Psilocybin Might be Better Than Antidepressants

We all know that the main psychedelic drug in magic truffles is psilocybin, which has different pharmacological activities. These activities include its efficacy in managing health conditions like depression. However, most people still resort to antidepressant medications like SSRIs to manage depression.  

This article will go through different evidence to show that psilocybin is as effective as these antidepressants. When compared with these antidepressants, psilocybin outperformed the majority in easing symptoms of major depression. Psilocybin also outperformed many other prescription medications in different phase II studies. 

Different studies show that they have similar levels of activity. An example is a 6-week trial using about 60 patients with moderate to severe depression. In this study, both drugs had the same levels of activity, especially when escitalopram and high-dose psilocybin were used. 

There is a rapid improvement in the group on high-dose psilocybin, which supports its ability to manage depression. The effects of the drugs were also rapid compared to the group taking escitalopram. 

Psilocybin Secondary Outcomes

There are different investigations over the past few years. One such investigation found that psilocybin is better than escitalopram, especially with secondary outcomes. These outcomes include the feelings of social functioning and well-being and the ability to express emotion. 

However, these secondary outcomes are not enough to conclude, and there’s a need for longer and larger trials. Despite that, we cannot completely ignore the results from these secondary outcomes. The results suggest the potential of psilocybin to be a superior therapy for depression and other symptoms.

In the study above, 59 patients were administered psilocybin, and 29 patients were administered escitalopram. Also, both groups were mirrored to compare the outcomes. However, one thing to note is that the psilocybin dose was 25mg, while the escitalopram dose was 1mg. 

The main reason for this is that it’s possible to standardize expectations. Also, most patients can easily determine the effects of both drugs.

Psilocybin Supportive Therapy

After the oral dose, the patients would stay for 6 hours reclining on their beds. They would listen to different music selections, and each patient had therapists or guides with them. These therapists will offer the support they need during their psychedelic experience. The patients would then attend sessions with the therapists on the second day. 

Patients would also take a placebo in-between psilocybin doses, while the escitalopram group would also continue with escitalopram. Also, adverse effects for both groups were similar but very mild. 

Profound Experiences

One thing to note about the study is that the psilocybin patients had very profound experiences. This is because they were administered a higher dose, which was enough to induce such an experience. 

Even though the results from the research are promising, specialists advise against self-medicating with psychedelic substances. As a matter of fact, they remain illegal in many countries. However, the psychotherapy properties of psilocybin are important for its action in therapy. The absence of a placebo in the other group is also a limitation to driving any conclusion. 

Another aspect of the study also includes taking MRI scans to analyze the metabolism of the drugs during the trial. This was also a way to draw better conclusions to show the drug’s effect on the brain. 

Other Research Evidence

There are so many other research works on magic truffles and psilocybin apart from the above research. These different studies aim to further justify that the compound is more effective than antidepressants. 

Research in the Journal of Nature Medicine suggests that magic truffles have a liberating effect on a depressive mind. The research also considers psilocybin to be a better remedy for depression than conventional antidepressants. 

Psilocybin works via a different mechanism, and it makes the brain more fluid and flexible. According to Dr. David Nutt, it also reduces the tendency for negative thinking patterns in the brain. Dr. David Nutt is the head of London’s Imperial Centre for Psychedelic Research. 

A common thing with various research is the use of MRI to perform brain scans. Head scans give a perfect comparison of psilocybin and traditional antidepressants. These scans also give a perfect breakdown of the regions of the brain that depression affects. 

Our Conclusion Based on Both Studies

The two studies above, in addition to many other studies, all show profound differences between both substances. Scientists report that patients become less emotionally avoidant and more open after treatment. There was also a significant improvement in their cognitive functioning. 

Also, the benefits of psilocybin didn’t end immediately after the research but were there even three weeks after. This wasn’t the case with escitalopram. In addition to MRI scans, these observations suggest that psilocybin offers a different pathway for managing depression. 

There’s still positive hope that further research will yield more promising results and findings. This research also seeks to explore the efficacy of psilocybin on people with relapsing cases. However, with the current research evidence, many people now use psilocybin to manage depression effectively. 

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