Anxiety Treatment by Microdosing

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health concerns that people face globally. About 25 million people live with this condition yearly, representing approximately 5.4% of the population.

Mental health disorders happen at the highest rates in Finland, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Each country has rates of 18.5% or more.

The facts and statistics in America are similar to those found in Europe.

  • Over 40 million adults in the United States experience an anxiety disorder yearly.
  • Although this mental health issue is highly treatable, less than 40% of diagnosable patients receive treatment.
  • Individuals with anxiety are up to five times more likely to visit a doctor.
  • A person with ongoing anxiety is six times more likely to be hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder.

Anxiety disorders develop from several risk factors, ranging from life events to brain chemistry. Even genetics can play a role.

That’s why Microdosing is growing beyond a trendy way to be more productive. It can help people retreat to their emotional baselines when anxiety wants to spiral out of control.

Why Is Microdosing Only Now Gaining Traction as an Anxiety Treatment?

In the early 20th century, you could take almost any drugs you wanted at whatever dose you preferred. Politics changed that.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that more potent drugs began to return to the general population. Psilocybin was one of them.

In less than a decade, the impact of the different social movements created the desire for governments to limit how people could access magic truffles and similar products. That’s why many countries outlawed it in the 1970s.

That’s why it is only gaining traction now as a potential resource for anxiety and other health benefits. As people change their views on psilocybin and other options, it reduces the red tape researchers must navigate to perform research.

In 2016, there were hardly any published studies examining the potential benefits of psychedelic Microdosing. You can now find over 400 different papers that look at the topic.

Although research is expanding, there needs to be more high-quality studies done to verify the initial findings from today’s published works. That’s because some papers state that anxiety is a side effect of the Microdosing process, even though the goal is to reduce those feelings with a regular protocol.

Reviews suggest that Microdosing truffles can enhance focus, encourage creativity, and improve mood.

It might be anecdotal testimonials that fuel this information in some circles, but it seems there is truth to those stories. Researchers are looking to see if psilocybin can help in a general mental health setting.

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How Often to Microdose for Treating Anxiety

Most people do not need to take a microdose of magic truffles daily to reduce their anxiety symptoms. The best protocols are often intermittent.

Many people use an every-other-day methodology. That means they take their microdose on Monday, skip Tuesday, and use it again on Wednesday.

Another popular choice is to microdose every third day. You’d take it on Monday, skip Tuesday and Wednesday, then repeat it on Thursday.

When those options aren’t delivering the desired results for your anxiety, you can choose the “Firefighter Protocol.” That means you’ll use magic truffles daily for four days before taking three days off.

You can also flip it to take three days straight while having four days off.

You want to have these breaks in your Microdosing involves tolerance. When you take any substance over a long time, less sensitivity to the effects occurs. That renders most of the benefits moot.

Animal studies show that psilocybin in magic truffles can have an anti-anxiety effect. When the compound is given to rats in ketamine, the anxiety levels during a maze test are lower.

Although human clinical settings are still rare, several surveys offer stories of people who have had long-lasting relief from anxiousness and depression because of infrequent dosing.

Do Alternative Anxiety Treatments Work with Microdosing?

When anxiety strikes, many people want to stop feeling that way immediately. It’s normal to get nervous about important events or life changes.

What isn’t normal is an anxiousness that is always present or feels like it is out of control.

Panic attacks can cause everything from sweating and shaking to dangerous heart palpitations. That’s why it is crucial to learn how to stop anxiety.

Microdosing is one option. You can add these additional ideas to your psilocybin to create a more practical approach when it doesn’t feel like the magic truffles are making a positive impact.

1. Stay in the present moment.

Anxiety happens because of future worries or past regrets. Instead of staying in those time zones, try to stay in the present. There aren’t many panic triggers when you can reel yourself back to what is happening right now.

Try asking yourself these questions to get back to the present.

  • What is going on right now?
  • Am I safe in my current situation?
  • What can I do to fix things so that I am protected?

The future can always change. Past regrets don’t define who you are.

2. Change your perspective.

When severe anxiety strikes, it can make some people think they have a heart attack. Although these feelings are concerning, they’re also temporary.

Even if that thought doesn’t help, it is essential to remember that panic triggers your fight-or-flight mechanism. It’s the system that works to keep you alive.

When you see that your body wants to keep going, it’s easier for your mind to believe in the current set and setting.

3. Verify your thoughts.

Many people with frequent anxiety attacks often think about the worst-case scenario. Instead of fixating on a potential problem, try to be realistic with your thoughts.

Instead of speaking in self-doubt or with self-criticism, take an objective approach to your observations. It’s okay to say you’re nervous, but then remind yourself that you are prepared for this moment.

Even if some things don’t go well, no one is perfect.

When you can retrain the mind to look at your anxieties differently, it’s much easier to deal with your emotions through a rational lens.

4. Give yourself time to breathe.

Deep breathing exercises can help your body find a calm state. Although several different techniques are out there to try, you don’t need to worry about using a specific method.

Focus on inhaling and exhaling evenly.

When you combine this technique with Microdosing, it can be a powerful way to reframe your circumstances. You’ll notice your mind slowing down and finding its center again.

5. Follow the rule of 3s.

This idea lets you shift your focus toward something other than anxiety. After taking your microdose, name three things you see in the surrounding environment. Then move three body parts, followed by reciting the names of three people you know.

You can come back to this technique whenever your brain wants to go 100 miles per hour, even without the microdose.

6. Stand up straight.

When people feel anxious, they protect their vital organs.

It is why arms get crossed and the upper body hunches over. Those actions protect the lungs, heart, liver, and more.

If you can see that you have these physical reactions, try to shift your posture to stand up straight consciously. Pull the shoulders back, sit with the feet apart, and maintain an open stance.

These actions let your mind know that things are still under your control.

7. Reduce how much sugar you eat.

It is tempting to reach for sugary foods when you feel anxious. Those snacks often do more harm than good, significantly since the extra energy can fuel your emotional state to new heights. Instead of reaching for something sweet, try drinking a glass of water.

When feeling anxious, alcohol, caffeine, and refined carbs are also on the “avoid it” list.

If you feel hungry, a protein bar is a fantastic snack to consider. You’ll want to choose one that doesn’t contain much sugar.

The goal is to slow your energy production to help your body recover more efficiently.

8. Watch something funny.

One of the best ways to stop anxiety is also one of your most accessible options. When people laugh, their mindset changes.

You’re not worried about anything when you get a good belly laugh!

Laughter comes with several additional mental health benefits. Humor can even lower anxiety levels more than exercise.

Anything that triggers a laugh is a healthy addition. It could be a show you love, a film, or YouTube clips from a preferred comedian.

Microdosing for Anxiety: Is It Right for Me?

The truth about anxiety is that it is almost always worse than we think it is. That’s why getting a second opinion is always helpful.

When you express your worries to someone you trust, saying what you’re thinking can put everything into a different perspective.

Sometimes those techniques aren’t enough to let you feel like you’re in control. That’s when the benefits of microdosing for anxiety are worth considering.

Magic truffles are an excellent resource because of their psilocybin potency. At Microdose Bros, we offer high-quality products with affordable pricing so that you can experience this compound’s benefits when needed.

If your Microdosing protocol isn’t helpful, you can switch to another one. Some people also add additional stress control techniques to their daily routine to keep their anxiety under control.

The best step you can take today is to create a plan. Anxiety doesn’t need to rule your life! When you add Microdosing and these other ideas to your routines, you’ll have the necessary tools to create a successful outcome. You can also Buy Magic Truffles Find us on Google.

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