Psychedelics for Self-Actualization

People use psychedelics for different reasons, and new research includes self-actualization. Self-actualization describes processes when an individual realizes their full potential and still enjoys and appreciates life. 

It’s simply a state of mind that we all want to reach.

Here’s what research suggests about a self-actualized individual:

  • A self-actualized individual displays empathy for everyone
  • They accept themselves for who they are
  • Self-actualized individuals have a clever imagination
  • They can solve dilemmas and problems

The field of psychedelics is diverse, and research now suggests ways psychedelics can bring about self-actualization. This article will show how psychedelics can propel you toward self-actualization.

How Psychedelics Can Trigger Self-Actualization

According to research, psychedelics can trigger self-actualization in the following ways:

It Brings About Self-Acceptance

study in the Frontiers in Psychiatry shows that psychedelics can open us to new experiences. This is the main roadblock to self-acceptance. People that struggle with self-acceptance tend to avoid psychologically challenging experiences. They also tend to suppress the emotions that come with these experiences.

Psychedelics can help such people embrace these psychologically challenging experiences in the following ways:

  • Intensification of private events: Psychedelics make people experience a rush of different memories and emotions they couldn’t access before. 
  • Psychedelic-induced belief relaxation: This describes the steady dissolution of previously held beliefs that can affect the ability to accept things. 

These are the effects a person needs to confidently confront and accept their inner experiences. That way, they can easily let go of previously held beliefs or ideas. According to the study, people who take psychedelics don’t have issues accepting past events.

It Can Help You Substantially Grow Your Empathy

One of the qualities that are vital for self-actualization is empathy. Research also shows that you are a reflection of your internal self. Increasing the level of empathy comes after overcoming traits that can negatively impact your behavior. Machiavellianism, neuroticism, and disagreeableness are traits that can inhibit empathy.

Dr. Brandon Weiss’s study identified the role of psychedelics in overcoming negative traits. Here are some of the suggestions from his research:

  • Less anxiety: Psychedelic experience brings about a significant reduction in neurotic traits like anxiety.
  • Personality change: Psychedelic helps people become more understanding and less quarrelsome
  • Better connection with others: Psychedelics bring about an intense sense of belonging because it triggers a feeling of awe.

It May Heighten Your Creativity

The most important thing for anyone who wants self-actualization is creativity. However, many believe this quality is a gift that only a few people can achieve. It’ll interest you to note that creativity is a state of mind, and anybody can cultivate it.

In a study at the University of the Netherlands, psychedelics were shown to affect levels of creativity. The study considered creativity a mental state or a series of cognitive processes. It was against the idea that it’s a trait for a select few.

The study aimed to find how microdosing psychedelics can affect levels of creativity. Their findings showed that microdosing positively affected the creative centers of the brain.

Tips to Help you Use Tripping as a Tool for Self-Actualization

If you decide to trip for self-actualization, these tips will help you:

Trip with Intent

Tripping without intent will only cause you not to experience the benefits of the psychedelic. Therefore, it’s important to always set an intention before tripping. One of the first things you should do is to have a well-thought and clear intention. This is because it will allow you to create the right framework for your psychedelic journey.

Even if you don’t achieve what you plan, it’s always good to state your goals before tripping. Having goals will also help keep you in check if you start to feel uncomfortable.

Set and Setting

Different studies show that positive changes happen faster when Tripping is done with other mindfulness practices. Examples include yoga and meditation. This shows the significance of mental preparation before embarking on a psychedelic journey.

In many cases, the result you want may depend on the effort you apply, which is why you should be prepared. You can include different items to help you enjoy the experience. This can be a painting, canvas, journal, or musical instrument.

Be Safe

It’ll be harder for you to attain self-actualization if you are in a rowdy environment. Also, you won’t be able to meditate properly if you are not using the right psychedelic substances. 

You need to ensure that you are safe, especially regarding the long-term benefits of the substance.

There are practices you should engage in to prevent harm. These practices include avoiding alcohol, avoiding driving, and consulting a doctor about your condition.

Get Help from a Psychedelic Guide or Trip Sitter

You can’t go wrong with a teacher guiding you through every process step. This can be a trusted friend, a respected boss, or anyone with the desired experience you need. It’s always good to have someone with the experience and skill set to help you navigate things. With this, you can be sure to achieve the goals you set.

Seeking help from a trip sitter or a psychedelic guide will guarantee your safety. It will also significantly contribute to your self-actualization.


Integration comes before the actual psychedelic experience and is a lifetime endeavor. Anyone can eat as many mushrooms as possible to get a mystic experience. However, that’s not all you need for a life-changing experience.

You need to pair your psychedelic experience with proper integration, an intentional experience, and adequate preparation. You might not be able to do this all by yourself, which is why you need a psychedelic guide.




The road to self-actualization is not as easy as it may sound and requires a lot of commitment and devotion. However, with psychedelics, you can quickly enjoy a boost in the journey and reach self-actualization. A common psychedelic substance for this purpose is magic truffles because it contains psilocybin.

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