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The lingo for psychedelic mushrooms (psilocybin) continues to grow with each generation. Pizza toppings, hongos, mushies, tweezes, Alice, shrooms, and magic mushrooms are among the common names people use. Despite the different names people use for these substances, mycologist Paul Stamets thinks it’s time to leave this slang. In his interview with CNN, he made […]

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Alcohol is a neurotoxin and a poison that can damage the brain. The damage is also called Alcohol Related Brain Injury (ARBI). Drugs like hallucinogens, depressants, and stimulants can also cause brain impairments. Also, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol are at higher risk of accidents causing Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In this article, […]

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Psychedelic retreats are quickly becoming popular, especially in countries like Jamaica and Costa Rica. This is because there are no restrictions on psychedelic substances in these countries. Also, these retreats are popular among shamans in the United States, but this is in the shadows. The rise in the popularity of these retreats also overlaps with […]

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We all know that the main psychedelic drug in magic truffles is psilocybin, which has different pharmacological activities. These activities include its efficacy in managing health conditions like depression. However, most people still resort to antidepressants like SSRIs to manage depression.   This article will go through different evidence to show that psilocybin is as effective as these […]

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