Microdosing LSD Silicon Valley Trend

Silicon Valley is a region in California’s Bay Area found a bit south of San Francisco. It got this nickname because the area gave birth to some of today’s biggest tech companies, including Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Although there isn’t a defined area specific to Silicon Valley, it’s roughly from San Mateo to Cupertino. Some people include San Jose, go north to Fremont, and even extend it to Sausalito.

Some people have even used the term “Silicon Valley” as an employment opportunity in the tech sector.

Since working in this environment requires high levels of productivity and creativity, many people look for ways to enhance their natural talents. That’s where the concept of Microdosing started.

Taking a fractional dose of a preferred psychedelic made it possible to get sub-threshold results without hallucinogenic or intoxicating effects.

Why Is Microdosing Trending in Silicon Valley?

Microdosing has trended in Silicon Valley for more than a decade. It’s become such a significant part of the daily routine for many in the region that it’s part of the area’s cultural identity.

Although any psychedelic qualifies for Microdosing with a 1/10th to 1/20th dose from standard, magic truffles are one of the most popular choices for those seeking creativity enhancements.

Why are magic truffles famous? For starters, they have a better legal standing than other psychedelics. They’re also more affordable than other items, easier to take, and offer multiple protocols to ensure everyone can enjoy the potential benefits provided.

When looking at why workers in Silicon Valley choose Microdosing as an option, four common advantages develop.

  • Increased Concentration. When people take low doses of psilocybin or other psychedelics, there can be significant increases in how much focus is available. It enables people to work longer and more diligently.
  • Improved Creativity. Microdosing allows individuals to tap into the creative centers of their minds without dealing with impairment or intoxication. It gives Silicon Valley employees a better chance to deliver their best work consistently.
  • Better Emotional Health. The employment options in the Bay Area are high-pressure jobs that demand consistency and results. That means depression and anxiety are issues that affect almost everyone in the tech industries found there. Microdosing can add more resiliency to these mental health demands.
  • Less Stress. Working as a coder, writer, developer, or programmer involves long hours at a desk in front of a computer. Not only is that work hard on the body, but it also delivers a stressful environment. Microdosing can help to relieve much of that discomfort.

How Often Do People Microdose in Silicon Valley?

The benefits of Microdosing typically last for 2-3 days, although some people report they feel more creative and focused for up to a week after.

Although dosing schedules differ for each person, the most common one people use in Silicon Valley involves taking magic truffles or another psychedelic every three or four days.

After that, they’ll continue to take a microdose every third or fourth day for up to two months. A break is sometimes necessary to reduce the body’s resiliency to the substance, typically lasting two to four weeks.

Then the Silicon Valley employee will resume their dosing schedule.

Is It Safe to Microdose and Work?

Microdosing is reliable, safe, and consistent.

Some people have an issue using magic truffles at work (or other psychedelics) because of ethical questions or negative stigmas attached to the product.

Items with psilocybin have been illegal in the United States since 1970. They’re also listed as a Schedule 1 drug by the United Nations. []

Under that classification, the potential for abusing the product outweighs its potential medicinal benefits.

Silicon Valley workers would point out that there is a significant difference between taking a full dose of psilocybin and a microdose of magic truffles. By taking as little as a 1/20th dose, the compound remains below a threshold that produces intoxicating effects.

That means the therapeutic benefits of magic truffles become part of the daily routine while the risk of side effects remains low.

If the standard dose of a magic truffle variety is 100 mcg, the microdose would be five mcg to 10 mcg.

It is important to remember that Microdosing is not meant to create a permanent outcome. It’s a temporary solution that allows people to embrace their creativity and energy.

If anyone decides that the benefits aren’t necessary, they can stop their Microdosing protocol and return to their previous baseline at any time.

Does Microdosing Improve One’s Mental Well-Being?

Microdosing is an option for people in Silicon Valley because the practice allows them to pursue various goals. It makes some feel happier, others more artistic, and it can even reduce anxiety and stress.

When surveyed, people who microdose as part of their regular work routine report the following social and mental benefits.

  • Curiosity Enhancement. About 13% of workers say Microdosing helps them keep a more open mind and embrace their curiosity.
  • Improved Attention. Approximately 15% of people who microdose report that their concentration and focus levels are better with their preferred psychedelics than with caffeine or nothing.
  • Emotional Balance. Over 25% said they had more calmness, peace, optimism, and happiness when Microdosing.

Additional benefits from regular Microdosing include relationship improvements, more self-care, and improved confidence.

Microdosing has also led to less intense or fewer headaches and better sleep for those in high-pressure situations like Silicon Valley. []

Microdosing Has Become More Than a California Trend

Although Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started Microdosing as an underground trend in Silicon Valley, it spread to other locations and workplaces.

They weren’t the first to try this approach to life. Albert Hofmann received credit for creating LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) in 1938. He was likely the first to take an intentional trip on the psychedelic in 1943.

Hofmann has Microdosed for the last 20 years, living to 102. He said that consuming small amounts of the psychedelic helped to clarify his thinking.

Dr. James Fadiman suggests that what drives people to microdose is the same impulse that leads individuals to use Adderall or Ritalin to get a competitive advantage. Although official Microdosing clinical research efforts are few, Fadiman conducts research by collecting the anecdotal reports of those who self-administer.

People in finance, business intelligence, and even scientists are reaching out for advice about incorporating Microdosing into their daily routines.

For many, their primary fear doesn’t involve the psychedelics they choose to use. It’s obtaining them in ways that avoid the law since the substances are typically illegal. That’s why magic truffles from Microdose Bros are a fantastic option in Europe.

As one regular Microdoser from Berlin puts it, Microdosing has become part of their life, almost like a “magic cup of coffee.” []

A Breakthrough Study in 1966 Shows Microdosing’s Potential

Fadiman was only 27 years old when he laid the groundwork for one of his most important studies. It happened at a research facility in Menlo Park, seeking to determine if psychedelics could help people solve complex problems.

There were several study requirements that people had to meet before they’d be accepted. []

  • They had to come from a professional career.
  • The problem the individual faced had to have metrics: it needed to be something that could be proven, built, measured, or manufactured.
  • The participants had to be stuck on their problem for at least 90 days.

Fadiman’s team gave each person the equivalency of 100 mcg of LSD. After listening to classical music for a couple of hours, each person was encouraged to solve their problems.

Out of the 44 issues that were brought to the study, 40 of them were solved.

Those results are similar to what a group of international researchers discovered in 2018 with a global Microdosing survey.

Out of more than 1,500 people, 60% said they felt more confident, half felt less anxious, and about 65% reported feeling happier than normal. The only difference was that instead of trying to solve an equation or a physical problem, Microdosers were looking to improve their physical or mental health.

Why Is Microdosing Helpful for Creativity and Focus?

Although Microdosing would never have you take 100mcg of psilocybin, LSD, or another psychedelic to solve problems, the problem-solving benefits are available with dosages as low as 5mcg.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is one of today’s most common diagnoses in children and adults. It can cause people to act without thinking, have trouble staying focused, or feel overly active all the time.

Three types of ADHD are currently known. Some people struggle to finish tasks, others have impulsive choices or hyperactive moments, and a third group has both equally present. []

Although some risk factors are preventable, researchers believe genetics plays a crucial role in its development. You can’t get ADHD from watching too much TV, eating sugar, or hanging out with friends.

A person’s ADHD symptoms can intensify when exposed to those issues or in certain environments. That’s why many young professionals often turn to Microdosing as an option. It relieves the increases they experience to help them remain engaged with their work.

What If I Want to Try Microdosing Today?

The best way to try Microdosing is to purchase a legal product. At Microdose Bros, we offer a wide variety of choices to consider, including magic truffles with psilocybin.

Although it is legal for us to sell magic truffles at our location, it might be illegal to purchase them where you live. You’ll want to verify the current statutes to ensure that what you buy from us can arrive safely at your door.

When buying psilocybin or other psychedelics is illegal, the only option available is to turn to the black market.

Everyone needs a bit of a pick-me-up at work. That might mean a sugar-free energy drink or a large coffee from the break room for some, but the trend that started in Silicon Valley to microdose is becoming a global phenomenon.

If magic truffles don’t feel the right fit, we offer various powders and tablets to help you achieve your desired results.

You have the power to change your life. Microdosing makes it a little easier to reach those dreams. You can also Buy Magic Truffles from our shop. Find us on Google.

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