The Ultimate Guide to Microdosing Magic Truffles

In this Blog, we have almost everything about microdosing. Magic truffles are sometimes put in the same category as psilocybin mushrooms, but they are actually sclerotia. It’s a compact and hardened mass of fungal mycelium that contains the food reserves for growth.

Sclerotia help fungal systems survive extreme environmental conditions.

That’s why magic truffles have thick, dense shells. Their composition allows them to survive in dry conditions for several years without losing their growth abilities.

Since sclerotia are rich in emergency supplies for fungal growth, they contain an abundant psilocybin supply that works well for microdosing.

microdosing chart | The Ultimate Guide to Microdosing

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing uses dose administration levels that are so low that they are unlikely to produce a whole-body effect. If someone were to use this technique with prescription medication, it would be considered sub-therapeutic.

The term itself breaks down the process. “Micro” means “small,” and “dose” refers to the quantity taken. That means microdosing is the practice of taking exceptionally small doses of magic truffles to access the benefits of psilocybin without getting high.

That means when you look at microdosing magic truffles, the result you’re after offers the positive aspects of using the product without the potential adverse side effects of a larger dose.

The goal of microdosing is to boost physical energy, improve creativity, and attain a greater emotional balance. Some people achieve an increased performance on tasks that require problem-solving skills with this technique.

Microdosing could also be effective as a treatment option in some cases for addiction, depression, and anxiety.

The standard dosing regimen for someone trying microdosing with psilocybin is approximately 1/20th of what the total amount would be.

A microdose with Fresh Psilocybin Magic Truffles is between 0.50 grams to 2 grams to get the effect of a microdose substance with truffles.

Instead of using magic truffles for a one-off trip, microdosing is more about adding an element to your weekly routine. It’s like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to let the caffeine get you going, but it has enough strength to last for two or three days instead of a few hours.

The goal is to experience mild effects. Many people enjoy a sub-perceptual response, eliciting changes that deliver energy instead of knocking you out for the day.

That means microdosing magic truffles is a hormesis application.

Why Is a Hormesis Application Essential to Consider?

Hormesis is a biphasic or triphasic response that occurs after exposure to increasing levels of a specific substance or overall condition. It’s a characteristic one can find in virtually all biological processes.

Everything operates within a hermetic zone with microdosing.  That means the response is generally favorable to the magic truffles when they’re taken at the correct levels.

If you think of the microdose as the biological baseline for different outcomes, you’ll find positive responses occur with stimulation. The opposite of that result would be considered inhibition.

When you first start microdosing, the body receives a stimulating effect that leads to improved creativity and focus.

If you were to continue dosing at the same rate daily, the behavioral curve of the stimulating effect would eventually take on a U-shape. Ultimately, you’d see inhibition occur with microdosing because the body would have the opposite response to the activity.

It’s not just magic truffles or psychedelics that have this effect. Anyone who takes allergy pills during the summer experiences the same result. The medication works well during the first doses, but it becomes ineffective by the end of the season – and it might require a second dose to achieve the same results.

If you were to take one dose of Benadryl at the start of the allergy season, it might make you feel tired for a few hours. Once you take a second dose, the side effects expand to a greater impact.

That’s what happens when taking magic truffles with microdosing if someone steps up the amount they take, the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects increases.

The best way to counter the hermetic effect is to microdose about once every 72 hours. Instead of creating a U-based shape from stimulation to inhibition, the human body can maintain the benefits without worrying about potential disadvantages.

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How to Measure Your Microdose

Unless you buy magic truffles that come in their appropriate microdose already, you’ll need to divide the product into the amount you want to take.

The best way to accomplish that goal is to use a microdosing scale.

If you are attempting to microdose with fresh magic truffles, you’d need to take between 0,50 grams to 2.0 grams to achieve a microdose.

Do not microdose without precisely measuring your dose. When microdosing, only use a scale that can measure with 0.01-gram accuracy. We are Microdose Bros really recommend using this scale to Microdose with our magic truffles.


Microdosing scale

The best scales allow you to measure in multiple units (grams, ounces, DWT, etc.) to ensure you always achieve the right amount. A digital product is read more accurately, while one with a compact design makes it easier to accomplish microdosing almost anywhere.

How Are the Magic Truffles Consumed?

When microdosing, most people consume the magic truffles raw. Although the taste is often described as being something less than pleasant, the goal is to create outcomes that reflect creativity, ingenuity, and focus.

If you don’t like the idea of straight-up chewing and swallowing the small dose, several other methods are also used when consuming magic truffles for therapeutic effects.

It usually takes about 15 to 45 minutes for the magic truffles to start working. It works even faster when consumed in liquid form.

magic truffles in tea | Microdosing

1. Take your magic truffles in tea.

If you’re not a fan of the bitter taste that some magic truffles leave behind, it can help to make tea for your dosing. Once the materials infuse into the liquid, the unwanted flavors disappear. You can heat them in water, crush the desired amount into the fluid, and let it steep for however long you prefer.

It helps to let the tea rest for a maximum of 15 minutes, but you can also achieve different results by experimenting with the steeping time.

You’ll want to avoid boiling the truffles to make the tea. When you microdose, the size is small enough that the materials can destroy the active compound.

2. Take them as capsules.

If you have a grinder at home, you can turn the magic truffles into microdosing powder. Once you achieve a consistent grain across the entire amount you’re working with, use empty capsule containers to distribute the desired dose.

You’ll need a capsule machine at home to complete this work.

Since you’re only taking capsules you’ve made yourself, you don’t need to worry about the product’s integrity. You can even purchase vegetarian-friendly materials when pursuing this method.

When you use this option, it is always better to start low and keep things slow until you know for sure how your body will react.

lemon tek fresh truffles | Microdosing

3. Use the Lemon Tek method.

Lemon Tek makes it fast and easy to enjoy your microdose. The acidic nature of the citrus fruit breaks down the psilocybin, often hastening or intensifying the overall experience.

If you’ve never tried this method before, it’s often better to start with a 50% dose from your usual micro dose to ensure you can handle the upswing.

You also have the option to grind the magic truffles and place the powder into genuine lemonade for a similar lemon tek experience.

If you don’t like lemons, other citrus fruits provide a similar experience. Limes are an excellent second choice! The one item you don’t want to use is grapefruit because it could change the bioavailability of the psilocybin or other medications you might be taking.

4. Add the microdose amount to your favorite foods.

You can add magic truffles to virtually any recipe. It creates an entirely new set of culinary experiences while reducing issues with nausea or a queasy stomach that sometimes happen, even at the microdosing levels.

The trick to adding magic truffles to the foods you enjoy is to avoid doing it during the cooking stages of the recipe. Excessive heat causes the psilocybin to break down, which means even adding it while an item is resting could be enough to change how the microdose works.

A classic example of this option is to use magic truffles with pizza. Instead of adding them to the top and baking it, you’d want to mix a powdered component into the sauce or use it as a topping after removing it from the oven.

You can also add magic truffles to honey, fresh pesto, or antipasto, all of which are enjoyable cold dishes. A popular edible for microdosing is chocolate, especially if you like to chew them and don’t like its flavor.

5. You can turn it into mash or paste.

If you have a truffle grinder at home, you can turn the powdered product into any mash or paste that works for your needs.

Many people use this method to swallow the magic truffles for microdosing without experiencing the taste any more than necessary.

You don’t want to mix sugar or vitamin C into the ground magic truffle powder to improve the flavor. These elements can stop the benefits that you hope to achieve with psilocybin.

What Are the Benefits of Microdosing with Magic Truffles?

People regularly take compounds like CBD to manage everything from anxiety to chronic pain. Since cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant (which was once considered taboo to use), many people are looking for potential benefits in other items that have been deemed illegal in most parts of the world.

Magic truffles have a lot of potentials to be the next breakthrough item because of the advantages that psilocybin offers through microdosing.

Although the practice is widespread, based on conversations found on social media forums, the legal system and clinical research haven’t caught up to what people are doing in real life.

That’s why a careful examination of the benefits that magic truffles offer is worth considering if you have unwanted physical or emotional symptoms that aren’t getting relieved by more traditional methodologies.

Here is an overview of what microdosing could provide to the average person who starts today.

Are There Any Psilocybin Risks to Consider?

The goal of microdosing with magic truffles is to limit as many risk factors as possible when using psilocybin. Since the amount is so small, the levels are generally enough to provide the benefits without the bothersome side effects.

Everyone reacts differently to psilocybin, which means some people could have enough sensitivity to the compound that they need to consider the three risk factors that typically come at higher doses.

Here is an overview of what to prepare for when taking psilocybin for the first time so that you’ll know how your body reacts for the next microdosing effort.

Psilocybin Has a Mild Addiction Potential

This potential addiction risk of psilocybin is minimal, especially compared to other compounds and medications that receive a Schedule 1 status.

That’s because magic truffles don’t act on the brain’s reward center in the same way as other addictive substances. Some researchers suggest that it should be considered a Schedule 4 substance instead, which would make it comparable to benzodiazepines.

That’s not to say that psilocybin cannot be abused or misused. People who have taken high doses have fallen from heights, stepped into traffic, or experienced unexpected behavioral changes.

Anyone who has never tried magic truffles before for microdosing should start with the smallest dose possible.

Psilocybin Can Offer a Negative Experience

Some people see pain as being an incredibly negative experience, but it can also turn out to be one of the most positive memories that life offers.

When taking psilocybin at any dose, individuals need to prepare to face something emotionally painful, harmful, or even frightening.

When microdosing is being taken for health purposes and not for a recreational experience, you need to feel things to start healing. If someone is not prepared to face the demons in their life,

Psilocybin May Offer Some Cardiovascular Risks

Psilocybin works by binding the HT2B receptors. When used chronically (above the amount of the typical microdose for an extended time), dangerous changes to the shape and structure of the heart’s valves can occur.

A medication called fen-phen was taken off the market because of its risk of valvular heart disease creation, and it also binds to HT2B receptors.

If you’re only taking the drug for a therapeutic effect 2-3 times per week, it isn’t much of an issue. When you start thinking about microdosing for years without stopping, this potential problem would be a concern to review.

What Are the Ten Commandments of Microdosing with Magic Truffles?

Microdosing comes with several potential benefits. The best way to achieve a positive outcome is to follow these guidelines when preparing for the experience.

Although every potential microdose could have a unique effect on the body, working from this foundation of “commandments” can deliver a consistent experience that maximizes your investment in this area.

  • Come Prepared. Microdosing shouldn’t deliver a hallucinogenic or visual experience, but it could happen for people with psilocybin sensitivities. When you know what to expect, it’s much easier to focus on the benefits you hope to achieve with this investment in yourself.
  • Be Secure. Until you know how the magic truffles work with your body, it is better to microdose in a safe, secure, and quiet environment.
  • Be Healthy. Microdosing is meant to improve your creativity, find your focus, and equalize your emotional stability. Although magic truffles can help with anxiety, sadness, and similar feelings, you may want to avoid consuming them when feeling unhappy or depressed.
  • Use It Because You Want It. No one should be telling you to microdose or pressuring you into these decisions. It would be best to consume magic truffles at any dosage because it’s something that you feel is beneficial to your health.
  • Be Legal. The sale and use of magic truffles are restricted in many areas of the world. That means it is up to you to perform your due diligence on local rules and regulations. It might not be possible to order what you want. Even if it is, please remember to avoid combining alcohol and other drugs with your microdosing efforts unless your doctor recommends a specific activity.
  • Have an Empty Stomach. If you chew the magic truffles well, the microdose can have a maximum impact. It helps to avoid consuming them on a full stomach, so try to wait at least two hours after your last meal before pursuing the benefits that psilocybin might provide.
  • Keep the Dose Consistent. Start low, go slow, and be patient with the processes of microdosing. You’ll eventually get to the correct amount for your body. Since the effects can take 30+ minutes to start, it can be tempting to take another dose. You don’t want to do that. Once you find what works, stick to it and get into a routine of taking 2-3 microdoses per week at the most.
  • Accept Changes. Some people experience short periods of doubt or fear when they take magic truffles for the first time. It’s part of the experience and often disappears quickly. If you find that the feelings are more intense than what you want, take a dose of vitamin C with as much sugar as you can have to stop the process.
  • Review the Experience. It takes time to review the creativity, focus, and other benefits that come from microdosing. If you take some time to reflect on the pros and cons of your experiences at the end of the day, the information can help you enjoy even more of the advantages that psilocybin offers.
  • Enjoy It. Microdosing can open new worlds, relieve old symptoms, and help you feel more like yourself. It’s one of the best experiences that nature offers, and the gift is there to accept whenever you want to give your mental functioning a boost.

How to Start Microdosing

Since limited research exists surrounding the protocols for microdosing, it’s challenging to say definitely what dose of magic truffles works for each person.

Most people experience the benefits of microdosing without getting high by consuming around one-tenth of the typical full dose of the product.

You also have the timing of the dosage to consider. Most people who choose this health and wellness activity use either the Stamets Stack or the Fadiman Protocol.

A careful review of each technique can help you determine which methodology would work better to accomplish your goals while using psilocybin magic truffles.

What Is the Stamets Stack, and Should I Use It?

The Stamets Stack is a methodology that uses the combination of multiple substances to create an intended result. Mycologist Paul Stamets first proposed it, and it is one of the most popular choices in the microdosing community today.

Stamets recommends using a combination of psilocybin, niacin, and Lion’s mane to create a significantly positive and sustainable effect for the brain.

If you choose the Stamets’ Protocol to stack your items, the microdosing should follow this recipe.

Psilocybin: If the typical dose of psilocybin is between 1mg to 10mg for an individual, you’d want to take a 1% microdose of this product.
Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane contains erinacines with a standard full dose of 50mg to 200mg. You’d want to take a 1% microdose of this item. Adding this mushroom to your regular routine could protect against dementia, relieve mild anxiety and depression symptoms, protect the nervous system, and reduce oxidative stress.
Niacin:  Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, helps the human body turn food into energy. It can also provide health benefits to a person’s digestive and nervous systems while keeping the skin healthy.  The recommended dose is between 101mg to 200mg.

When using this methodology, you’d microdose for four consecutive days using those three products in your stacked recipe.

Once you’ve completed the four days, you’d take three days off from microdosing.

You can continue this cycle for up to a month. Once you’ve completed a maximum of four weeks, you must reset for a minimum of two weeks before starting a new cycle.

Some people find the most success by microdosing for a month, followed by a four-week recovery period before restarting the cycle.

That means your microdosing schedule would follow this routine.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Normal Day
Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Normal Day
Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Normal Day
Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Normal Day

What to Consider with the Stamets Stack

The issue with the Stamets Stack is the inclusion of niacin for some people. Whenever a person takes a dose of more than 100mg, a flushing effect often occurs within the body.

You might feel a tingling sensation, heat along your arms, neck, and face, and skin redness as the vitamin works to produce energy.

It’s an entirely harmless effect, but the reaction can be too intense for some people. If you try this microdosing option, you might try the 200mg niacin dose first. If it is too much, cut the amount in half for the vitamin.

Most people report that the flushing effect with niacin gets less intense as their bodies get used to using the Stamets Stack.

Paul Stamets says that humans have more in common with fungi than any other kingdom on the planet. Fungal resources can feed us, kill us, heal us, or send us on a spiritual adventure. With microdosing, psilocybin delivers a hardly noticeable effect that can provide significant advantages.

What Is the Fadiman Protocol?

If you don’t like the idea of microdosing for four consecutive days, the Fadiman Protocol is an alternative to consider.

This option is usually the best option for beginners. It assumes that you’re following a three-day cycle, which is a routine you can adopt for up to eight weeks before taking between two to four weeks to rest.

When following the Fadiman Protocol, you’d take a microdose of your preferred magic truffles on the first day. The second day serves as a transition, while the third becomes a “normal” day within your routine.

On the fourth day, you’d take another microdose to repeat the process.

What to Consider with the Fadiman Protocol

When you choose the Fadiman Protocol for microdosing, that means you’ll take two microdoses in some weeks and three in others.

Here’s a sample schedule that you might follow if you want to try the Fadiman Protocol. Try this schedule for the first month to see if it works for you.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Microdosing Day
Transition Day Normal Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Microdosing Day Transition Day
Normal Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day
Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Normal Day Evaluation

Since the microdosing days change each week, the Fadiman Protocol doesn’t work for everyone. Some people prefer a fixed calendar that matches their social routine or work schedule.

If you need a set routine for microdosing, consider picking two days out of the week to create your desired outcomes. Many people choose Monday and Thursday because that gives them a 3-day and 4-day gap between each dose, keeping it relatively close to the Fadiman Protocol.

You must keep at least one day between your microdosing activities to ensure that you achieve the results you want.

This alternative can be continued in a cycle for up to two months.

What If the Stamets Stack and Fadiman Protocol Don’t Work?

Some people might experience minor benefits from using the Stamets Stack or the Fadiman Protocol, but they’re unable to achieve the results that others get from microdosing.

This outcome occurs because some people have less sensitivity to psilocybin than others.

If you discover that neither option works well, it would be worth trying a schedule where you take a microdose every other day. This option can work on a two-month cycle with as little as two weeks of rest between them.

That means your microdosing calendar would follow a routine like this one.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day
Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day
Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day
Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day Microdosing Day Transition Day

If the every-other-day routine doesn’t work for you, it is also possible to follow an intuitive schedule based on how you feel.

The only rule for this final option is that you must leave at least one day open when taking a microdose.

It’s not unusual for people to follow the Fadiman Protocol for a month, take the information learned from that effort, and switch to a more intuitive methodology for taking care of their microdosing needs.

What Is the Nightcap Method of Microdosing?

Some people might experience minor benefits from using the Stamets Stack or the Fadiman Protocol, but they cannot achieve the results that others get from microdosing.

You’ll get a good night’s sleep with this method, but it does help to take the magic truffles for about an hour (if not more) before you intend to fall asleep.

The individuals who use the Nightcap Method say that they have vivid dreams, wake up feeling rested, and have more energy at the start of their day.

If you don’t want to try microdosing every other day with this method, you can also follow the Fadiman Protocol to see if it works better for your needs.

You can follow this method for up to two months before taking between two to four weeks to rest.

A Final Thought on Microdosing: Is It a Viable Option?

Microdosing relies on the quality of the magic truffles you have to generate results. If you’re using a mild strain or a product that has sat on a shelf for a long time, the outcomes you achieve might not be what you hope to accomplish with this routine addition.

That’s why investing in fresh, high-quality magic truffles is the first step to accomplish after deciding that microdosing is worth trying.

After your first cycle, or if you experience unwanted side effects, you can always switch to a different protocol or consumption method.

If you’re ready to take more control over your health and wellness choices, microdosing should be part of that conversation. This guide can serve as your resource for weighing each decision to ensure that you can live the life you want.

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