Combining Microdosing and Movement

Psychedelics are not only for therapeutic trips and raves. Open-minded athletes are now tapping into the benefits that the substance offers. These athletes are now combining Microdosing and movement to break ground in the gym.

Whenever people think of psychedelics, increased focus, energy, and different motion are the last things to come to mind. However, in microdoses, athletes now take LSD and psilocybin mushrooms to enhance their performance and improve their training.

Microdosing psychedelics allow people to enjoy the benefits of medicinal plants without a full visionary journey. Whenever you take only a fraction of the recreational or ceremonial dose, you get to experience more clarity. This also includes a heightened sense of joy and increased awareness, especially during your daily routine.

Besides the benefits of combining Microdosing and movement, there are many other benefits. Psychedelic substances help to enhance well-being. This is achieved by facilitating the body’s release and natural energy flow. Also, the energetic alignment process is like the effects of physical exercise.

Considering the benefits of plant medicines and movement, it’s safe to wonder what happens when combined. Microdosing and movement offer many benefits, especially as an optimized and integrative health approach.

Joe Rogan talks to Dennis McKenna about people who micro-dose psilocybin

In the video above, Joe Rogan talks to Dennis McKenna about people using psilocybin in small doses for its benefits. This also includes its use in different physical activities like kickboxing. Dennis McKenna says these things allow people to step out of their usual reference things, especially initially suppressed ones.

He also highlights the need to separate the self from the external environment. This is basically what psilocybin and similar substances can do. Dennis McKenna is an American ethnopharmacologist, researcher, lecturer, and author. He gave further accounts of the effects of combining psilocybin and movement and other experience in the YouTube video above.

Benefits of Combining Microdosing and Movement

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi was the first to coin the flow state. This describes the mental state during which we get fully absorbed by a task. The feeling is characterized by an enjoyable and energized level of focus. It’s vital for movement practices and other athletic activities. What happens is that the combination will let you get in the zone and follow your body’s intuition.

There are many reports showing the ability of psychedelics to induce flow states. This is achieved by decreasing mind-wandering and enhancing focus. A practical example of psychedelic-induced flow is when Dock Ellis, a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, threw a no-hitter against San Diego Padres in 1970. It was discovered that Elliss was under LSD influence when he achieved this great feat.

Reports from a microdosing study highlight that people who use Microdosing for yoga practice experienced higher absorption levels. In this context, absorption is tapping into an altered level of consciousness and experiencing enhanced concentration, focus, and awareness. This implies that people who combined Microdosing and yoga were able to get in the zone.

In addition to getting in the zone, there are other benefits of combining Microdosing and movement. Continue reading to find out these benefits.


Enhanced Performance

There are many physical activities that Microdosing can help in boosting performance. A study using participants from different disciplines, including weightlifting, personal training, and yoga, highlights the effects of combining Microdosing and movement. According to the study, Microdosing increased the physical performance of 20 participants. The key benefits were increased concentration, coordination, and sensory awareness.

An article from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies highlights the role of Microdosing in extreme sports. These sports include skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing. From the report, 40 years old that used LSD for extreme underground sports had better performance. This includes an increase in concentration, lightning speed, and better balance.

Basically, Microdosing helps increase cognitive function and flexibility, which translates to better decision-making and response time in sports. Another impressive finding is that psychedelic substances help people to overcome fear.


Heal Injuries

Athletes are prone to severe injuries from their activities. Combining Microdosing and movement allows the body to recover faster. Ian McCall, a former mixed martial arts fighter, is a major advocate for the healing potential of psychedelics. This was mainly for its ability to heal traumatic brain damage. He’s also currently dedicated to psychedelic integration and coaching services for athletes.

Another study on over 1,000 people using LSD for 18 months revealed a decline in traumatic brain injury. Daniel Carcillo, a retired National Hockey League player, also highlights how Microdosing psilocybin helps him promote neurogenesis.

Manage Pain

For athletes, pain is very common, especially in the arena, as they improve tolerance with continual skill acquisition and improvement. Basically, with more pain, we become more resilient and stronger, and our level of endurance increases.

study shows how low doses of LSD can increase pain tolerance. With these findings, people looking to enjoy higher pain thresholds can tap into the benefits by combining Microdosing and movement.


The psychedelic research field continues to expand, and newer evidence shows the potential of Microdosing psychedelics. A notable psychedelic with increasing research findings is psilocybin. However, despite the promising findings, experts still advise applying caution when using psychedelics.

In this article, we have highlighted the potential benefits of combining Microdosing and movement. There are many other benefits of Microdosing, and you can find out more on our blog. Visit our Microdose Bros store to buy magic truffles now, and a mushroom grow kit. We ship discreetly in Europe.