Perception of Truffles and Metaphysics

Metaphysics is a field of philosophy that covers the fundamental nature of consciousness, free will, and reality. There are different studies in this field, and findings show that different people hold different metaphysical positions. In many cases, people are not aware of these metaphysical positions. Also, different metaphysical beliefs can interfere with domains like education, politics, law, religion, health, and culture. 

These metaphysical positions are visible in dualism, idealism, and physicalism. Dualism shows that nature consists of two properties, which are mental and physical. The position of idealism suggests that physical properties are from the mental state. On the other hand, physicalism claims reality includes all mental and physical properties. 

Most people hold metaphysical beliefs implicitly, but they can become explicit with time. This occurs during or after a transient altered state or a deep life experience. Examples include medication, traumatic events, hypnosis, near-death experiences, and a psychedelic drug-induced experience. 

Our focus for this article is on psychedelics and the experience they give. Recent studies show that these substances can induce profound, meaningful, and intense experiences. Many people refer to these experiences as peak, pivotal, transformative, existential, religious, spiritual, or mystical. The studies also show the impact of psychedelics on the metaphysical state, and that’s our focus for this article. 

Importance of Metaphysics Today

Before we continue with magic truffles and metaphysics, let us briefly look at the importance of metaphysics.

There are different opinions and schools of thought when it comes to the subject of metaphysics. However, one thing to note is that metaphysics brings about conceptual clarity and rigor capable of improving our steadfastness and knowledge. 

Metaphysics does not replace or compete with other fields, but it’s a supplement to help us find the truth. However, there are still arguments that the need to differentiate between sciences and metaphysics is unnecessary. This is because they both have complementary and continuous aims. 

Metaphysics and Mushrooms

Even though psychedelics were ignored for many years, they are now enjoying a renaissance. This is because of the promising effects that most of them have, especially for mental health conditions. The effects are mostly achieved when they are used in a controlled and suitable environment. 

Today, there are different studies to understand the efficacy of these substances. One of the studies in Scientific Reports suggests that psychedelics can alter beliefs about metaphysics. 

We all have our respective metaphysical beliefs, although some people are unaware of theirs. For instance, most people have the innate belief of duality in their minds and body. This means that they think that they can separate the mind and the body. 

These types of beliefs are mostly related to a couple of behaviors. It’s also common with dualists who don’t care for their bodies like physicalists. For physicalists, the general idea is that the mind is part of the body and cannot be separated. 

Relationships between human behavior and metaphysical beliefs can also be found in different places. For example, you’ll find people who believe a lot in free will in different regions. Such people are less likely to be aggressive, cheat or lie. 

There are different ways that one can understand metaphysics better, and the most tried option is meditation. People also use near-death experiences to achieve the same thing. There are also different investigations that show that psychedelic use can help one understand the metaphysical better. 

There are so many scientific attempts to confirm this claim, and the first was by Dr Christopher Timmermann. They were able to show the relationship between psychedelic use, more belief in transcendentalism, and less belief in materialism.

Drugs, Rock ‘n’ roll, and Philosophy

One of the key studies was performed in two different parts. The first part had up to 900 participants who agreed to attend a psychedelic event where they would answer multiple questions. The questions were mostly on the different realms of existence, and the aim was to determine their metaphysical beliefs. 

Psilocybin was mostly used in the event, and after the event, the participants would complete a four-week survey. They will also complete the survey again after six months. 

Reports after these surveys show that users’ belief in physicalism or materialism was different. The idea was that the universe is mostly physical and not spiritual or mental. It was also in line with views like idealism, non-naturalism, or transcendentalism. 

These were the effects after four weeks and after six months. The effects were higher in people taking psilocybin for the first time. Another vital change was shifting from a fixed stance to moderate or mixed views about life. There was a general improvement in the overall mental health of the participants. 

The clinical trial for the study was similar but had only 60 participants. Half of the participants were administered psilocybin, and the other half had escitalopram. The results for both groups were the same, and there was a noticeable shift in the metaphysical beliefs of the psilocybin group. This shift was from strong materialism to a mode of idealistic, supernatural, and transcendental conceptions of our universe.

In general, the study was able to show that the psychedelic experience can change people’s hard materialistic views. Their views became different after taking the drug, whether their beliefs were in line with dualism or materialism. This further shows that psychedelics can make people tolerate uncertainties more. 

Final Words

We have briefly gone through the research findings that show how psychedelics can change our perception. There are still plenty of things that you can learn about psilocybin and its benefit for mental health. 

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