Are you looking for a comprehensive review of healthy mushrooms and key things to consider when buying mushroom supplements? This article is for you because we have answered a few questions so you can know the benefits of healthy mushrooms and how to choose mushroom supplements.

What Are the Benefits of Healthy Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are immunomodulates as they have compounds that allow them to modulate the immune system and ensure it functions properly. They also help in ensuring that the body’s systems are resistant to stressors. In addition, healthy mushrooms help to mediate homeostasis and keep the body in a steady state.

Healthy mushrooms like cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, lion’s mane, and reishi offer many benefits, and the greatest of these benefits is immune system regulation. There are many vitamins and minerals in mushrooms, and they are also a great source of dietary fiber. Another amazing benefit of mushrooms is that they can act as prebiotics, which is beneficial for our gut. Most of all is the fact that these mushrooms can enhance immune system regulation.

What Should I Know Before Buying Healthy Mushroom Supplements?

There are many things to know when buying healthy mushroom supplements, and we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of everything below:

Parts of a Mushroom

  • The mycelium: This is like the root system of the organism, and it grows into the mushroom under the right environmental conditions.
  • The Spore: This is the seed that is spread in the air and eventually germinates into fibers called hyphae. This then fuses into the mycelium.
  • The mushroom: This is the fruiting body created by the mycelium, and it’s the part that contains all the medicinal compounds. It’s also the part that produces the spores that begins the mushroom lifecycle again.

One of the notable compounds in mushrooms is beta-glucans, which is present in high concentrations. There are many other compounds that offer multiple health-promoting benefits. When buying mushroom supplements, it’s important to note that not all supplements are made from the fruiting body. Many use mycelium, which is grown on a grain medium. These grains are usually sold as mushroom products, which is why it’s important to know the differences between mycelium and mushrooms.

Most of the producers of these mycelium-based mushroom supplements usually claim that the grain substrate will be consumed by the mycelium. However, different lab tests show that the products usually contain a high amount of alpha glucan and a low amount of beta-glucan. It’s worth mentioning that alpha glucans include glycogen cellulose and starches.

This implies that most of the mushrooms on the market contain large quantities of starch rather than beneficial compounds. That is why Microdose Bros provides education to consumers to ensure that they are buying the right mushroom products. Many rely on our products for their well-being, which is why we are transparent about the potency and quality of the products we offer.

Buying Guide for Mushroom Supplement

With everything above, here’s a quick buying guide for mushroom supplements:

  • Review the supplement facts panel of the product to differentiate the contents of the product.
  • Choose products that mainly contain the fruiting body and not just myceliated biomass, myceliated grain, and mycelium.
  • Do not buy mushrooms without information about the fungi parts it contains, whether mycelium or mushroom.
  • Check for indication of the mushroom extract. Extracts improve bioavailability and help to break down fungal cell walls.
  • Go for brands that specify the beta-glucans present on the label of the supplement.
  • Ensure that the ingredients are organically grown.
  • Only buy from trusted sellers.

How Microdose Tests Healthy Mushrooms

As bio accumulators, mushrooms mostly absorb nutrients from their food source. With that, we make sure that substrate they are grown from is clean. This also includes proper analysis and testing to guarantee the efficacy and safety of our products. We screen our mushrooms multiple times during the harvesting, extraction, and packaging process. This is for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological contaminations, to ensure that these products meet every standard.

Where to Buy Mushroom Supplement

With everything we have mentioned above, you have all the required information to buy mushroom supplements and have the assurance that you have bought quality. However, with the numerous online sellers today, finding a trusted mushroom seller can be rather difficult. At Microdose Bros, you can find the best quality mushrooms that will allow you to enjoy all the medicinal properties offered by mushrooms. Visit our online store now to buy your mushroom supplement.