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The legalization of cannabis across the nation has led to the resurgence of another movement. Over the past three years, different resolutions and measures have decriminalized or legalized natural entheogenic substances. These resolutions and measures continue to spring up in different parts of the country. Some substances considered entheogenic are peyote, ibogaine, mescaline, ayahuasca, and […]

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In previous articles about microdosing psychedelics, we have covered different use of psilocybin for different mental health issues according to research. There are people in different parts of the world today that share their experience with these substances regularly. The interest in the substance continues to increase, with researchers working to explore its full potential. […]

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People use psychedelics for different reasons, and new research includes self-actualization. Self-actualization describes processes when an individual realizes their full potential and still enjoys and appreciates life.  It’s simply a state of mind that we all want to reach. Here’s what research suggests about a self-actualized individual: A self-actualized individual displays empathy for everyone They […]

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