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A more in-depth look at the perks of taking micro-doses of Psilocybin truffles instead of regular doses.

Joseph Santiago

Founder - Microdose Bros

July 15, 2020

Joseph Santiago

Micro-doses of Psilocybin truffles instead of regular doses

You might know them as “Magic truffles,” and you might have heard of their effect concerning recreational substance intake. However, Psilocybin truffles are also highly regarded due to their incredible range of benefits. Psilocybin truffles contain Psilocybin, which is responsible for its renowned psychoactive effects. These truffles have been known and used ever since prehistoric times, and have often been associated with religious rituals, artistic expression, and social ceremonies.

There might be evidence that Psilocybin played a considerable role in stone age society! Sadly, there is a taboo concerning these truffles in most of the world. Psychedelic truffles are illegal in most Western cultures and other parts of the world. However, the attitude towards them is changing, and we are currently at the beginning of what many consider a new era for psychedelic users.

As several countries worldwide are starting to become more open-minded about Psilocybin, often decriminalizing the substance, studies are becoming more of a real possibility for scientists and researchers who want to dig a little bit deeper in this mostly unexplored avenue. Micro-dosing was largely popularized by psychologist and researcher James Fadiman, a true pioneer who has a particular interest in psychedelics. Over the past ten years, he explored the potential of micro-dosing and its impact on mental health, productivity, and general wellness.

There is a lot of evidence related to the amazingly positive health effects of Psilocybin truffles. Yet, modern science is just starting to catch up, with the first serious study, even on an Academic level, appearing only recently.

These truffles are grown organically, and when consumed in relative quantities, they provide psychoactive effects. Science is quickly catching up with studies on these remarkable truffles, and many people are exploring the possible perks of micro-dosing. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of taking Psilocybin truffles in micro-doses.

Micro-dose Psilocybin truffles versus full dose.

People who treasure their psychedelic experiences with truffles regard them very highly, akin to sacred journeys through space, the depth of their psyche, and the world around us. Some claim that psychedelic experiences have helped them be more creative come up with new ideas, or even focus on their problems from a different perspective, giving them a fresh mindset to approach a possible solution.

A psilocybin psychedelic trip can last up to several hours. It is not something that most people can afford to undertake very frequently if they also want to stay connected to other areas of their lives. Regular or large doses of Psilocybin truffles are great for those who want to experience the full range of psychoactive effects. With work and other commitments, a full dose of psychedelic truffles is not always feasible, and some people are more interested in microdosing. For this reason, micro-doses represent a viable alternative, especially for those people who want to keep reaping the benefits of psilocybin truffles, without necessarily having to compromise or alter their lifestyle significantly.

Frequent micro-doses of psychedelic truffles are more sustainable on a long-term basis. They can still help you expand your mind and dive deeper into the broad range

of medical and therapeutic benefits that are often associated with Psilocybin. Studies have shown that frequent micro-doses of psychedelic truffles can mitigate mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

In addition to that, people who are habitual micro-dose users tend to experience reduced stress levels. Some users even claimed that regular intake of Psilocybin truffles in micro-doses has helped them reduce or eliminate migraines. If you know someone who suffers from chronic migraine or if you have been suffering from the issue yourself, you are probably aware of the fact that this problem can be quite debilitating. They can place a toll on a person’s life, just like other aforementioned mental health factors, including depression and anxiety. Having access to a therapeutic tool to reduce or prevent such issues from happening could be a godsend for some users.

Brain health benefits and mental health.

Psilocybin truffles have the potential to repair brain cells and foster positive cell growth when taken in micro-doses. The psychoactive effects are mild. Most users do not even feel the impact, making it possible for them to go on about their daily lives without necessarily disrupting their routines. Some users describe micro-doses as “sub-perceptual” dosages, precisely because this approach to Psilocybin truffles makes it possible to enjoy all of the health benefits, without the psychedelic experience.

Some people have compared micro-doses of truffles to CBD products, which provide Cannabis’ health benefits, without necessarily tapping into its psychoactive effects. Micro-doses of psilocybin truffles can improve your life, without impacting your professional or personal life.

Micro-doses are a great way to keep truffles in your life and maintain a healthy connection to their innumerable health benefits. To this day, no significant side effects related to micro-dosing on Psilocybin truffles have been confirmed. By contrast, Psilocybin has also been linked with heightened brain cognition. It seems to stimulate a part of the brain known as the hippocampus, a vital part of the limbic system that is linked to emotion, motivation, as well as memory storage, and learning ability.

Researchers think that micro-doses of Psilocybin truffles could positively impact these areas and strengthen neural regeneration and connectivity.

Getting started with micro-dosing.

What is a micro-dose, and how can you get it right? Even experienced psychedelic users need to go through a bit of a learning curve, and it takes quite some time to understand the dosage that works best for you.

Micro-dosing has been regarded as a niche habit for several years now. Still, word of the benefits of this practice has spread like wildfire, partly due to the fervent supporters of micro-dosing, which have been networking through many internet communities and sharing valuable tools and tips with others interested in this particular approach to psychedelic truffles.

So, how small is a micro-dose? Some industry experts suggest that 0.5 grams of fresh truffles will do the trick if taken once every three days.

The “break” period is quite pivotal here because it is the gap that will allow your body and mind to fine-tune to the truffles, so you can start to experience all of the benefits. In addition to that, the gaps help your body from getting too adjusted to the frequent dosage so that you won’t build a strong tolerance right away.

Conclusion and final observations.

In conclusion, this article barely scratches the surface. These are only some of the many benefits that you can expect from taking micro-doses of Psilocybin truffles. As science is finally showcasing an interest in the subject, many other confirmed perks are coming to light. Buy magic truffles online.

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