Setting intentions is a fundamental practice in various therapeutic approaches, and it holds particular significance when it comes to psychedelic exploration.

Microdose Bros, a proponent of intentional psychedelic experiences, encourages clients to define their intentions as a guiding force in their journey. By establishing a clear vision of their purpose and desired outcomes, individuals can lay a solid foundation for their mindset and enhance the preparation process. In this article, we will delve into the concept of intentions, explore their importance in mindset and lifestyle changes, and provide practical guidance for setting intentions in your psychedelic therapy experience.

Understanding Intentions:

Intentions are statements of purpose or resolve that identify what we want to achieve or accomplish. They can encompass personal growth, healing, forgiveness, relationship reconciliation, or any other meaningful objective. When embarking on a psychedelic therapy journey with clear intentions, we gain insight into our inner grievances and the steps we need to take to work through them.

Harnessing the Power of Neuroplasticity:

Psychedelic substances like psilocybin have been found to evoke neuroplasticity, a state in which the brain becomes malleable and receptive to change. This creates an opportunity for the development of new habits, thought patterns, and perspectives. By setting intentions before psychedelic exploration, we integrate these intentions into our journey, increasing the likelihood of achieving our desired discoveries and healing.

The Process of Setting Intentions:

Setting intentions involves identifying our aspirations and priorities and using them as guides to make decisions and take action. It focuses our energy and attention on what truly matters during our journey, helping to maintain alignment throughout the process. This practice extends beyond psychedelics and can be applied to any conscious activity in our lives, providing a valuable foundation for deliberate mindfulness.

Benefits of Setting Intentions:

  1. Reducing anxiety: Having clear intentions enables us to navigate unexpected challenges during our psychedelic journey with greater ease and composure.
  2. Establishing a foundation: Aligning our intentions with our desires for psychedelic exploration fosters trust in the process and encourages preparation and integration practices that support our overall well-being.
  3. Increasing openness and understanding: Clarity regarding what we want to work through allows us to recognize and appreciate our progress as we integrate the insights brought forth by the psychedelic medicine.

Intention vs. Expectation:

It is crucial to differentiate between intentions and expectations. Intentions serve as guiding stars, providing direction while remaining open to different paths and outcomes. In contrast, rigid expectations limit our adaptability and flexibility, potentially leading to disappointment and disconnection from the process. Embracing curiosity and reflection, and trusting the process, allows unexpected insights to emerge during psychedelic exploration.

Practical Tips for Setting Intentions:

  1. Identify your motivations: Reflect on why you have chosen this path and what you hope to discover. Consider areas of your life that require attention, such as relationships, career, personal growth, or physical health.
  2. Engage in dialogue with your inner healer: Ask yourself thought-provoking questions that uncover your areas of stagnation and the causes of your challenges. For example, “Where am I stuck in life?” or “How can I be more patient and empathetic?”
  3. Align with your values: Craft intentions that resonate with your core values. Break them down into smaller, manageable steps and write them down to solidify your commitment. You can further express your intentions through artwork, mantras, or vision boards.


Setting intentions is a powerful tool for maximizing the benefits of psychedelic therapy and shaping your desired experience. You can create a life aligned with your values and aspirations by clearly defining what matters most to you. Microdose Bros encourages individuals to embrace intention setting as a means of preparing.