things you should know about psilocybin spores in this article.

With everything above, you can now buy psilocybin spores without worrying about their quality and the legitimacy of the source you buy from. If you’re interested in buying psilocybin spores, visit Microdose Bros online store today.

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