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Magic Truffles and Psilocybin – Volume II

When it comes to psilocybin, there are different opinions and ideologies. The hallucinogenic chemical is present in a mushroom found in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. These mushrooms are now popularly referred to as magic mushrooms.

Many people use this substance today as a recreational drug. Psilocybin causes sensory distortion and a feeling of euphoria, which is common with hallucinogenic drugs.

Different researchers study the chemical today to fully understand its benefits and potential side effects. What is there to know about magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and even magic truffles? The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) categorizes psilocybin as a Schedule I substance. This is primarily for its abuse potential.

Many medical bodies believe that taking psilocybin can cause anxiety and hallucinations. This article provides everything you need to know about psilocybin, including its benefits and adverse effects.

What is Psilocybin?

As mentioned earlier, psilocybin is a hallucinogenic chemical in magic mushrooms. People take this chemical for different reasons, including treating other disorders. That leaves one to wonder how it works.

The chemical activates serotonin receptors in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is the part that controls perception, cognition, and mood. Psilocybin and other hallucinogens work by stimulating this region that regulates panic responses and arousal.

Compared to what many people believe, psilocybin doesn’t cause active auditory or visual hallucinations. The chemical only distorts the way users perceive their environments. Individual experience after taking psilocybin differs depending on a few factors. These factors include experience and the quantity of psilocybin the person takes.

Psilocybin has a rapid onset of action, and it takes only 30 minutes for the hallucinogenic effects to start. However, the effects can last up to 6 hours. For some people, these effects can last for many days, especially changes in their thought patterns and sensory perception.

The potency of magic mushrooms also depends on different factors. This includes whether it is taken dried or fresh, harvest period, growing condition, origin, and species. It’s worth noting that fresh mushrooms have lower psilocybin content than dried mushrooms.

The street has different names for magic mushrooms. These names include cubes, mushroom soup, purple passion, sacred mushrooms, little smoke, simple Simon, mushies, boomers, and shrooms.

How People Consume Psilocybin

The mushrooms that contain the chemical are usually small and brown or tan. People usually mistake these mushrooms for other species, most of which are poisonous. People consume psilocybin in different ways. Some prefer to brew it as tea, while others prepare it with other meals to taste better.

However, technological advancements have enhanced the processing of these mushrooms. Today, some manufacturers have formulated mushrooms into capsule forms. After processing it, some have even gone the extra mile to cover the mushrooms with chocolate. The ultimate goal is to make it taste better, thereby increasing compliance.

The Extent of Psilocybin Use

2015 National Survey shows that about 9% of people in the U.S. have used psilocybin at some point. Historical evidence shows the use of psilocybin for spiritual and mystical purposes as far back as pre-Columbian Mesoamerican societies.

Psilocybin is also common among people seeking a spiritual experience and in dance clubs. Doctors also use it to treat cancer anxietydepression, anxiety, and cluster headaches.

Despite this widespread use of the substances, some scientists still question their safety and effectiveness.

Effects of Psilocybin

Psilocybin, LSD, and a few other hallucinogenic substances have similar effects on the body. The effects mainly include a change in perception of space and time and general mood and feeling.

However, there are other effects of psilocybin, and they include the following:

  • Frightening hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Lack of coordination
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Unusual body sensations
  • Muscle weakness
  • Impaired concentration
  • Drowsiness and yawning
  • Dizziness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Distorted thinking
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Visual alteration
  • Depersonalization
  • Derealisation
  • Peacefulness
  • Euphoria

These effects are from reports from different people, and they generally vary between people. It depends on the user’s immediate environment, personality, and mental state. Users with any mental health condition have a higher risk of experiencing an adverse effect of psilocybin.

Several people have also reported psychological distress as a significant side effect they experience. This is a common occurrence among people who use psilocybin for recreational purposes. Psychological distress can present in the form of short-term psychosis or extreme anxiety.

What Experts Say about Psilocybin

Many people seek magic mushrooms for different reasons, but their peaceful high effect is the most common. However, many reports show that it can induce confusion, paranoia, frightening hallucinations, and anxiety.

The use of magic mushrooms for medicinal and spiritual purposes dates for thousands of years. Today, many research works exist to understand psilocybin and its effect fully.

This research includes work from Johns Hopkins University. Their research supports the claim that psilocybin is effective for depression and alcohol and nicotine addiction. Their study also supports the effectiveness of magic mushrooms in treating cancer-related anxiety and depression.

The Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, also at Johns Hopkins, is also researching other conditions. Examples of these conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, PTSD, and Anorexia nervosa.

Denver was the first city to decriminalize mushrooms, and this was in 2019. A few months later, Oakland followed suit, and a few other U.S cities, including Ann Arbor, California, and Santa Cruz. Oregon became the first to legalize psilocybin for therapy, and this was in 2020.

How Does Psilocybin Work

Psilocybin offers many benefits and side effects, which leaves one to wonder how it works. What does the drug do to the brain to trigger a change in behavioral patterns? We already know that taking a psychedelic drug can cause changes in the communication patterns of the brain. You can find this in the works of Michael McGee.

His work shows how the programming of brain cells continues until late childhood. This ensures that we can handle the several neurons in the cerebral cortex, which is for higher-order functions. According to his work, psilocybin and psychedelics are serotonin receptor stimulators or agonists. They work by increasing brain entropy to ensure communication of the neurons in the brain.

There is a lot of other research to understand how psilocybin and other psychedelic work. The common thing is that they all support that the drug changes the behavior and perception of people taking them.

It is due to the mechanism of action that is used in treating disorders like depression and anxiety. However, one thing to note about psilocybin is a few risks involved.


People who take psilocybin may experience a persistent alteration in their perception. This usually presents as a flashback, which can be traumatic. The visual flashbacks from the use of psilocybin or other hallucinogens can last for years. Doctors refer to this type of condition as a hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder.

People may face other risks, including agitation, psychosis, fear, and confusion. In extreme cases, it may include symptoms of schizophrenia, and this will require drastic measures. Among the measures that doctors take to treat these effects include using benzodiazepines.

The last risk that a person may be prone to is eating poisonous mushrooms instead of magic mushrooms. This poisoning may also cause delirium, muscle spasm, and even confusion. However, this risk isn’t a common one, and there are only a few reported cases.

Magic Truffles and What you Should Know

They are also called sclerotia or psilocybin truffles, as they contain psilocin and psilocybin. These are the main alkaloids that cause people to experience psychedelic trips.

You might want to think magic truffle is only another name for magic mushrooms, but there are differences.

Het verschil tussen hen is te zien in hun groeipatroon. Truffels groeien niet zoals paddenstoelen, maar ze groeien als ondergrondse knobbeltjes gevormd door mycelium. Er zijn nog veel meer verschillen tussen de paddenstoelen, en die vind je hieronder.

Differences Between Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms

Truffles and mushrooms differ from each other in many ways. The differences can be seen with respect to their potency, appearance, and growing environment.


They both have the same psychoactive alkaloids. However, the concentration varies between species and parts, especially for mushrooms.

For truffles, the concentration of the psychoactive constituent is the same across the homogenous body. There are different opinions regarding their potency with respect to that of mushrooms.

The required doses for mushrooms are usually lower compared to truffles. Potency also depends on how it is consumed, whether dried or fresh.


The fruiting bodies of magic mushrooms are like that of an actual mushroom with a cap and stem. Truffles have irregularly shaped nodules, although some have the shape of an egg.

Growing Environment

Mushrooms require moisture, enough nutrient, and low temperature to grow, while truffles only require little. They both grow underground, which is why moisture is essential.

Types of Magic Truffles

There are different types of truffles, and the most common are Tampanensis, Mexicana, Utopia, Galindoi, and Pajaritos.

Psilocybe Tampanensis

This is a stronger type compared to the Mexican truffle, and its potency can induce a sense of peace and deep thoughts.

Psilocybe Mexicana

The truffle has a mild concentration of psychoactive constituents. It’s known for its joyful, giggly, and happy effects, and it’s an excellent choice for beginners.

Psilocybe Utopia

Many people call it Psilocybe Dragon, and it’s the strongest and most potent truffle. It gives a heavy trip and is a perfect option for experienced users when consumed.

Psilocybe Galindoi

It is more potent than Tampanensis, and it gives a long-lasting trip. Ideal for consumption is in a relaxed and quiet setting.

Psilocybe Pajaritos

Also more potent than Tampanensis, and it’s a powerful strain. It gives an intense giggly trip with visual and physical effects.

How to Get Magic Truffles

There are many ways to get magic truffles, but if you’re looking for the most reliable and hassle-free way of getting them, we recommend checking Smart Shop. Here you’ll get ready to eat magic truffles, and you won’t need to wait long before you can consume them. As a beginner, it’s best to get milder truffles.

How to Consume Magic Truffles and Psilocybin

There are so many ways to consume magic truffles, and the effects of each method vary. Here are a few ways you can consume magic truffles:

  • Eat them: Even though this is an option, it’s not for everyone because it’s bad taste. You’ll have to chew the truffles well enough for the psychoactive substance to be released.
  • In tea: Another option is to brew tea from the truffles. For this, you only need to crush the truffles and place them in hot water for 15 minutes.
  • In recipes: You can add magic truffles to your food to improve its taste. There are so many foods that you can add truffles to. You only need to avoid cooking as this can destroy the psychoactive constituents.
  • In capsules: You can use a capsule machine to formulate the truffles into a capsule. This is also an easy way to mask the taste of the truffle. It also improves the precision of the dose you take. Remember that microdosing is the recommended method of consuming magic truffles.
  • Lemon TEK: The last option is to make lemon juice with truffles. Doing this will increase the onset of effects because the non-psychoactive psilocybin will be converted to psychoactive psilocin faster.

The Right Dose and Why It’s Important

A key thing to always consider when consuming magic truffles is the dose you take. Taking too much will only cause you to experience a bad trip, and too small won’t give the effect you want.

Different factors determine the ideal dose to consume. They include experience strength, whether you’re taking it dried or fresh, and body weight.




There you have it; we have covered the key things you should know. Scientists are still exploring this field because of how promising psilocybin has proven to be over the years.

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