This is a question many people ask me all the time.

The short answer is. Yes, magic truffles are 100% legal.

Here’s what you should know:

Unlike magic mushrooms, psilocybin magic truffles are grown underground. You might start to wonder if sclerotia are illegal or not. There are some local jurisdictions that ban them, but what you should understand is that an illegal ingredient does not make the final product illegal.

Among all the laws in different parts of the world, only one directly says something about psilocybin magic truffles. This is in the Netherlands, and it’s not an actual law, but a statement in a tax list.

The statement says, “magic truffles fall in the category “genotsmiddelen” (pleasure foods), which is the same category as energy drinks, coffee, and chocolate.”

Here are some key questions:

Do you like Nutmeg?

Most people don’t have a clue that nutmeg contains three banned ingredients, which are psychoactive chemicals like elemicin, safrole, and myristicin, all used in making MDMA. Despite that, you can still buy nutmeg in supermarkets across the world. Minus Saudi Arabia, which considers nutmeg to be a narcotic, and since all narcotics are illegal, nutmeg is not allowed anywhere in the country

This also applies to magic truffles. Both magic truffles and nutmeg contain illegal substances, and there are no laws stating that they are illegal. Therefore, they are legal, even though they contain an illegal substance.

What if I live in Europe?

Europe has a single market act, implying that similar rules apply in different countries. There are no specific laws or orders against psilocybin magic truffles, and with that, it’s safe to assume that they are legal and will be accepted in your jurisdiction. However, for cases where your government does not allow truffles, the ban in the country is illegal and not the product.

This idea is in accordance with the jurisprudence, which relegalized absinthe in the EU.

Is it the same in the United States?

There are a few similarities between the two. However, the US governs according to a state-by-state basis, which makes it difficult to directly give a clear answer, as laws can vary according to location. Apart from Idaho and Georgia, there are no laws that forbid the use of magic truffles, and there’s no persecution for possessing magic truffles.

Ultimately, it’s practically impossible to ban a naturally occurring ingredient that you can easily grow in your backyard. In addition, without a law that criminalizes magic truffles, all assumptions that claim they are illegal are null and void.

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