Celebrities like Elon Musk, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Joe Rogan are actively endorsing it, and even everyday moms and dads in suburban neighborhoods are incorporating it into their routines before they drop their kids off to school. The surge in popularity of microdosing has become a notable trend in recent years. Initially dubbed by Rolling Stone as the “hot new business trip” in 2015, microdosing has evolved from a niche interest for Burning Man enthusiasts to a widely embraced lifestyle “hack.”

While microdosing LSD has gained significant attention, particularly championed by figures like Amanda Feilding, the “first lady of LSD,” who describes its effects as adding a touch of sparkle, there is a growing acknowledgment that microdosing mushrooms also holds a unique charm. In a 2019 Guardian feature, women in the UK experimenting with microdosing mushrooms shared experiences of it being a newfound secret weapon, enhancing productivity at work, improving parenting skills, and enriching relationships. Some even claim its efficacy in alleviating symptoms of clinical depression. However, the seemingly perfect picture may have its flaws.

Rotem Petranker, director of the Canadian Centre for Psychedelic Science and co-founder of the Psychedelic Studies Research Program at the University of Toronto, emphasizes the ambiguity surrounding microdosing psychedelic mushrooms. Scientifically, there is more unknown than known, and the illegality of psilocybin mushrooms in the UK and many U.S. states adds another layer of complexity.

Despite these challenges, the “shroom boom” is thriving, with the global psychedelic drugs market projected to reach $10.75 billion by 2027, more than doubling its 2020 value of $4.75 billion.

In the ongoing psychedelic renaissance, VICE has assembled a team of experts to navigate uncertainties and shed light on the known aspects of microdosing mushrooms. Let’s delve into the details of psilocybin without further delay.

Defining a Microdose

Defining a microdose remains imprecise, as acknowledged by Petranker. Generally, it involves ingesting a fraction of a regular dose of psychedelic substances like psilocybin or LSD. Dr. Peter Grinspoon, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, suggests that this dose is significantly lower than what one would take for a hallucination or a ‘trip.’ This minimal dose is often termed “a sub-perceptual dose,” presenting the challenge of determining the specific fraction.

The variability in psilocybin content in mushrooms makes accurate dosing nearly impossible. Grinspoon suggests a sub-perceptual dose is commonly thought to be “approximately a fifth to a twentieth of a traditional dose,” while Petranker mentions that “the going definition is about ten percent of a recreational dose.” Referring to a recent influential study, Petranker notes a wide range of reported doses, “between 0.8-5mg of psilocybin,” translating to about 80mg to 500mg of dry mushrooms.

According to microdosing coach Daniella, a typical starting microdose is 50-100mg of mushrooms. However, the crucial factor is not the precise measurement but how you perceive it. “A genuine microdose should not induce classic psychedelic effects,” emphasizes Daniella. In fact, it might be scarcely perceptible. Daniella advises that the aim is to enhance without overwhelming, stating, “Everyday tasks should remain unaffected by a microdose.” In essence, if you find yourself experiencing scenarios akin to thinking your toilet is communicating with you, it’s a clear sign that you’ve taken too much.

The Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms

The benefits of microdosing mushrooms are diverse, as highlighted by the study’s co-author Vince Polito. He emphasizes the wide range of reported outcomes from microdosers, suggesting “fairly clear evidence that people who microdose in the wild consistently report benefits from doing so.” Many individuals turn to microdosing mushrooms based on positive stories, exploring inner landscapes around purpose, emotions, and relationships. On microdosing days, they may feel more playful, at ease, or kinder to themselves than on normal days.

Embarking on Your Microdosing Journey?

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Note: While the Microdose Bros calculator provides estimates based on an average dosage, sensitivity to psilocybin varies among individuals. For beginners, it’s advisable to start with lower doses, as the calculated values are approximations and not definitive advice.

Why Use the Microdose Bros Calculator?

Dosing magic mushrooms and magic truffles can be daunting, especially for beginners. Our calculator streamlines the process, guiding you from microdosing to a moderate or substantial amount with ease.

Importance of Dosing Correctly

Getting the right dose is crucial when it comes to tripping. An incorrect dose can lead to an unpleasant experience or a bad trip, which is not the desired outcome.

How to Dose More Precisely

To ensure a more precise dose, combining different batches is a common practice to average potency. Our calculator considers factors like body weight, the type of substance (magic mushroom or magic truffle), and whether it’s fresh or dried.

How to Use the Magic Mushroom Calculator

Follow these steps to determine your exact dose:

  1. Body Weight: Input your weight in kilograms. This information helps calculate the quantity of truffles or mushrooms you should consume.
  2. Magic Mushrooms or Magic Truffles: Choose the type of substance you’re using – whether it’s magic mushrooms or magic truffles.
  3. Dry or Fresh Mushrooms and Truffles: Indicate whether the substance is dry or fresh. The calculator adjusts the dosage based on this factor.
  4. Desired Intensity of the Trip: Select the type of trip you want, ranging from microdose to a high-dose trip. The calculator will provide the dose for your desired experience.

Shrooms Tolerance

Building tolerance is possible, and the calculator assumes users don’t have tolerance. It’s recommended to take a two-week tolerance break between dosing or adjust subsequent doses to avoid tolerance build-up.

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Determining your optimal dose is not a straightforward calculation, according to Microdose Bros Founder Joseph Santiago. “Individual sensitivity to psychedelics varies significantly, influenced by factors such as gut health, sleep, dietary choices, and stress levels,” he emphasizes.

Microdose Bros advocates a “calibration process” to help microdosers identify their personal ‘sweet spot’ or ideal dose. Santiago advises starting with the smallest possible quantity, typically within the range of 0.50 – 1.5 grams, a recommendation echoed at the Microdose Bros shop. Using the online calculator, it is essential to commence with a conservative dose and incrementally adjust while diligently journaling experiences with magic truffles. Santiago suggests observing and tracking challenges and benefits during this period, gradually increasing the dose on each dosing day until you find a level that feels supportive and nourishing.

A key indicator, as Santiago points out, is “not feeling ‘high,’ but rather experiencing the sense of having a truly good day.”

Contrary to the productivity buzz surrounding Silicon Valley, it’s not advisable to commence your microdosing journey on the morning of a significant meeting. According to Santiago, the process of finding the right dose is best undertaken when individuals are at home, free from obligations, and able to connect with how their mind and body respond. “I prefer the every third day protocol as it allows for a dose day, integration day, and a ‘day off’ cycle,” she advises.

Regardless of the regimen you opt for, the objective is to foster assurance and establish a personal rapport with your microdosing substance, aiming for sustained benefits.

Anything else to consider in your preparations? Despite the prevalent notion of microdosing as a panacea, Santiago underscores that it doesn’t provide a swift remedy for the fundamental causes of mental health issues. “It collaborates with you when you decide to delve into and address these,” he elaborates.

Santiago proposes that the most impactful approach to enhance mental health and well-being is through purposeful microdosing, transforming the practice into an avenue for self-development or self-transformation. This opens a window of plasticity, facilitating the identification of unhealthy patterns, outdated beliefs, and conditioned behavior. However, Santiago stresses that this transformative process necessitates direction and a clear vision. “This is where setting an intention for your microdosing cycle comes in,” van der Weijden adds. “Seeking the support of a guide, coach, therapist, and a like-minded community can be incredibly beneficial throughout this period.”

Another aspect to contemplate is the timing of microdoses throughout the day. “Typically, doses will last four to six hours and are best taken at a time of day when one can allow for a range of emotions and creativity to surface,” elucidates Simons. This could be the early morning for some, while for others, it might be post-work hours.