One of the reasons why microdosing is recommended for shrooms and truffles is that it’s best to be conservative when doing shrooms rather than do everything at once. If you buy more mushrooms or truffles than you currently need, you will need to store them properly to make them available for your next trip. This brings up the big question of whether shrooms go bad or not.

Many factors will determine if shrooms will go bad or not, including the form they come in and how to store them. Continue reading to find out everything to know about when and how mushrooms go bad.

Do Shrooms Go Bad?

Yes, according to Ophelia Chong, shrooms can go bad. There are two ways that this can happen. The first one is that they simply lose their potency. With time, the active compound in shrooms breaks down, but this varies depending on storage conditions. When properly stored, shrooms can last for many years. It becomes difficult for mushrooms to get the actual dose needed because it becomes difficult to tell the quantity of psychoactive substance left.

The second possibility is that mushrooms are susceptible to mold or bacteria growth. Therefore, it’s important to check for signs to confirm whether this has happened before or not.

Do Fresh Shrooms Go Bad?

Due to poor storage conditions, fresh shrooms can get moldy or even rot, especially when contaminated. However, drying them will help to ensure that they don’t go bad. It’s important to store fresh mushrooms in a paper bag and in the lower part of your refrigerator. They won’t go bad if you store them this way. Also, this should allow the shrooms to dry out, especially if the paper doesn’t get oversaturated with water.

Do Dried Shrooms Go Bad?

The potency of dried shrooms reduces with time, and this is because the concentration of tryptamine decreases with time. It’s worth noting that tryptamine is a chemical that produces psychedelic effects on the brain. However, if they are stored in an air-tight container, it will preserve them from going bad. Therefore, dried shrooms will pick up bacteria and mold when they are not stored properly. In general, when mushrooms are exposed to air or unprocessed, they will lose their potency with time.

When Do Magic Mushrooms Go Bad?

The type of mushroom is also a factor that can determine the time it takes for it to go bad. For example, fresh mushrooms can only last between three to four days. On the other hand, dried mushrooms can last up to a year or even more. In capsule or powder form, mushrooms can also last up to a year. It’s worth noting that methods used in turning mushrooms into fine pieces or powder only cause them to degrade faster due to oxidation.

On the other hand, mushroom chocolates can last many years in a freezer. However, it’s also worth mentioning that keeping freezing for too long can also degrade the quality of the chocolate, thereby altering the potency of the shroom.

Why Magic Mushrooms Go Bad

There are many things that could cause magic mushrooms to go bad. However, they are mostly related to methods of preparation and storage. With that said, it’s vital to dry and store mushrooms properly. Here are some of the reasons why mushrooms go bad:

Storage in a Wrong Container

The container for storage is an important factor to pay attention to. For fresh shrooms, it’s best to avoid plastic as it makes them more prone to bacteria. It’s best to store fresh shrooms in paper bags, while dried shrooms are better stored in Pyrex or Tupperware containers.

Storage in the Wrong Environment

Dark storage conditions allow shrooms to last longer. It’s advisable to store dried mushrooms away from air and sunlight, so they don’t lose potency. Also, it’s important to ensure that the storage environment is dry, as humidity can lead to the growth of microorganisms.

They Weren’t Properly Dried

Another factor that could cause mushrooms to go bad is if you don’t dry them properly before storage. If the mushroom has squishiness or bed, it implies that they still contain moisture in them. Irrespective of the storage approach you use, the presence of moisture will only cause the mushroom to rot quickly.

To avoid this, you should consider using a dehydrator to properly dry the mushrooms. It’s also advisable to dry mushrooms immediately after harvesting them.

How to Tell When Shrooms Have Gone Bad

Shrooms that are bad will have a distinctive taste, smell, and appearance. There are many other signs to look out for, including the following:

  • They are slimy: Bacteria tend to have a slimy texture. Throw your mushrooms away if they are slimy or soggy to touch
  • They have fuzz: This doesn’t always occur, but storing mushrooms in plastic can cause them to consume themselves and develop white fuzz. Poorly stored dried mushrooms can also develop fuzzy brown, black, or white spots due to bacterial growth.
  • Unusual smell: Another sign to look out for is the smell of the mushroom. You know your mushroom has gone bad if it starts to smell funny.
  • Malleable or Soft: If your mushroom starts to feel really soft, it’s a sign that they might have gone bad.


Many factors determine whether shrooms will go bad or not. The main factors are the type of mushrooms and storage conditions. In this article, we have highlighted everything you should know about whether, when, and how shrooms go bad.

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