Psilocybin and MDMA Therapy

From early next year, Connecticut will start to offer legal, state-supported psilocybin and MDMA therapy. The state seeks to offer patients that qualify for funding to receive psilocybin-assisted or MDMA-assisted therapy. This is also an access program for the Food and Drug Administration.

The first to receive these treatments in a pilot was retired first responders, frontline healthcare workers, and first responders that have exhausted available treatment options for their conditions. However, this depends on the FDA and funding flexibility.

According to a Phase, I clinical trial, the FDA’s expanded access program seeks to offer patients safe access to safe. This is even though there may be a need to investigate efficacy further.

Despite that, a couple of clinicians are not inclined toward the FDA’s expanded access program. This is because of the cost, administrative burden, and time of gaining approval for the scheme.

The Connecticut Pilot Program

The program provides a solution that works. This is by offering a mechanism that helps share treatment sites’ cost and administration burden. It also helps provide funding for qualified patients and the coordination of treatment protocols. This is in addition to collecting real-world data across treatment sites and developing temporary regulatory infrastructure.

Dr. Walter Dunn, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and Associate Medical Director for the UCLA Operation Mend PTSD Treatment Program, highlights the following. With enthusiasm at the state and federal level, especially towards understanding psychedelic treatments safely and ethically, this is the time to learn from clinical use not included in clinical trials.

Also, this will allow policymakers to balance efficacy, access, and safety in clinical situations.

The Bill

In May, Governor Ned Lamont signed off the bill, and this was after they earned bipartisan support. It’s worth noting that this support was to ensure that the Department of Consumer Services adopts nonbinding federal guidelines. These guidelines include those from the Department of Health and Human Services for psychedelic-assisted therapy.

The approval of psilocybin and MDMA for medical use will cease the pilot program, and this approval will be by the Drug Enforcement Administration and other successor agencies. Also highlighted in the budget measure is the Qualified Patients for Approved Treatment Sites Fund. This seeks to supply grants to applicants qualified for psilocybin-assisted or MDMA-assisted therapy.

The current preparation of the Biden administration for FDA approval will also facilitate developments in Connecticut in a few years. There are also indications that MDMA will receive approval next year for application in PTSD patients and other conditions. Psilocybin for depression is expected to be approved in 2024.

Brett Waters, a co-founder of Reason for Hope, also confirms that the organization plans to advance the Connecticut legislation in other states. Also, this will be together with other complementary federal legislation seeking to support the development of other pilot programs.



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