This article will take you through some of the common mistakes to avoid when ingesting psychedelics. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that you enjoy a life-changing and joyful experience. The safe use of magic mushrooms has been established by many throughout history, but it’s important to always respect the power they possess.

Spiritually and recreationally, psychedelics have been widely used by people for many years, and their use continues today. However, there are a few downsides associated with the use of these substances, especially when it is used out of context and not respected. Basically, respecting the divine nature of magic mushrooms can be a life-changing and wonderful experience. Despite that, things can take a different turn and yield effects that can pose a challenge to your sanity.

Continue reading to learn some of the mistakes to avoid when using magic mushrooms, so you can tap into its positivity.

Magic Mushrooms Are Considered Relatively Safe

There are many proofs showing that magic mushrooms and magic truffles are some of the safest drugs available. A 2017 Global Drug Survey concluded that mushrooms and truffles were the least harmful recreational drug after conducting a survey on up to 120,000 drug substances. The gauge they used in making this determination was based on the number of emergency hospital visits required.

Basically, with mushrooms, only 0.2% of about 10,000 users needed emergency care, unlike 1% of users taking harder substances like cocaine or LSD. However, it’s important to note that bad trips still occur in users placed under the wrong circumstances.

Most Common Mistakes When Ingesting Psychedelics

It’s important to avoid the mistakes we’ll highlight below to ensure that your psychedelic experience is beneficial and uplifting instead of the opposite.

Wrong Set and Setting

Before you start tripping, one of the first things to create an environment for a safe and calm tripping experience. If you’re not experienced, you’ll need to ensure that you don’t trip in a stressful and unfamiliar environment. For example, packed venues and busy streets can cause over-stimulation, which isn’t what you want.

The ideal environment to use is your home, and this can be with someone you trust. You might also want to consider having easy access to nature and its elements. The bottom line is that you should try to avoid places with strangers. Doing this will help avoid triggering sensations of angst, annoyance, and anxiety, all of which can lead to a bad trip.

Tripping in Bad Company

Having bad company when tripping can turn into a nightmare for you. Avoid sharing your experience with people that don’t understand or value the potential of psychedelic realms. This can cause you to freak out and only become a waste of good shrooms.

We generally recommend choosing people that will be sincere to you instead of boisterous and noisy people. Also, avoid people that will laugh or tease you when you have any unexpected experience. You might need to consider getting an experienced trip sitter to help you navigate the entire process. Trip sitters know the right thing to do, and they will stay sober and take care of you throughout the experience. You can be sure to have a memorable trip with a reliable trip sitter around.

Mixing With Drugs or Alcohol

One of the best ways to enjoy taking shrooms is when you take them without other substances. However, cannabis is an exception in this context because it has been found to give positive effects. Magic mushrooms on their own are powerful, and you don’t need to combine them with any other substance to modify or enhance the experience you get. This is very important, especially if you’re a beginner or new to mushrooms.

Alcohol can increase the potential for violent thoughts, disorientation, or even exacerbate delirium. If you get the drug before tripping, you risk increasing the intensity of symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Vomiting when tripping is very uncomfortable, and this can reduce the length and intensity of the trip you get. Basically, mixing magic mushrooms with other substances can cause you to have a bad experience.

The best thing to do if you want to increase the intensity of your experience is to increase the dose of shrooms you take.

Being in a Bad Mood

Psilocybin is mostly regarded as a mood amplifier, and with that, being in a bad mood can cause you to experience a bad experience. However, it’s important to note that there are many documented reports highlighting that mushrooms can trigger states of positivity. Despite that, taking these substances when you’re not in a good mood still has the potential to give unpleasant results. It’s best to forgo the experience if you can’t maintain a neutral or happy mood or stay open-minded before tripping.

Looking at Disturbing Images

One of the biggest parts of your tripping experience is hallucinations, and its intensity depends on the number of shrooms you take. This usually presents in the form of color enhancements, visual distortions, and an experience of a completely different dimension.

When subjected to the shroom experience, exposing yourself to negative or disturbing images can trigger a bad experience. This is because you have a high potential to take on the feelings associated with things you observe when under the influence of shrooms. Therefore, looking at disturbing or negative images or listening to negative music will only cause you to experience an amplified form of the feelings associated with the images or music. This can cause you to freak out in the long run.

Talking Too Much

You might be tempted to describe your trip and all the wonders it brings, but this will only cause you to talk too much. It’s not advisable to talk excessively because this can alter the essence of your trip. When you blab on and on, you only stop yourself from experiencing the deep subconscious that the trip brings. It’s completely understandable to feel enthusiastic about the experience, but the best thing is to maintain a calm and quiet countenance to foster a deeper journey.

Not Scheduling Enough Time

You need enough time for a psilocybin trip because it can last for up to 6 hours. Therefore, it’s recommended to set up at least 8 hours for the trip. This is to ensure that you don’t feel pressed for time because this can bring about paranoia and lead to a devastating experience. The trip is to allow you to discover yourself and the nature of reality, and with that, you need to ensure you have enough time to fully maximize this experience.

Tripping Without Intent

Magic mushrooms are more than just a drug you take whenever you want to enjoy the thrill and buzz they provide. They are a powerful tool for self-awareness, and as such, it’s important that they are treated for this purpose alone. To do this, you need to always have an intent in mind before taking shrooms to ensure that you enjoy the positive psychological effects it provides. This should also include focusing on your emotions and having the correct intent.

Here are some suggested intents:

  • What is your reality?
  • What are your life goals?
  • How can you change your reality?
  • What might be stopping you from achieving these goals?

There are many other things you should consider, but this is just to mention a few. If you’re looking to get the best experience, you’ll need to ensure that the shrooms or truffles you trip on are of the best quality. Visit Microdose Bros and check out the different variety of high-quality truffles we offer.